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Have your relationship with your spouse become sexless and sluggish? Don’t you understand each other anymore? Or do you want new sensations, and your partner can’t give them? If the answer to at least one question is Yes, you need to view our selection of the most popular cheaters sites. Here you will be able to open up entirely and thus fully understand yourself. Life is short to get away from something beautiful!

Ashley Madison

It’s one of the most popular cheating sites (around 65 million users) with different useful features, such as sending text messages with emoticons. A cheating companion can find this dating app on a Google Store or in the App Store. After downloading it on your phone (absolutely free) and registration with a phone number, one can quickly look through other profiles and find one’s ideal person for cheating. The cheating app team does its best to keep information from any spy app, and a cheating spouse can stay calm. But if you have a problem with this app for cheaters in some cases, you can connect with the support team at any time of the day or night.

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder has the most extended history among other apps for cheating since it was founded in 1990. Its team continues to develop it, and many cheating spouses trust this dating site. There are different ways of communication in this app. For example, sending text messages to a partner or a chat group, communication via video camera, and they help this app for cheating to stay one of the most popular dating sites. A cheating partner can easily download this app on one’s cell phone by IOS, but it’s a little more complicated for users of Android. Directly on your phone, you can create your profile, noting some necessary information about yourself. Thirty million people have preferred this app to other apps for cheaters and are already waiting for you!


No less popular is this cheating app that gives you all opportunities to find your significant other after registration with your phone number and fill out the questionnaire. A cheating partner can mention one’s preferences about age, time, and so on. There are lots of free features in this app, including registration and communication. It also has some features of a modern messaging app, such as a set of different emotions and the opportunity to send voice messages. Attractive people are waiting for you in this cheating app. Your task is to free up enough space on your phone for it.

Are you afraid of people around whose the only thought is how to catch cheaters? Then this cheating app is definitely for you! It is one of the safest apps for cheaters that doesn’t require personal information such as phone number or photo. So, it’ll be challenging enough for your partner to know about cheating. If other cheating sites have their own apps for cheaters, in this case, you don’t need to free up some space on your cell phone. Just follow the site’s address and text messages to its users.


Thousand of people have already chosen this cheating app, among other popular apps. It’s effortless to use. A person should take one’s phone, download the app, and register with paying a small fee. Interestingly, this app became very popular in the USA because its creator understood the need for women to hook up. Most of the other creators of cheating apps sought to develop their apps only for men’s needs. Here you can send messages easily without worrying about your partner because this app’s team does its best to keep all private dialogues in secret. Take your phone and join a happy community of this app!


CoverMe includes the features of dating and cheating apps, so cheating spouses and singles are both like this app. The most crucial goal of the team is to keep holding the information about the clients in secret. You can contact anyone like in any ordinary messaging app, but no one can see your phone number or some other private information. It is instrumental if your partner can get suspicious about big phone bills. ‘Cheating is one’s own business’ is the main slogan of the founders of this app. If you are a cheating spouse and your partner wants to check your phone, all you have to do is shake it, and all the private messages will disappear.



The idea of creating some app for medicine workers resulted in appearing TigerText. Many doctors prefer it to other apps because it can connect them both with hospital and with patients. This app is famous for useful security tools and convenient functions for communication via phone. And that’s why thousands of people have downloaded it to arrange a date and leave one’s partner in the dark. Like in other messaging apps, a person can easily send different kinds of messages (video, audio, text). If you have some problems using it, you can see a video instruction on this site’s main page. These advantages make TigerText be one of the best apps for communication.


Do you get goosebumps at the thought of your partner seeing photos that one shouldn’t have seen? Then this app is definitely for you! This app works with your photo gallery, and with a single click, you can delete photos that might compromise you. It is not in Google Play, but users of Apple technology can get it for just $ 1. 1 dollar, and no more photos become a red flag for your suspicious spouse or partner! (For Android user, almost the same app is Vaulty Stocks) There are some cases when you accidentally delete some photo pictures in a rush. What would I do? The creators of this app thought about it and made a special section where you can find deleted photos and recover them.


It is one of the most popular sites in the world. Almost every teenager can tell its name just by looking at this app’s icon on the phone. It became famous for the function of creating masks for photos. A person can send different funny photos and text messages with this app. But users also like the other function — the automatic disappearance of the messages. That’s why it became one of the most convenient apps. Your partner will never know about your cheating just because there will be no messages for one to read!


Business people working in various spheres use this app for communication with clients and colleagues. The creates did their best to keep different information in secret, and that’s why thousands of people send text or video messages via this app. But this over security and protection appealed many cheaters who want to leave their wife, husband or just a partner in the dark about their cheats. Wickr is different from some other similar apps that a user can communicate with one person or with the whole group. By the way, you can forget about your wallet because this app allows a new member to use it for free! Many famous people, such as Tony Barcella is already here!

Nosy Trap platform=ipad&preserveScrollPosition=true

It’s very sweet when people try to know about you by asking several questions. But some nosy people want to learn about you by taking your phone and reading some private information. The creators of this app understood this situation as well as possible, and that’s why the Nosy Trap appeared and immediately won the recognition of many thousands of people. If you leave a phone and someone decides to read your phone, the app will take the video and photos of the unwanted guest via the front camera. The users of iPhones can download it in the AppStore and try to use it for free!

Private Photo Vault

Private Photo Vault combines the features of different anti-snooping apps. Firstly, it allows users to set a passcode for some set of private photos, and secondly, it takes pictures of a person who wished to look through some spicy photos. But unlike other apps of this sort, it also gives you a GPS location of a person who is spying on you. If there is something more that can surprise you? Of course! You can find this app both in Google Play and in the AppStore.


It is also a good choice among other apps to hide photos, videos, or files from unwanted viewers. With this app, you can set a password that is necessary for scrolling some special pictures. Your spouse or partner will never see some pictures without this password. It also helps some students to keep their screenshots of exam cards from other photos and make your camera roll more organized. Just for 3 dollars, you make your life much simpler!


Are cheating dating sites legit?

The sites and apps listed above are entirely legal. On the main page of the sites, you can find indications of legality. If you are still confused by something, you can contact the site developers with any questions on this topic. They will be happy to provide all the information.

What apps do cheaters use?

It all depends. The sites that we’ve already mentioned deserved the love and trust of thousands of people. Someone likes to send pictures before hookups. Others want to cheat nearby, and then a person must use an app with the GPS service. The most incredible thing about it is that the majority of creates understand the cheaters’ need for keeping certain information safe, and they embed in their apps different functions to leave a partner in the dark.

What is the best app to catch a cheating spouse?

Of course, there are some cases when you suspect your spouse or partner is cheating and wants to know the truth. For this purpose, there’s an excellent app — The Truth Spy. It is one of the most famous apps in this sphere. Firstly, you must download it on your phone, and on the phone of a person you suspect is cheating. And that’s all! Now you can trace all one’s calls and SMSes and even listen to some of your conversations when one is out of your view.

Can I track my wife’s phone without her knowing?

It’s not a secret that the technology is developing with rushing speed. Now any person can track the other one movements just installing a special app. The most popular one is Minspy. It helps thousands of husbands to discover their wives’ cheating. By installing it, you get an opportunity to watch your spouse’s movements alive, thanks to the GPS location services. It is also straightforward to use!