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Christian Cafe exists for more than 20 years now, helping Christian people meet and create beautiful couples. The dating site works from 1999, and its primary goal is to connect Christian singles. Some researches prove that Christian Cafe has already become a reason for more than 25 thousand marriages of Christian people. So, if your search is relatively narrow, and you are looking for a Christian members' community with their unique culture, values, thoughts, and beliefs, this dating site might meet your expectations.

Christian Cafe is welcoming singles who are straight and Christian. They should be older than 18. With almost four hundred thousand monthly active members, this dating site has its own intimate and cozy atmosphere. In general, Christian Cafe has more women among visitors than men. Usually, 60 percent of female users and 40 percent of male users are spending time on the site.

Data Breakdown

User Base

Christian Singles*

Christian Cafe’s dating services are exclusively for straight Christian singles over the age of 18.

Popularity (Visits/Mo)


Christian Cafe has a loyal following of approximately 500,000 members in the US and abroad.

Gender Ratio



On Christian Cafe, single women make up 60% of the total user base, which means single men may have a slightly easier time finding someone.


To make it more informative, we would like to describe some basic features of Christian Cafe in this review. Let's talk about the ways of matching and other essential points of this dating site.

Match System

On this Christian dating site, you may use traditional ways to search profiles. Browsing is available with several filters like gender, location, and age, as well as a nickname, photograph, and other options.

If you are interested in someone and want to show this, there is an option to "wink." Your message will go to another member, saying that he or she has caught your eye.

Christian Cafe works only for those who pay for an account. Only paid members can talk to each other and use all of the Christian online dating advantages.

Christian Cafe offers its members to set an automatic search and messages sending to other people that seem compatible. You can turn it on and connect with other members every day, every week, or once in a while.

Being a member at a Christian Cafe means that you can see if another user read your message or not.

You will see the profiles that match you fully, according to Christian Cafe. They will get a special sign: a cup of coffee. New members also have a special indicator, a star.

If you are lazy today or feeling like not doing thorough browsing, a QuickMatch option will offer you several users that fit you. The filter here sorts people by their location and age. Also, their faith and relationship goals matter.

Other features

It might be useful to know that sometimes Christian Cafe offers its members to communicate for free. This special offer arrives several times during the year.

For those who are fond of forums and active online conversations, Christian Cafe suggests its forums, where community members discuss different topics.

You can add as much info to your profile as you like with the help of some open-ended blocks.

At Christian Cafe, you will also see some sections that can inspire you, like the Blog. All of them are free of charge.

There is a special Favorites list that you may use to add some profiles that you like.

Christian Cafe reveals who has checked your profile out.

Filters at this site also include women and men who are currently online, those who have a birthday today, and a search by members' location.


Today's Special Offer:

Christian Cafe offers monthly memberships. The prices are as follows:

Join for 6 Months

Join for 3 Months

Join for 1 Months

If you are willing to apply for a membership, you can find out the prices in this review. A membership system of the site offers various subscription offers. Comparing to other dating sites, using Christian Cafe is exceptionally affordable. It even has a 10-day free trial, which is not very typical for different platforms.

You may choose a 6 months membership and pay only $8.33 per month. Except for this option, Christian Cafe suggests a 3-month membership with a fee of $13.33 for each month, or an opportunity to join for only 1 month and pay $39.95. Of course, don't forget about an exclusive free trial that will help to choose the world of online dating.

Ease of Use

Signing up and starting to use Christan Cafe is very simple and convenient. It will take a couple of minutes to register for membership on the site. You will have to provide your account with an email address, a date of birth, some info about your job and lifestyle. Also, stating if you are married or not and have kids is required. And, of course, the Christian Cafe special field will ask if you are Christian or not.

You will be able to describe some things widely. In every profile, Christian Cafe has special fields that are bigger than standard ones. There you may add small essays about your preferred type of relationship with a future partner, your faith and beliefs, and more. In total, there will be nine sections where you may give more details about yourself. Don't worry; their filling is not mandatory.

Users' real names hide under nicknames. It helps to keep additional privacy for everyone at Christian Cafe.

Christian Cafe will not require money from you from the very beginning of online dating. Anyone who is signing up automatically gets a free trial period. During this period, which varies from seven to ten days, your free account is equal to a premium one. You can unlock all of the paid options, like sending messages and replying to them without any limits. Also, during the free trial, you will be able to participate in Christian Cafe forums.

Uploading a photo to your new account gives you a bonus of an additional three days when you can use the site for free. In total, you may add not more than three pictures to your profile.

When your free trial period at Christian Cafe is over, you don't have to apply for membership and give your money right away. Though, the creators of the site expect that you will enjoy spending time here anyway and will become one of the members.

Members of this site can surprise each other with membership given as a present. Knowing the username of the one which you'd like to surprise is enough. You will need to pay for the whole period of membership once.

Users have a range of filters to browse comfortably and sort profiles. One may search by age, location, gender, and photo. Christian Cafe also can send messages from you automatically if you set some parameters for an automatic search of your potential partner.

Safety is a priority for the team of Christian Cafe. Moderators of this site are actively working so you could avoid creepy content, spam, or inappropriate things. Some accounts that might be sketchy for users receive a special mark. Also, members can block the bothering accounts to make online dating more satisfying.

The support staff of Christian Cafe also does the approval of every photo uploaded on the site. Some special rules apply to every image that anyone is trying to add. First of all, your photos cannot be too small or too blurry. Your face should be visible, and you should have enough clothes because bikini photos and bodies without shirts are unwelcome at Christian Cafe. Finally, your photo should not violate copyright rules. Members can find out more details in a Photo Help section where the team presents some information about the requirements and photo screening.

Pros and Cons

To supplement this Christian Cafe review, we would like to list some pros and cons of this Christian site for singles.

Pros of Christian Cafe

  • If you are not quite sure that Christian Cafe is the right choice, you may start a 10-day free trial period. Every new user gets this bonus to understand if you like online dating here or not. Members receive additional days to the free period if they add at least one photo to their profile.
  • The membership prices are low, especially comparing to other dating sites.
  • Christian Cafe has a big and active base of single Christian members. If an account is not active for several months, the support team deletes it.
  • This platform is famous for making people happy with more than 25 thousand marriages that happened thanks to the site.
  • Users can get some tips about online dating and the Christian community.
  • The site belongs to Christian people, and the management representatives are Christian as well.

Cons of Christian Cafe

  • Of course, the Christian Cafe review describes some disadvantages of the site. One of them is a small base of users. As we explained earlier in this review, every month Christian Cafe has less than five hundred thousand visitors that search a partner.
  • Another thing to mention is the profile length. Open-ended sections allow you to upload so many words that sometimes users may be annoyed during the search of their one and only.

The Bottom Line

In this review, we have already told our readers that a Christian man made a Christian Cafe. The truth is that he aimed to help other members of his community to find love, peace, and understanding among like-minded people who share the same thoughts, interests, and values. The name of the site creator is Sam Moorcroft.

A gift of a free trial period for new users is a thing that makes Christian Cafe a special and kind place for singles. The website is fully available during this period, with every function working perfectly.

Christian Cafe is not only a dating platform. The site offers other activities like exciting discussions on forums and blogs where one can search for inspiring posts.

We hope this Christian Cafe review was helpful and useful. So, if you want to meet someone who shares the same beliefs and interests, or search a Christian friend or partner, visit All rights reserved.


How much does it cost?

Christian Cafe is relatively cheap, especially if we compare the site to its rivals. For example, with a 6 months subscription, you will pay only $8.33 per month. Christian Cafe also has a generous free trial period.

How to Cancel?

If you want to cancel your membership at Christian Cafe, please visit the Settings section in your profile on the platform. If something goes wrong, you can reach out to the support team via a special page.

Do they Have an App?

Yes, Christian Cafe has a mobile app that works both for iOS and Android. With this app, you may search for your perfect match quickly only with the help of your smartphone.

Is Christian Cafe legit?

Of course, the site is legit, as we can see in this Christian Cafe review. The support staff of the site cares about every user's safety and fights some inappropriate content. Additional privacy level adds because members can use the nicknames instead of real names, and all data is very well protected.

Is Christian Connection Any Good?

This site doesn't have a vast user base, but all of the members are loyal and active. It makes Christian Cafe a place where Christian people can connect quickly and easily, meet new friends, chat, and start their romantic adventures.

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