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Fetish itself is quite a simple concept. It refers to the kind of sexual pleasure caused by a particular action, object, or body part. There are many fetishes: BDSM, foot fetish, domination, etc. And each one is special and curious.

You may have many fantasies or desires, and in fact, they are easy to bring to life considering the vastness of social media and dating apps. You need to go to a fetish website with a specific topic, where community members are ready to support you, and where you can find a partner or partners to implement your plans. And there is nothing wrong with that. Each person has some dreams and ideas about bed scenes. This list of sites welcomes a friendly atmosphere and allows people to accomplish what they have long wanted (we omit KinkD in the list because it is the first in line for those who love horny or BDSM dating).

The Most Versatile Fetish Sites

The first group of sites aims at the primary audience of social network users. Whether it’s couples or lustful singles, these kinds of kinky dating sites allow everyone to find supporters, satisfy desires, and bring ideas to life.

Adult Friend Finder

This dating site was developed back in 1996 and is still one of the most popular spaces (along with KinkD). Among other things, people here are looking for sexual partners, couples, and swingers – companions who are ready to embody all secret desires.

AFF has a ton of possibilities. For example, you can watch online striptease or fetish videos, including porn, and discuss what you see in chat rooms and special groups. Most importantly, this platform is free to try. You can upload things, search for people based on their age, gender, place, and more. Here, adults and couples are looking for “fun” to bring something new to their sex life.


Probably one of the safest fetish dating sites where every member of the kink community accepts and understands all the nuances. There are followers here for every type of interest because over 13 million people visit this site per month.

BeNaughty does not charge fees for essential functions. It’s free to create an account, look for a partner, view matches, and chat. Concerning the security of your information and materials, the site uses the SSL encryption and checks each profile so that no hackers can get to your personal information on this dating website.


This dating website contains even more exciting things. Threesome, hardcore BDSM, or cheating? All of this is present here and is waiting for its admirers. And the best part is that this site is free. Therefore, it is a favorite among other platforms for adults and mature people and couples. Uploading intimate photos, rating other kinky people, watching matches will not cost you a cent. It is worth trying to bring to life the most sensual ideas finally.

This dating site serves to satisfy your appetite through sexual flirting. This platform is 100% free and has over 70 million profiles in the database. Along with a million visits per month, this dating site will help you find the partner of your desires quickly. is available on computers as a fetish dating website and as an app on your phone so that you can search for a couple on the go.

When looking for an ideal partner on the dating site, you can choose absolutely any characteristics and parameters, features of appearance, and much more. There is also a FlirtCast function, which allows you to write to any person you like and start chatting and then meet.

Female Domination (Femdom) Fetish Sites

This dating site is for those who love to be dominated by women. Such women are also often called the dominatrix, so kinky people who like to take control into their own hands (doms) and those who want to obey (subs) will find here what they crave and will be equally happy with the content on the fetish dating website.

Find a Femdom

The name of the site speaks for itself. Find a Femdom is very easy to use, which is a big plus among other online dating sites, and also completely free. The Rapid Match feature allows you to select profiles in the same way as in Tinder. You can like the profile photos, add them to your favorites or skip to another profile.

Bondage Pal

This online dating site has two main advantages – quick registration and account creation and free use. By the name, you can immediately guess what this dating site is about for those lustful people who are turned on to bind someone or to be attached.

This site is perfect for you if you love attributes of sex like ball gag, duct tape, bandage, or leather pieces. BondagePal will help you get enough of online content, as well as help, bring ideas to life in the real world.

Also, the site team guarantees that all accounts иto real people (protected by Scametrics), so put aside doubts that you can fall for the bait of scammers or hackers.

Foot Fetish Sites

Most often, foot fetish is common among men. It is a very peculiar attraction and very popular, so people worldwide visit foot fetish sites.

Foot fetishists usually like to pay attention to their partner’s feet, and light sucking can quickly turn them on. Women’s legs with heels or just bare legs leave you indifferent? Then you should visit one of the fetish dating platforms with this topic to satisfy your desires.

The Feet Hunter

The motto of this site is “Just feet. No bullshit,” and that’s a pretty accurate description of what you can find here. Kinky people from all over the world meet those who support their fantasies to the maximum. The online dating site also offers videos, presenting everything your heart desires. Here you can worship the feet, watch a video with a foot massage that turns into eroticism, where the feet will remain the main thing.

The most convenient thing is that the fetish dating site allows you to create a profile for free, upload materials, and communicate with other people. There is also a “First Foot Fetish Experiences” section, where professionals advise you things, which is a nice bonus.

Best of the “Gay” Fetish Sites

Those two dating sites are a breath of fresh air for those who are tired of flipping through the profiles of heterosexuals in the hope of finding themselves, one gay partner. Do not waste valuable minutes and register now!


This site welcomes both bisexual and gay men from all over the world. Here single guys and couples are looking for a partner/partners to enjoy each other’s fantasies and fetishes finally. MenNation keeps all rights reserved and does not admit lies. All of the 79 million horny members want to be themselves.

Gay Fetish Personals

This particular site is more for experienced and knowledgeable people. It is popular among hardcore fetishists, sugar daddies, and even some porn stars as well. So if you’re getting to know this whole journey into “fetish land,” keep that in mind. GayFetishPersonals offers many functions – watching fetish videos, learning new things, and meeting other guys in private chat rooms.

Big Women (BBW) Fetish Site

This site is for those who prefer large women, and this is a fairly common fetish. The next BBW site will not disappoint you, quite the opposite. After all, there you will find everything you were looking for.

Fat Fantasy Girl

This site is perfect for finding curvy girls because big ladies are worth a lot! FFG positions itself as a “Home of the Internet’s most wanted BBW and SSBBW models.” FatFantasyGirl may look like a porn site at first glance, but don’t jump to conclusions. There are just a lot of candid photos of beautiful women on display. Free, you can register, enter your email, location, and similar information to finally find a partner that suits your size. It will be lucky if the girl loves other fetishes, just like you – BDSM dating or something else.

Fetish Chatting Sites

The central part of dating is communication, especially if it is a BDSM dating. These platforms serve for people to get to know each other well before meeting and understand whether a spark has run between them or not.


This site is also for sex-positive single women and for couples who want to bring something new to their sexual lives, add spice and variety. It is full of functions – chat rooms, private emails, and online webcam conversations. There are more than 30 million profiles on the site, so don’t be afraid to be left without that special hot madam.

Visiting a Fetish Site, You Brighten Up Your Sex Life

Many people have hidden ideas and fantasies that keep them awake in every sense of the word. It is perfect to learn and discover the new for yourself, and it is incredibly pleasant when you have someone to share these moments, which would fully understand and support you. For this, other kinky people create dating platforms so that people find each other and reveal secrets and desires to each other, and make them come true.

Understanding all the peculiarities of demand, we have compiled a list of the most popular and, at the same time, safe dating sites that will suit every taste lovers of new sensations. From foot fetish to hardcore BDSM dating, sites are where you find treasured materials, and you can also meet potential partners who will show you something new and unique. And in the end, you will be surprised how many secrets people have and how impressive their imaginations are.

BDSM Chatters

The most comfortable and most efficient BDSM site to use. All you need to do is select the BDSM chat you are interested in and enjoy the process with other horny people there. For example, there are topics such as BDSM date, Slavery, Domination, Bondage, Sadist, Masochism, Obedience, Punishment, Torture, Role-playing, and BDSM Sensory games, etc. Fans of BDSM, spanking, rope torture, dungeons, cuckolds, vampirism, transvestites, transsexuals, mistresses, and denial will find many exciting things than dating BDSM lovers.

In general, this BDSM site is suitable for both online entertainment and subsequent meetings, including BDSM dating, to completely immerse yourself in the world of BDSM fetish dreams.


What are the best BDSM dating sites?

The two most frequently visited are Bondage Pal and BDSM Chatters. There are functions for every taste and color and, besides, a bunch of communication and content viewing options. But the coolest thing is that they are free for the entire period of use.

Are fetish dating sites safe?

Most of them guarantee system security against hacking and identity theft. But there is also a part of the platforms that perhaps paid less attention to this, so you always need to be alert when you click on the buttons.

What is the best fetish dating site?

It will probably be not easy to name a specific one because each person has his interests, and when he is guided by them when searching for the right community, he still pays attention to the main content. The most popular, though, can be called AdultFriendFinder, because there are often people with many fetishes, and you will find a partner there with matching interests one way or another.

Are fetish dating sites legit?

More yes than no. Because at least 90% of platforms are licensed to provide such kind of content, plus, site teams are responsible for the security and often have a support service, where you can write in case of anything at any time of the day.

Are fetish dating sites free?

Almost all communities have free registration and many other features. Communication, viewing profiles, likes. But some unique and advanced features become available only when you upgrade to the paid version of your account. And this is understandable because there is no other way to support developers and thank them for their work.