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You’re looking at a comprehensive review of OurTime online dating website for seniors in the USA. When it comes to senior dating services, OurTime maintains high performance and a great quality level. In this review, we attempt to cover the most basic and important issues the site offers. What makes the OurTime dating site different from other similar resources? If you are a single person at the age of 50+, this dating website invites you to find the one for a longstanding relationship, amity, marriage, or simply dates.

Easy to use online tools will help you instantly review profiles and start conversations after creating an account on the site. The company's advanced search will deliver messages to potential matches within seconds. To make things easier and the process of communication even more positive, the site launched a mobile app. The online dating process has never been more joyful.

Every month about 9 million guests visit The review shows how intuitive and effective this online dating service is. Sites like OurTime cater to single mature people and help them find new goals and build new successful relations.

Data Breakdown

User Base

Mature Singles (50+)*

Singles who are 50 or older make up most of OurTime's audience, and a majority want a serious relationship, companionship, or marriage.

Popularity (Visits/Mo)

8.9 Million*

Nearly 9 million people visit OurTime every month, which means it's a really popular dating site for seniors.

Gender Ratio



Single women have a little bit of an edge on OurTime, which has a gender ratio of 52% to 48%. But the difference is so slight, that neither gender has much difficulty finding a date.


Being a top dating site OurTime creates a spark of inspiration for you. Let's review the most efficient options OurTime provides.

  • Create a profile effortlessly: describe your interests and hobbies, preferences, and aims, flirt, send and receive messages to develop new relations. OurTime has one of the most informative profile sections. The sign up is free. One doesn't need to spend money at one stroke and use a credit card.
  • Upload media files (photo and video) to transform your account into a showstopper.
  • Fill out the profile instantly or skip for now and come back later - the site makes it possible.
  • Create references to meet your potential matches, and OurTime will show you new profiles daily based on these specific standards.
  • Upgrade your profile to premium and get access to competent dating tips and articles.
  • Chat with the OurTime site members - send and receive instant messages online.
  • To get access to a private phone number, direct calls, and messages, you need to create a premium account.


Today's Special Offer:

OurTime offers monthly memberships. The prices are as follows:

Join for 6 Months

Join for 3 Months

Join for 1 Months

After creating profiles, new members are free to choose between a no-cost subscription and a paid one. A reasonable profile upgrade is available at any moment. Numerous stories of success, happy marriages, and great friendship prove that OurTime remains on target either way.

The platform offers a free subscription and a premium one. You can join the OurTime dating site without spending credit card savings or upgrade your account to take advantage of all options and benefits:

  • one-month paid membership - $23.99/ per month
  • 3-month paid membership - $17.99/ per month
  • 6-month paid membership - $11.99/ per month.

The OurTime dating site recommends choosing the 6 months premium subscription to save on prices. A paid OurTime subscription costs between $1.50 and $3.00 per week, which seems to make the pricing decent and reasonable for senior daters.

Ease of Use

The OurTime online dating site makes it intuitive and joyful for new members. Clear sections and drop-downs navigate you through the registration process. It's's easy to create and edit the profile, upload media, browse for, check inbox, and adjust filters. Advanced information on your gender, preferences, education, interests, and goals helps to find the best matches. The more informative the profile is, the better chances you have.

You won't spend much time to create a profile on the OurTime site. You can be eloquent or timid, but make sure to write a story that truly describes you as a person. Pay attention to your profile. Detailed information gains better search results as a reward.

This dating site presented the 'Message Ideas' option. It helps timid users to get into a conversation. Many online daters add some start-up questions to involve the other party. The questions may reveal preferences in literature, music, art, sports, or hobbies.

The ''Available to chat'' slider indicates your online status and invites website visitors who have similar interests to chat one on one. The OurTime website algorithm analyses browsing history to find new matches based on these recommendations. Make sure that you upload a relevant photo. Profiles with nice clear pics get more attention and better matching results.

OurTime creates space for single people at the age of 50 and over 50 daters. Nevertheless, the service doesn't reject younger users if they seek relations with mature people. As a top site in the niche, OurTime builds up a friendly environment for people with common interests and goals and excludes fake profiles.

Daily matches appear in the 'Matches' panel. Choose ''yes'' or ''no'' to start a virtual flirt. If you don't feel confident to lead, just use the 'Match Me' option. Your OurTime profile will appear in the crush's daily matches. If you wish to take things to the next level and go offline, feel free to study the OurTime' ' live Events' section. The service introduces a wide variety of dating ideas and the best places in the city where to spend time together.

OurTime takes care of the site members, protects their personal information, and blocks suspicious users. Scammers won't get a chance to cheat on sensitive single people. To verify a profile, the service experts review personal data and photos (the platform cancels nude or fake pictures). The site's algorithm requests a zip code, a valid email address, and some other super-efficient information. You don't need to provide salary details or reveal all secrets. OurTime clients can participate in preventing cyber-bullying and fraud on the site. Declare a peril profile and OurTime will block the user or delete shady accounts. Lots of review articles claim that safety is one of the most efficient features of OurTime.

The 'ConnectMe' option builds a reliable safety field. Single people over 50 have an opportunity to communicate via phone without sharing a real phone number. This facility builds confidence among users and blocks fake profiles on the site. Feel free and safe to make calls, send voice messages and texts. Only a premium profile can send messages. One can get on without a paid subscription, but money brings responsibility and creates another level of privacy and protection.

In this OurTime review, we talk about reasonable costs. The dating site is free to get started. Our Time visitors get an opportunity to keep their profile free of charge forever. However, many options remain inaccessible, which affects search results. Free online daters can only browse and enjoy the 'Reply for Free' option. Positive reviews from senior dating users, perfect daily matches, free accounts help OurTime to win over many other online sites.

The site recommends trying 1, 3, or 6 months privilege membership all the same. A paid subscription unlocks a variety of actions for online dating people. OurTime premium members can text, call, send virtual gifts to boost their profile authority, and get daily matches based on their preferences and tagged interests. 1-month, 3-month, or even 6-month premium can fasten the searching results.

OurTime launched a mobile app for people at the age of 50 and over. You don't need any credit card information or paid subscription to get started and create a profile. Make sure to download OurTime on Google Play or the App Store to enjoy the same functions. If you're looking for an easement, a mobile app is a real find. Our login data remain safe. You don't need to enter your email address or password again and again. Online dating people control the Our Time app via their smartphones. All rights reserved, and the bundle of options is fully introduced in the mobile app. Go straight to look for new people, media data, and good vibes. You need to get a premium profile to enjoy the full bundle of features. You are welcome to adjust your account, send and receive messages, virtual gifts, and likes.

Use the ''Invisible'' button to hide your profile in case you meet the one. Develop your virtual flirting into something big and beautiful. OurTime users won't see your account and private information. The 'Invisible' option keeps your profile on the way. You will be able to resume the thread if needed.

A strong and loyal customer service team is a real find. OurTime dating experts are always ready to help their clients with good advice. It's easier than ever in our time. Once you register and create an account, scroll down to the FAQs page if you have any issues. Most problems are covered in these tiny review articles. Still, have an unsolved situation? Go deeper: scroll down the section to use the 'Contact Us' option. OurTime Customer service is straightly connected to People Media, the general resource to coordinate many dating sites for senior singles.

OurTime customer service is available Monday through Friday (9 am-5 pm). Visit the site's FAQs page to find questions and answers that bother you. Profile holders who feel that live customer service is a better way of commitment are welcome to use the OurTime line (866)-727-8920.

Pros and Cons

Of course, all of the dating sites have their own pros and cons, and SingleParentMeet is not an exception. In this review, we are trying to be honest and tell you everything that might be important while using this site. Here is a list of advantages and disadvantages that you may need to check before signing up and using the service.

Pros of OurTime

  • Free membership provides the essential features: once new members register on OurTime. com login page and create an OurTime profile, they can browse for matches, chat, and flirt.
  • The friendly OurTime interface fastens the process of finding matches and makes online senior dating service facile. The profiles are valid and authentic.
  • An average user of OurTime site is over 50. The platform is a top dating site to represent this age range.
  • You can upgrade at an affordable price. Profile holders can choose a one-month subscription or get 3 months and 6 months paid premium membership.
  • The professional support team keeps an eye on the safety of this senior dating service: moderators review, block or delete untrustworthy accounts, scammers, and fake profiles.
  • Positive response and success stories demonstrate that the site and mobile app are reliable and on target.

Cons of OurTime

  • The site offers two types of subscription - a premium and a free one. A complete bundle of features is only available for paid OurTime memberships.
  • Free Our time membership doesn't include unlimited messages.
  • Sugar dating and cougar dating is not the strong point of the dating site.
  • Customer support doesn't operate on the weekends.

The Bottom Line

Many OurTime review articles fail to cover the features and offers of this number one dating site for single mature people. We humbly believe that we've managed to present the OurTime dating site and service clearly and decently.

An intuitive and friendly layout ensures a joyful time. If you are looking for the one and only person, this dating site for over 50 has a great number of features to offer. Thousands upon thousands of romantic relationships spring up through OurTime honorable mediation.

Safe and easy to use OurTime is available to solve any problems. A caring and professional customer service is always in touch. Feel free to ask for help anytime you need it. The OurTime devoted team validates account information and keeps things tidy on the site.

Create an appealing profile, and start afresh with one the best among sites for mature daters. OurTime invites single senior people to increase the chances of building true and life-long relations based on mutual interests and lifestyle. This review proves that the Our Time dating platform gives a new meaning to your life and builds confidence in your online experience.


Is OurTime a Good Dating Site?

Review experts rank OurTime among the best senior online dating sites. This platform represents the largest community among senior people. The age range is between 50 and 70. The reviews show a high level of success, reliability and safety, easy to use instructions, and authentic profiles. Compared to other sites, Our Time cares for customers. The service treats as high priority personal information and account details. Pricing per month is affordable and decent, and Our Time customer service is executed excellently.

What is the Best Dating Site for Over 50?

OurTime is the top choice among sites for over 50. Review the OurTime online dating service, and you'll find numerous benefits, proofs, and outstandingly positive feedback from senior people. The site also proves to possess effective online dating features that are helpful for mature people to create a spectacular profile. Once you get a free account, a 1-month subscription, or 6 months privilege membership, you begin a new story full of love and joy.

Which Site is Better: eHarmony or OurTime?

There is such a great variety of features and options that we take into consideration while making a dating site review. The OurTime site and eHarmony site are ranked among the best dating resources for senior people. Both sites prove to be reliable and effective platforms. eHarmony however, is more expensive than most dating sites. The age range of users is similar.

Which Site is Better: OurTime or Silver Singles?

There's a reason that both OurTime and Silver Singles are listed among the best dating sites for senior people. A broad-based review proves that the OurTime platform is popular among single people who dream of meeting men and women in their 50s and 60, while an average Silver Singles profile is over 60.

Overall Rating: