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The main goal of the eHarmony dating site is to provide its users with the opportunity to get the best online dating experience, meet people for fun or long term relationships, and find someone special. Most online dating sites have a lot in common: the ability of their people to have a free account of express their personality profile-wise and get potential matches nearly every day. Many other things are making online dating so popular. 

In this eHarmony review, we are going to look at some distinctive features of eHarmony, that make the site stand out on the market of dating sites. The review will walk you through the pricing policy of eHarmony, discuss its pros and cons, and answer the most frequently asked questions existing and future users of eHarmony may have. Before you start the eHarmony login-in procedure, read the eHarmony review to figure if their dating site matches your preferences, and fits your style of online dating.

The matches created on the eHarmony site rely on a sophisticated compatibility matching system that uses various vital metrics to minimize the number of possible matches and increase the chances to meet a person to chat or to have a long term relationship.

Overall, those people seeking love and long-term relationship on dating sites sooner o later get their free account or pay for a premium one on eHarmony.

The audience of eHarmony is international people looking for the relationship to stand for a long time or wish to get married. They use eHarmony because, among a significant number of online dating sites, this one provides the opportunity for reliable relationships. For nearly 20 years now, eHarmony serves marriage-minded people to find their love.

Dr. Neil Clark Warren, the creator of eHarmony, is a clinical psychologist who has always aimed at assisting people around the world in finding someone for a long term. The daily tally of matches eHarmony now creates borders on 15 million. And far more than half a million people worldwide have already found their destiny using this online dating site.

eHarmony has the idea of a successful marriage in mind and applies science to find meaningful matches, adjusting to the users' preferences and styles.

Continue reading the review to make a decision and use the dating site to engage in long-term relationships.

Data Breakdown

User Base

All Straight Singles*

eharmony is designed for serious relationship-minded singles who are over the age of 18 and want to date someone exclusively.

Popularity (Visits/Mo)

4.1 Million*

eharmony has over 10 million active users and over 750,000 paid subscribers, making it one of the most popular dating sites around.

Gender Ratio



Dating sites sometimes have uneven gender ratios, but that isn’t the case for eharmony, which sees a relatively equal number of male and female sign-ups.


Almost all the features on the eHarmony online dating site are nothing new. However, the essential features that provide the best online dating experience for marriage-minded are available. There is an opportunity to have a free account with eHarmony and browse the site for potential matches for free. Furthermore, there are paid options that make profiles on the site more visible and boost the odds of finding the right person for long-term communication.

Among the most top-rated features of eHarmony is the opportunity to send someone a smile. This function serves to increase the visibility of profiles and draw the attention of the users of the dating site that can fit your requirements. In the match list, one can see a tiny icon with a smiley face beneath every profile picture. As one tap on the icon, someone you like will receive a lovely smiley from you. This eHarmony feature is ideal for breaking the ice and making the first step on the dating site towards a long relationship. If you want to express your personality, profile adjustment is what you need.

Besides sending smileys to entice potential partners, one can use another eHarmony feature that enables people to send questions to people on the dating site. The questions are automated, and they serve either to initiate contact or continue the chat with someone you like. The good news is that the questions are free of charge and unlimited.

On the eHarmony dating site, you can add to favorites someone you liked to maximize the chances to meet the right people. You can compile a list of the most exciting profiles of eHarmony people and choose the one and only.

Among the paid features, the 'What If?' provides you with an additional number of matches, figured from the list of people beyond the list of your preferences. You can get 30 more matches at a reasonable price. Read the review to get to know about the eHarmony pricing policy.

The 'Video Date' function is fantastic for those who want to see the people they communicate with online. You can initiate a video call to look the matches in the eye, know the people you liked better, and find the one right person for flirting or someone for a long-term relationship.

The feature is one of the most wanted these days while the pace of technology is increasing together with the tempo of urban life, as it allows people to enjoy their favorite among dating sites without leaving their homes.

In the next chapters of the article, we will review eHarmony from a different position. Read on before you log in to the site or their dating app.

Free Features

As to the basic membership features, eHarmony offers all the newly-registered users to start with free features, which comprise matches with no limits, operations with Smiles, and Greetings to attract the attention of a potential partner. Newbies can also answer the first message for free.

Among the interesting free features, there is the opportunity to remain anonymous on the site and look through the profiles of people on the site unnoticed. A person who uses eHarmony can also see the profiles of people who have visited their page. It can increase the odds of meeting the one who likes you. To improve people's interest in your personality, profile tweaks are essential.

Paid features

Besides the free features of eHarmony, there exist paid ones. However, before you proceed to create paid profiles on the site, try the functionality of a free account first. While you, of course, get a broader spectrum of options and matches once you've bought a paid subscription, free features are good enough as well.

Premium Membership on eHarmony will provide you with limitless amounts of matches, more specified search options, the ability to look through all the pictures of your matches, and the chance to engage in constant communications.

If you want your relationship to last long and be healthy and pleasant, you shouldn't be in a rush at the very beginning. Of course, it will be not easy to engage in a long-term one with a short plan, so the users of the site recommend to get Premium Membership plans for six months, the annual one, and the plan for two years.

In contrast to most of the dating sites on the market, eHarmony does not provide its people with searching features. The process of finding matches is automatic, so you can rely on the algorithm that will find matches that fit your preferences to the max. It is up to you to decide whether you wish to continue communicating with the chosen matches or not. The algorithm has the settings of the profiles in mind to compile the most compatible people for your convenience. Also, your personality test plays a crucial role in the creating of the list of matches for you. While the process is nothing sophisticated at all, it increases the chances you find the right person among the users of eHarmony and build a strong bond or a family together.

Whale at eHarmony, log in, and you will get a wide variety of premium options, such as the granted accessibility of special features providing you with extra matches.

As numerous eHarmony reviews reveal, it is a trustworthy site and a dating app that has a robust system of creating matches, and everything a good dating site needs to provide its users with chances to find love and build long-standing relationships.

The next part of the eHarmony review aims to reveal the pricing policy on the site. Read on to find out more before you sign up for the eHarmony.


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eharmony offers monthly memberships. The prices are as follows:

Join for 12 Months

$17.95/mo »

Join for 6 Months

$29.95/mo »

Join for 3 Months

$56.95/mo »

As we have mentioned above, anyone can use the basic features of the eHarmony site for free. However, the options you get with a paid subscription are more promising. If you want to find love with the help of the dating site, it is not fair to be overly economical. When it comes to finding your partner for the long term, the choice of the strategy must be reasonable. You can choose to pay per month with a one-month priority plan. If per month payments do not appeal to you, you can opt for an extended three-month plan. When three months are not enough to get the thing done, you can choose 6-months subscription options. Let us break down the pricing policy and present it in a straightforward form:

  • If you choose to pay per month, that will be $59.95 for a one-month subscription.
  • Should you need slightly more time on the site to find the right person, go for a three-month plan that will cost you $39.95 per month.
  • If even three months seem to be not enough on the site, get yourself a plan for six months that will be $29.95.
  • And finally, the most extended subscription plan you can get on the eHarmony site is a plan for 12 months. Pay $19.95 monthly and enjoy the full range of options and great features on eHarmony site for 12 months.

In conclusion to this part, let's go through the subscription options on the eHarmony dating site: 1 month, three months, 6 months, and 12-months plans are available for reasonable prices.

A Three-Day Trial

Besides the paid subscription options one gets on the eHarmony site, there is also an opportunity to enjoy the site for three days without any charges. You can become a user of eHarmony for three days without having to pay money, using a free trial. All you have to do for it is to pass a signup procedure, detail your profile, and this is it. By the way, in case you don't like the site anymore or have found something more appealing, you can cancel anytime. eHarmony also guarantees you will get a complete refund once you have unsubscribed.

Coupons & Codes

Apart from the trial and paid options, you can get special promotion coupons and promo-codes to access the eHarmony site for free! You will not have to buy a plan for 12 months. Their website provides its visitors with the codes and coupons at some weekends or around the holiday time. They organize the so-called 'Free Communication Weekends,' a massive promotional campaign that aims at providing the users with a chance to get some bonuses for free. Check out their official website to find out about the timing of these promotions and be able to DM the matches on the eHarmony site free from charge.

Pros and Cons

Pros of eharmony

  • The site accumulates mostly people with serious intentions who aim at a serious relationship.
  • eHarmony provides outstanding options for singles. You will not waste your time there in vain.
  • However expensive some people find the site, its promotions and free trials are a great perk.

Cons of eharmony

  • The automatic search engine may not appeal to everybody. The matches can be odd and incompatible, which many users find inconvenient.
  • The tests can be faulty, and it impacts the quality of the search.

The Bottom Line

Overall, eHarmony is an excellent platform for marriage-minded people to meet and build real relationships. While there are some cons, of course, eHarmony prides itself on having millions of users per annum, who are satisfied with the features on the site. They choose eHarmony to play for real and find love for a long time. They say that every 14 minutes, a new couple pops up in the world with the help of eHarmony.


Is it Worth Paying for eHarmony?

While you can get what you want with free features, trials, or coupons, paid subscription broadens your options and maximizes the chances for a real love affair. Create your personality profile on the site and get more matches.

What is the Success Rate of eHarmony?

People create a couple with eHarmony every 14 minutes, which is a tremendous result for a dating website. To learn more about the features of the site, contact their customer service. You can find their e-mail address and the phone number on their official website.

Is eharmony LGBT friendly?

While the establishment of eHarmony commented that the site is not very popular among the LGBT people, nowadays, they try to adjust to the modern requirements and go Gay.

Does eHarmony Have an App?

The eHarmony mobile app is fantastic. It has all the features of the desktop version, put in a convenient and straightforward form to increase the usability and make the experience of browsing the site utterly joyous.