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While some 40-50 years ago, people had a very different view over marriage and relationships, modern men and women tend to take their time before getting married. Thin year, the median age of the newly-weds has fluctuated around 30 years old for men and a little less, 27 years old for women. It is not a secret that most people prefer to spend when they are young, engaging in some entertaining or educative activity.

Today, singles have many more opportunities to find a date or a true love, browsing sites for dating. Millions of users, mostly young people, men, and women spend time in online dating communities. There are hundreds, if not thousands of online dating sites out there on the Web; most of them are available via mobile apps, which are a must-have for any product of the sort these days. And young adults join these online dating websites to express their personalities and meet peers from around the world.

In this review of the top dating platforms for young adults, we will share our knowledge of the best dating sites. We will delve into the most exciting features and find out about the free options available on dating hangouts and say some words about their user base. Besides that, we will give you the answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning the best dating sites and apps users usually ask online.

Top Dating Sites for The Young


Started in 1995, the trustworthy platform has grown into something more than just a dating site. The match-making applied on the platform has garnered far more than just a million users’ attention globally. Having stood on the market for more than 20 years now, this online dating site has a robust reputation with young adults looking for free dating online, seeking to meet new people, simply browsing through profiles. The audience of the platform by one fourth under the age of 30. The gender ratio is 49 to 51, women-wise. The site welcomes all genders and provides an unbiased online dating experience. Match is among the best dating sites giving free features, and the premium features on the site are exceptional.


Most people around the world agree that the best online dating site is Tinder. Most times, when I hear people speak about the best dating websites or the best dating apps. They talk about Tinder. A great feature invented by Tinder about eight years ago, swipe-right matches, and a peculiar evaluation system on the platform make Tinder stand out on the market, with around 45 billion matches created on the platform since the inception. Their daily tally is 2 million users coming to the platform per day, which is incredible. Young people visit online dating platforms to meet new people, engage in a long-term relationship, or find your true love, and Tinder is one of the best. There is nothing like Tinder when it comes to usability and the overall design of the app.

Top Free Dating Platforms for Young Singles


For elite singles worldwide, the dating site has become quite a frequent choice. On a greater scale, the site provides people worldwide: it operates in 25 countries, and its monthly user base equals 2,500 young singles. The site for dating aims to accumulate the audience comprising mostly professionals and people with degrees (around 85%), seeking real love and serious relationships. You can join the platform for free to get limited options to start with and opt for special plans to maximize the chances to meet the one. Premium access will allow for more effective options and outstanding features. The quality of the dating site is exceptional, and the people having their profiles on the platform are a great company.


The online dating site aims at singles. You can join the platform for free, try chatting and matches on the site, and many other features provided to free profiles’ users. Paid options maximize the odds to meet people you like among thousands of users on the platform.

The dating site, created by four Harward graduates back in 2004, has become a spot of virtual hangouts of people enjoying dating online and looking for singles.

On the annual scale, OkCupid accumulates about 90 million of visitors; it is genuinely tolerant and welcomes singles of all genders to join the vast community around the dating service. 50,000 dates originated on the platform weekly are a great illustration of its worth.

Top Apps for Young Adults


On this dating service, you can find partners for casual one-night dates or serious long-term relationship. The platform is well-renowned among the best dating sites and dating apps, with nearly 39 million users of its mobile version. The behavior-based search of matches provides owners of free profiles on the platform daily. Singles frequent the platform the most: 48% of men and 52% of women. For a time, being on the list of top dating platforms on the App Store, the platform has grown into a platform providing nearly millions of young users daily with its excellent free browsing option. Its unique features astound the owners of premium accounts sending gifts, and more.

Plenty of Fish

If you love chatting on dating websites or want to have a usable dating app to meet a person for a long-term relationship, this dating service will meet your requirements entirely. About one billion text messages fly around on the platform monthly, and approximately 58 million profiles help their owners to find love. It is like Tinder, but way different. Sending messages on the dating platform is free, which is an excellent opportunity to save up on browsing through the profiles on the platform. Around four million visitors look through profiles on the platform daily, and the number is increasing. If you are keen on engaging in conversations on dating websites or dating apps, this dating site will satisfy you.

Top Lesbian Dating Sites for Young Adults


Elite singles worldwide looking for a serious relationship is an excellent opportunity for lesbian couples to spark life. As to free features, they provide viewing photos for free. 56% of the audience on the platform are women. The platform offers top security and boasts 382,000 newcomers to the platform per month. Premium features cost fairly. The people on the platform are unbiased and friendly, which minimizes risks of unpleasant encounters.


Made by a woman, these dating platform aims to help lesbian worldwide to find their true love and build a strong bond with like-minded people. The app is up-to-date and provides the best conversations as well, which has brought its popularity. The platform welcomes users of all genders and sexual preferences and creates an atmosphere of understanding and freedom of self-expression. Singles around the world choose this innovative app and send messages to potential partners on the site. After a little personality test, you will see the most suitable options. The platform boasts its feminist attitude, which increases its popularity.

Top Gay Dating Sites for Young Adults


If you want to make gay friends, go on dates, and build a relationship, the dating app is just for you. The community on the platform comprises around one million gay and bisexual audiences. You can browse photos and profiles for free. The platform is one of the most popular among the members of the LGBTQI+ community worldwide. The number of users amounts to nearly 40 million people in 24 different countries. You can get a great experience of online dating with one of the best dating sites for gay people. The match-making system relies upon your personality test and other filters, searching for the one effortless.


Having served for around 11 years now, the platform for gay singles has become one of the best of its kind. 3.8 million satisfied users enjoy online dating there, people from 24 countries. If you are looking for a hot date with a gay person, find hookups on the dating platform. Besides the options for hookup dating, the platform provides opportunities to meet true love. The platform embraces any relationship, and bias does not exist in the community.

Top Black Dating Sites for Young Adults


Dating sites, dating apps, and chatrooms have become an integral part of everyday life. Black people seeking deep bonds or one-night-stands choose this dating app. The fan base of the platform increases daily and now amounts to about 5.8 million. For free, after a short personality test, you can look at photos of its users. There are around 48% of Black singles browsing the platform daily. Single people of all ages visit the platform to meet Black users. You get access to thousands of pages of real people, and you chances to find love increase.


The platform has accumulated about 470 million people enjoying dating online within its virtual space. Users from 190 countries become Badoo fans daily. It welcomes Black singles and provides free features, including free photo browsing and sending texts to potential matches. The search on the platform is sophisticated but straightforward at the same time. It is simple for you and extremely effective. They embrace all races and people of very different views so that everybody can feel at Badoo.

Top Hookup Sites for Young Adults


Lovers of fetishes and users seeking one-night affairs love this platform likewise. It accumulates the turn-up of nearly 13,5 million people looking for free love online. Upgrading your account can increase your chances of meeting someone special. SIngles and those who like swinger parties can feel at home on the platform, without any bias or prejudice.


If you seek hookups and want to have sex right away, this dating app is for you. With around 6 million users, the platform is perfect for casual dating. There is no bias at all, and the platform embraces any sexual preference. You can share all your secrets with the like-minded audience on the platform^ fond a quick date or start a long-term relationship once you are lucky.

Top Christian Online Dating Sites for Young Adults


One of the leading websites for casual dates and long-term relationships, ChristianMingle provides free options available after a short personality test. You can browse through pictures of its 3.5 million users. The platform is among the top-rated Christian dating communities in the USA.

The company has stood on the market for about 20 years and has proved its value. Owned by Spark Network, the platform enjoys popularity in Christian circles of the US.


The app aims at relationship building. It is popular with marriage-minded Christian singles. While you search for a potential match, you set filters that help you narrow down the options and maximize the chance to meet the right person.

People with strong religious views enjoy this dating platform to engage in serious relationships with minimum risk. The platform boasts its safety and the pleasant atmosphere, perfect for those who aim to find the love of their lives.


What is the best dating website for 20-year-olds?

As is revealed in our review, there are so many options available online that it chooses the best one a complicated task. The answer depends on your views and goals and traits of your character and appearance and sexual tendencies.

Which dating site is best for serious relationships?

Match stands out among the rest of the sites providing great options for meeting a serious match.

What dating sites are free?

The best dating platforms provide their newcomers with free features and browse photos and profiles without paying a fee. While it is beneficial and helps save up on online dating, use paid features to maximize the odds.

Are dating platforms safe?

Some sites can boast excellent security and safety policies, but your safety is in your hands, like in offline life. Chose reliable platforms by reading related reviews and testimonials of clients on the Internet.

What Dating Sites & Apps Can You Use Without Facebook?

Tinder, OkCupid, and PlentyOfFish are among the top-rated platforms accessible without Facebook.