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Unfortunately, many people face great sorrow by losing their loved ones. It is one of the most horrible things in life – to lose your wife or husband, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re a widow or a widower. Even though this is the worst thing that can happen, time goes by, and some widows and widowers feel relief after a certain period. They are ready to release all the pain, to start a new relationship, and to find love. So, what should you do if you’re looking for a partner after such grief? Our list of dating sites for widowed singles is here to help you find love and practice widowdating.

Match is considered one of the best dating sites for every type of dating, including widows dating. The audience of this dating site is enormous: it has over 30 million daters. Every month more than 13 million members visit Usually, they are older than 30, making a popular place to find real love and a long term relationship. offers some free options as well as a paid membership with additional matchmaking features.

The safety of the members is essential for the team of If widowed singles are afraid of fraud and negative emotions, they should relax because this dating site will give the best user experience.


This dating site works for 20 years now, so we are sure that date experts with a considerable experience run it. An unusual and unique feature of eHarmony is a questionnaire that every member can take to make matching easier and quicker. After answering 80 questions, you will be able to see some profiles that may be perfect for your search parameters.

As you can see, eHarmony’s matching system relies on a quiz, so it accepts people that are feeling seriously about finding someone new and starting a relationship. It is an advantage for widows and widowers who sometimes expect a delicate way of communication and smooth online interaction with other members who are seeking dates. This dating site is proud of more than 2 million successfully started relationships and also marriages. And this is only in the United States! So, trust eHarmony, and this site will help you get back on track with online dating.


With EliteSingles, widows and widowers may find a sophisticated date and an elite partner. This dating site focuses on a particular category: educated singles with perfect manners and a high level of intelligence. More than 80% of EliteSingles members have a university degree. It is not a frivolous dating site: people here seek long term relationships and are serious about their future dates.

For free, you may sign up and use some features like searching a partner and checking out profiles. Also, you will be able to get matches and flirt with likes that you may send to anyone active. To exchange messages, users of EliteSingles need to become paid members.


A lot of people become widows and widowers when they are seniors. This age is usually tricky for a fresh start. But online dating has developed to the most significant level, and the internet has something to offer for every person. So, here is OurTime, a dating website that will help widow or widower to find comfort after 50 years old.

The audience here is ready to become trustworthy partners for people that got a divorce, or widows and widowers. OurTime is a very user-friendly dating website with an easy and convenient layout. Hopefully, senior widowed singles will find love and harmony with this one.


It is a popular site in its category. ChristianMingle represents a niche of Christian dating and fits those looking for partners with specific beliefs and interests. If you have the same faith, ChristianMingle welcomes you to find a solution for online dating and start a new relationship.

ChristianMIngle helps widows and widowers to get relief after a massive loss in a Christian community. Its members are full of compassion and ready to calm you down and distract from all the pain. With a free subscription, you will be able to search Christian singles that are nearby. Also, for free, you may text some users if they are your match. In general, ChristianMingle is one of the dating sites responsible for tons of healthy and happy Christian marriages, and it also can bring a wonderful dating experience.


With SilverSingles, you don’t have to worry about your 50s, 60s, 70s, and more. It is a perfect place for a widow or widower to find a partner after losing their loved one. The members here are quite serious about each other, and usually, they already know what do they need in life and search for a stable partner who they can trust.

Thanks to the support team, SilverSingles is a safe place without scams and fraud. If you are using this dating site for free, you cannot see pictures or exchange texts with others. To do so, you need to sign up for a paid membership. Users exploring online dating at SilverSingles for free may seek profiles and filter them with different parameters. Usually, this is enough here to arrange a date or a romantic evening. And who knows, maybe one evening will lead to a beautiful romantic story or a happy marriage in the future.

One Single Person

This dating site has its description: a trusted platform that helps singles who became widows or widowers or got divorced. One Single Person offers its members an account for free, which will last forever. The daily audience here is thousands of users, and it grows continuously.

One Single Person has great instruments for browsing and finding compatible profiles quickly. Just use your email address, fill in some necessary details about yourself, and start moving towards your primary goal, whether it is a new understanding friend, a romantic date, or a serious relationship.

Just Widow Dating

The name says it all: Just Widow Dating represents a niche of dating for widows. Here, every match you meet or every person that seems to be attractive will not ask you any uncomfortable questions because they all have survived the same thing and know what we are talking about here.

Just Widow Dating may serve not only to find a long term relationship: widows and widowers may look for a new friend or a casual date here. You may use this widower dating site for free and find someone new with similar aims and interests, who will fully understand you and everything you have gone through.

The Widow Dating Club

The Widow Dating Club is a free option on a dating scene for widows and widowers searching for a date. This site unites members that have survived a loss in several countries: New Zealand, the US, at the UK. The Widow Dating Club is available both as a laptop browser page and a convenient mobile app.

It is an extremely safe website for widowed singles. The Widow Dating Club avoids fraud and scams among members with the help of SSL encryption technology. It makes the widower dating experience very comfortable. So, whether you’re a man or a woman that feels lonely after the tragedy will find compassion and relief and meet someone new who shares similar values, goals, and interests.

Widows or Widowers

As you may see from the name, this widower dating site was created specifically for widows and widowers. Here we have a relevant audience and members that are on the same page and understand each other. Widows or Widowers welcomes people who have lost their loved ones but are ready to try again with their love life.

The idea of Widows or Widowers belongs to a woman called Anne Hunte, who was a widow herself, and her son. They released the dating site in 2004. Ten years before that, Hunte faced the death of her spouse. She spent several years to rebound and then realized that the dating scene feels lack of sites for those who are in the same boat as she is.

Widows and widowers may start using this site quickly, with a few moves. You have to add your first name and date of birth, choose if you’re a man or a woman, give a valid email address, and finally create a password. It is enough to start online dating on this platform. The security team of the platform is here to help 24 hours a day, and the site is safe with the Online Dating Protector. Do not worry about your safety: the user experience here becomes much better when the staff is attentively controlling everything on the site.

All in all, widows and widowers should know that they are not alone in this horrible experience. We hope that this list of widow dating sites will help to start over and explore widower dating. You should believe that it is possible to find love and your only one, even if it seems unreal and you thought that you had already met the love of your life. Whether you’re looking for a new friend, a boyfriend, girlfriend, a husband, or a wife, there is a solution. Don’t give up and believe us: plenty of websites that offer widowed dating has united a lot of compatible profiles and started tons of happy relationships! All you need is strength and belief that you are not alone, and your future partner is very close to you. A laptop or a smartphone with a created profile on one of the sites will make it for you!


Are dating sites for widows safe?

Of course, dating sites for widows and widowers are safe and legit. It is a delicate audience that needs a smooth dating experience on the internet. To help members feel comfortable, every website has a professional team of experts controlling the content of every profile. Their actions make dating websites for widow dating a safe and protected place.

What is the best dating site for widows?

There are several dating sites for widowed singles, and only you can define which is the best for you and which one you like the most. The good news is that every platform provides users with an opportunity to try it for free. You may use essential tools without paying a cent. Usually, those instruments are enough to achieve your goals at online dating. Of course, as we already said, every site is distinct, but only you can pinpoint the perfect platform that you feel comfortable with.

How long should a widow wait before dating?

It is not a secret that every person is different, and everyone’s feelings and emotions are individual. A lot of people get traumatized seriously after losing their loved ones. It takes years to start feeling at least okay, not saying about anything close to dating and meeting other potential partners or even new people. They can shut down their feelings for everyone surrounding them and feel lonely until the end of their life. Others go through this challenging period of recovery that is related to such a horrible loss a bit simpler. After the grief, they feel better and better, and suddenly realize that their life is not over yet, and there is a chance to find a partner who will join them in life to feel happier. So, this delicate question requires an answer from every widow or widower individually. Of course, everything depends on his or her state of mind and emotional stability.

How do you date a widow?

Being a widow or a widower does not mean that he or she is not a person anymore. We do not see any reason to say that the dating rules for people who have lost their life partners are different. For sure, they are seeking a caring person that will not offend their feelings and will be nice and smooth in communication. So, maybe the only piece of advice we may give here is: do not take a widow or a widower feels like she or he is under pressure. Be attentive and careful, and your potential widowed partner will not be disappointed. Do not judge them for demonstrating emotions and behaving weirdly. Remember that they have survived an enormous loss, and their feelings are normal. They need your compassion, not anger or mocking.

Being a widower at 60. How does it feel?

They say when you are 60 years old, life is just starting! Of course, this is a common phrase that is used for the descriptions of different ages. But it makes sense! Even if you have faced the loss of your wife or husband, please know that time can heal, pain may go away after a certain period, and maybe someday you will be ready for a fresh start. Also, an important thing to know is that you will not be alone. With the list of dating websites, finding someone who will satisfy your needs and goals will be simple. Online dating is a great thing not only for seeking partners and daters but also for discovering new people and meeting friends that will brighten up your everyday life.