Our Privacy Policy 

At DatingAuditor.com, we value our users’ privacy and do our best to ensure a safe connection and protect your personal information. In this small piece, we would like to share a step-by-step review of how we receive, store, and use our visitors’ personal data. For more details and frequently asked questions, please, go to our official website or contact us directly.

Log Files: How We Store Information

The “DatingAuditor” server uses log files to store the incoming information. In plain words, it is a protocol of all operations performed by the page’s visitors. A protocol usually contains an IP address, ISP information, browser type, time of the visit, referring and exit pages, and the number of clicks of a particular user. The protocols make it possible to analyze incoming information and facilitate website administration with valuable info. With this data, an administrator can, for example, size up a full demographic picture of the website’s active users. Plus, no information in the protocol is identified, so your personal data is thoroughly safe.

Cookies and Beacons: We Save Your Preferences 

DatingAuditor.com knows what you might like. You must have already heard about cookies on some scope. You go click on a page, and it suddenly suggests you accept the cookies. This technology allows processing and storing user-specific information that might help customize the content to make it more suitable for users. We do use Cookies and Web Beacons as well and make our content more topical for you, based on your online search requests and preferences that we note and analyze thanks to the cookies. 

Explaining DoubleClick Dart Cookie

Third-party networks and providers use DoubleClick Dart Cookie technology to serve advertising announcements. For example, Google Marketing Platform uses the DoubleClick Dart Cookie type of cookies to serve promotional content on DatingAuditor.com. Thanks to this technology, our business partners can deliver their content to users visiting our website and other related pages.

Many advertising networks tend to use the DoubleClick Dart Cookie technology via DatingAuditor.com announcements and then link them to your browsers directly. They get your IP address automatically at just one click. Advertising networks may use other available technologies of that kind in their marketing process, including all of the above-mentioned and JavaScript. Marketing specialists use these tools to estimate advertising campaign efficiency and make promotional content more personalized and targeted.

Quite pitifully, at DatingAuditor.com, we cannot control the actions of our business partners and, therefore, the advertising methods they use. You can visit the Google Settings page and set up your own network privacy policy rules. Depending on the browser you use, you can also disable cookies in the settings section. Each browser has a specific management policy when it comes to cookies and ads. So, for more details or technical support, go to the specific browser page.

To get acquainted with the third-parties’ privacy policy, we suggest that you explored the respective official website of that third party. Our privacy policy does not apply to or affect other advertisers and websites in any way.

Opt-Out Option: You Are the Boss

DatingAuditor.com allows its users to skip providing access to their browser data. If you do not want any of your information to be used for statistical purposes or advertisement, just click on the relevant answer choice when asked to accept. However, in this case, we may not be able to provide you certain services that do require giving access to personal data to third parties. If you ever change your mind and decide to receive newsletters from us later or, on the contrary, wish to stop receiving them at all, please let us know via email.

DatingAuditor.com newsletters are all subject to CAN-SPAM policy. Every newsletter contains instructions on how to sign off, so you can opt out of any email communications in just one click at any time. 

But there is one more important detail that we would like to mention, concerning promotional electronic communications. If you have ever provided your preference data to third parties via us and then have unsubscribed from our newsletters, the third parties may still have access to your data. Just like ourselves, our business partners respect the privacy of our users. If you are willing to change your preferences or stop getting any related advertisement at all once you have signed off, please contact that particular third party directly.