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In recent years, online dating became one of the safer ways of searching for sex that is casual. There is no more need to get ready and head to a bar alone or with a group of friends in the hope that the right stranger will come in. No need for awkward conversations and attempts to find out whether the person you have just met is looking for a hookup or something more serious — BeNaughty's creators know how to make the process easier. 

So many people looking for hookups often have to deal with a fear of being rejected by singles who are up for meeting potential matches but are looking for a committed relationship straight away, both in real life and online. All these concerns and awkwardness go away when you become a user of a dating website like BeNaughty. As you can guess by the name, it encourages men and women to open up to their desires and be open about what they want.

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Data Breakdown

User Base

All Singles*

Singles, swingers, and couples join BeNaughty to unleash their wild side and find open-minded romantic partners in their area. The hookup site welcomes people of all orientations and fetishes.

Popularity (Visits/Mo)

13.3 Million*

On average, BeNaughty sees over 13.3 million monthly visitors in search of fun, romantic, and sexy encounters.

Gender Ratio



You may expect BeNaughty would only appeal to horny single men, but, actually there are slightly more women (52%) registered on the site than men (48%).


  • There is a "Promote your account" feature on the site. It means more users will see your account.
  • You have your list of favorites where you can add users you are particularly interested in.
  • If you are concerned with privacy and safety, make sure you are familiar with the safe mode feature. It means that only members who got verified will be able to reach you.
  • Their 'basic safe mode' bans users labeled as suspicious from sending messages to you if you have activated the feature.
  • See the users who are online at the moment and send them messages.
  • Sending messages is free if you are a female user.
  • Send a flirt cast to encourage others to send you messages.
  • Messaging is free if you are a female (this is why there are more women on the website, by the way).


Today's Special Offer:

BeNaughty offers monthly memberships. The prices are as follows:

Join for 6 Months

Join for 3 Months

Join for 1 Months

BeNaughty offers subscription options that many other dating sites use. After your three day trial, they ask you to pay for a subscription of a certain length, such as one month, three months, or six months. Each option has different pricing, and if one month would cost you around $27, the six months option will be significantly cheaper, if you can do your math, with a price of about $73. You can only pay using your credit card — BeNaughty will not accept other types of payment. Remember that most dating websites and BeNaughty is not an exception here, will renew your subscription after the initial period that you have signed up for. If you do not want to extend your 1, 3, or 6-month subscription, you need to stop it yourself.

Ease of Use

BeNaughty, or BeNoughty, is an online dating website that connects members from different places in the world but has been more popular among Americans. BeNaughty advertises itself as a straightforward, entertaining and fun platform for those looking specifically for casual dating. Before you commit to a more extended subscription, you can get a little taste of how things work there out by using their 3-day trial feature. BeNaughty is a very inclusive dating platform and welcomes all orientations and backgrounds. Nobody is judged based on their wishes.

The signing up process is quick, especially if that's not the first dating site you have used. Provide your details, such as gender, age, location, and email address, You can skip filling out the details if you do not feel like it, but it is rarely a good strategy on a dating site. Members of the website can judge your looks by your photo, but they will feel more interested if they get to know something else. It also makes your profile look more personal and less likely to be a bot, which is a common problem for many sites of this kind. Also, your location is needed to look for potential matches. It is difficult to imagine someone flying across the United States for a one night stand. Don't forget about photos — BeNaughty will review your profile photo to filter the fake profiles or the ones with explicit content. BeNaughty tries to make sure that nobody uses fake pictures, such as photos of celebrities, or nudes, on their account. Dating sites constantly battle the issue of fake profiles, and BeNaughty is not an exception. Some users try to trick the dating site by uploading the same picture on a new account after their previous one got blocked, so BeNaughty has to watch out for these.

If you have questions or issues that you can't resolve by yourself, customer services are there 24/7. You can contact them in many different ways, such as through post, email, or the form on the website.

Pros and Cons

Of course, all of the dating sites have their own pros and cons, and SingleParentMeet is not an exception. In this review, we are trying to be honest and tell you everything that might be important while using this site. Here is a list of advantages and disadvantages that you may need to check before signing up and using the service.

Pros of BeNaughty

  • BeNaughty is a place for those who want to date casually and find someone fast.
  • Please provide your location and filter members by it to see who is available in your area.
  • Women can enjoy sending an unlimited number of messages to other users.
  • Take advantage of the safe mode feature to make looking for a casual date a safer experience.
  • BeNaughty has a dating app.
  • It also offers a game where you can very quickly decide which users you would want to chat with.

Cons of BeNaughty

  • You can't access BeNaughty's features in full before the verification of your profile is complete. It's generally quick and painless, though.
  • Members can only have one photo on their profiles if they do not unlock additional features.
  • Men can't send messages after they run out of the few they can send for free.
  • Some users report seeing fake profiles on this site.
  • You will be asked for an upgraded account to see more than just one profile picture of another user.
  • Unfortunately for some couples, you should not create a single profile for the both of you if that's what you're looking into. Always let the other person know what your plans are and who is going to be with you. Dating on the Internet has its etiquette, and it is essential to follow it, as well as guarantee that everyone is safe and no boundaries shatter.

The Bottom Line

The BeNaughty website provides an entertaining and fun experience for those looking for casual dates. After filling out a few details about yourself on the BeNaughty com sign-in page, start a free trial of 3 days, which is a handy option for somebody who is not sure if they are looking for a site that targets mostly people willing to find a hookup or a more romance-oriented dating site. A lot of young people these days look for a site that exists explicitly and does not judge if all you want to do is to be naughty (wink-wink). People look for a safe site with customer service that looks after them, and BeNaughty is a site that offers a judgment-free online dating experience. Our BeNaughty review comes to the conclusion that the site is making an effort to fight fake profiles and making casual dating and hookups acceptable entertainment among young people. Do not hesitate to sign up on the site or its app (check out the "Benaughty dating app," all rights reserved).

Something we have not yet mentioned in our review, but it worth knowing — websites like BeNaughty often have many users who will only exchange messages and photos but will not meet in real life. It happens all the time in the world of dating on the Internet, so do not let it discourage you. Just don't put all your eggs in one basket — be active and message multiple users! You are not looking for the one, after all, you are here for something quick and straightforward, right?


Is BeNaughty Legit?

A lot of people have been asking 'is BeNaughty legit?' online, and it seems to us that the site provides what people come there for. If you are only looking for fun and entertainment, then BeNaughty is your choice. Online dating caters to different people, and this site is particular about who its target audience is. If you are young and looking for a bit of fun, then it is the right place to get a little naughty.

What is BeNaughty?

BeNaughty is a website that caters to people in search of casual dating experience. On the BeNaughty website, you can enjoy a trial period to interact with the users whose profiles are particularly attractive to you. A lot of singles have found matches for casual sex on the BeNaughty site. The profiles get verified, and special features like the safe mode make your online dating experience safer. Throughout many years of its existence, BeNaughty has been a place for men and women who are looking for a quick hookup, as opposed to the typical on many dating websites routine of 'courting' your future partner. If you are not into the idea of having to go on multiple dates before finding out whether you both are compatible romantically and prefer going straight to the bedroom — BeNauhgty can help you with that.

Is BeNaughty free?

As we mentioned earlier in our review, BeNaughty has a trial period that gives you access to most features of the site right after you sign up. The trial period lasts for 3 days, and, in our opinion, this is more than enough to have a taste of what the experience there would be like. You can see profiles of other members and make your first hookup happen within the first couple of days after you sign up to the site, even before your trial period runs out!

Remember that after trying out the site, if you decide to use their subscription, you will be charged for a period of one, three, or six months at once. It is a common way of charging users of dating websites, and BeNaughty is not an exception.

Is BeNaughty safe?

BeNaughty is a generally safe dating site that offers you some additional safety-related features, such as safe mode. We suggest that you read their privacy agreement carefully. You will see that the site can access your personal information (the one you have stated on your profile) and use it without notifying you on other websites that the network has. That means that you may get more online interest, as more users see it, not just those who sign up to BeNaughty, but also that you will not know where your details are. On the other hand, they will not be able to share any particularly sensitive information, so you may decide that the increase in attention to your online profile is worth providing your details to the site.

Who are Users of BeNaughty?

BeNaughty has around 500,000 users, mostly in the United States. Although 500,000 may not be that many, thousands of them are online each week, meaning that you have a pool of considerable size to choose a casual date from. There are a little bit more females than males, and this makes it attractive for male users. Females also seem to be especially active on BeNaughty, probably because they can message without any charges, unlike males. If you are looking for a fun and entertaining one night stand with a lady, this could be the place for you. If you are a woman, it could be a bit more tricky, though, but don't get frustrated early on. In general, the website's users are very active, and all are looking for fun, the same as you.

How to Cancel BeNaughty

The cancellation process is nothing new and similar to what you have to do on most websites. Go to the "Settings" of your account, and you can get to the removal option. Read everything on the site pages very carefully and tick the correct options. BeNaughty is a kind of dating site that makes you use a cancellation code to delete your account. The code can only work out once, and you have to do it within 24 hours, so be quick if you go through the cancellation process.

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