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Even though we all live in society and are surrounded by a large number of people, each of us knows what it is like to be alone. Therefore, elite singles register and look for matches on particular sites where they meet other elite singles, plus where, very often, they find their love. This site made for elite singles is no exception. The upcoming Elite Singles review will not leave misunderstandings about the quality of this particular platform. 

This one is for those elite singles who are tired of searching for a soulmate among frivolous people or looking through matches that do not lead to any serious result.

The Elite Singles site is one of the most popular of its kind dating website for elite singles, which is primarily for elite singles with college degrees who want to have a long-lasting relationship. This app assures that every elite has its best online dating experience, which is pleasant and safe, without fake accounts or so. The Secure Fraud Detection System is devoted to supporting elite singles to find their matches who may complement them in every aspect of life. And the capacity to see your own personality traits is a highlight of this dating site for every elite singles.

The stable work over the years, confirmed by the regular increase in registered elite singles, testifies to the advantages and growing popularity of the Elite Singles site.

Data Breakdown

User Base

All Singles*

EliteSingles caters to straight, gay, and lesbian daters who are looking for a serious commitment in their lives.

Popularity (Visits/Mo)

2 Million*

Over 2 million people visit EliteSingles each month, with more than 165,000 new members signing up every month. The site has a very targeted user base of well-educated and ambitious professionals.

Gender Ratio



On EliteSingles, you'll find slightly more women than men using the site to meet people, but the overall gender ratio is relatively equal.


Matching Features

  • Everyday Matches Notification: Answering special Personality Questionnaire, be prepared to get daily matches that address your preferences and hobbies, location, and maybe even a daily routine. Those questions are important since it depends on them which person you will meet in matches so that in this way you find yourself a couple that will perfectly complement you.
  • Search: There are plenty of personality traits you are able to look through while looking for that one profile on EliteSingles. Whether you care for the elite member's usual features or something usually not talked about (education, income, is a person "childfree" and more).
  • "Have You Met" Function: Sometimes, it is hard surfing dating sites on your own, so Singles Elite shows you profile photos that you probably have not seen. If you got interested, you could easily check their personality profile by clicking on the photo.
  • Wildcard Matches: Right after you decided to change your profile to Premium on this site for elite singles, you will get about 20 more matches per day for free. It lets you look two times more elite singles' profiles every day, so you can find an exciting profile more quickly. Moreover, it adds the ability to see non-blurry member photos as well.

Other features

  • Connection: Reach out to an elite single you have matched with by sending them leading questions or by "Smile" or "Wave" at them. There is nothing complicated to write in someone's profile or start the dialogue, especially when you do it on the safe elite site.  Personality analysis helps a lot; that is why it is necessary to fulfill a questionnaire on the site for elite singles comprehensively.
  • Tracking Capacities: Another one EliteSingles characteristic is that you can see the personality profile visited yours and/or have read your messages. It is beneficial when you do not know if a person is attentive or not.  Many dating apps do not have this function, which is very annoying.
  • "Favorite" elite Singles: There is also an ability to rate your favorite Elite singles so that they are always in sight. The "Favorite" section is required to attract the attention of another user to make it easier to find on the general list.
  • Privacy and Safety Part: The EliteSingles app is very concerned about personal profile security. Therefore it has some hard-to-hack login methods:
  • ID Authentication. This feature serves to protect your network data securely. ID Authentication functions with using not only the traditional "login-password" link but also an additional level of protection - the possession of which must have the confirmation to gain access to a profile or other data. Four things that can act as the second part of your login:
  1. SMS codes;
  2. Authenticator apps;
  3. Login verification using other mobile apps;
  4. Backup keys.
  • Manual Profile Verification is for info double-checking purposes.
  • SSL Encryption. SSL certificates create an encrypted connection and establish trust.
  • Fraud Detection System. A set of activities launched to prevent your profile from being obtained through pretenses.

• Spam Insurance: Many online dating sites are full of numerous spam messages from elite singles, who do not look for the same you do, and this isn't very reassuring. Therefore, do not be afraid to meet inactive elite singles or single who are not there for a real relationship. Such type of profile is regularly removed from the dating site so that there is no misunderstanding on both sides. Eventually, it may cause problems for the EliteSingles network and IP reputation, and that is why this dating site is always offering you a premium dating service.

• Effective Blog: Also, the blog, accessible to everyone, contains useful tips on relationships and dating, which are made by experienced psychologists and trained experts in the field, especially for the single elite. Plus, you can always ask a question to the elite singles' site's support service.


Today's Special Offer:

EliteSingles  offers monthly memberships. The prices are as follows:

Join for 12 Months

Join for 6 Months

Join for 3 Months proposes monthly memberships, which makes the elite singles' site more convenient to use because you don't have to think about paying for your profile continually.

  • Join for 12 months: $31.95 per month;
  • Join for six months: $44.95 per month;
  • Join for three months: $57.95 per month.

Ease of Use

EliteSingles is very professional and has a high success rate, considering this one serves for the same professionals, so it makes the site elite. Everything is convenient: simple profile registration, comfortable and eye-pleasing interface, accurate matching system, and what is also outstanding - a dedicated team that is always ready to help. You can easily find this online dating app both on App Store and Google Play, among other dating apps, which is excellent, because you can get personality analysis, look through personality profile, see matches and chat with EliteSingles from wherever you are.

Online registration, however, is very fast, but it requires filling out the necessary information and passing a time-consuming psychological personality test. Test questions in general relate to both personal and professional qualities, appearance, and self-esteem. After the questions about the newcomer, pop up the query about the intended partner. How accurate do you want your matches appear to be? The more honest and complete your answers are, the more individual selection you get. Otherwise, you can use your intuition and watch through all the elite singles without answering some questions. After this interesting test, registration is complete. Thanks to simple tools, you can continue to do whatever you want, whether you wish to search for a pair yourself or you want to play a Have You Met game - all of this will be available on the mainboard after registration. By the way, this game is interesting due to its process. It shows twenty EliteSingles one at a time, so you can see elite singles' member photos, view profile, message them, send an emoji, or pass.

You do not have to search for the elite singles for a long time, because owing to a clear interface and signed icons. The dating service helps you navigate quickly and without any problems on the way. The most difficult part is over for you after registration. The site for elite singles determines the elite singles by place and offers options that are more suitable for you. There is also a map on the site where you can see the matches and view every one profile available in your city.

There are many tips and advice throughout the whole process of searching the right partner that helps elite singles to boost their visibility and raise the number of matches in the inbox. For instance, EliteSingles professionals say that you should write everything possible on description because elite singles want to know more about future matches and see if you get any sameness or not. Besides the online matching system, the dating site for elite singles gives Premium elite singles a special offer that allows them to meet a tete-a-tete with many other single specialists.

Pros and Cons

Pros of EliteSingles

  • You can start looking for elite singles for free and then choose an affordable elite singles' membership option.
  • The matches are accurate as long as you correctly fulfill the personality test.
  • Progressive privacy and safety mechanism.
  • Support team available 24/7 (contact form, phone, or mail).
  • If you have a little free time, the app will suggest your date on the go.
  • Professionals give daily helpful dating advice and personality traits.
  • There are over two thousand new couples every month.

Cons of EliteSingles 

  • This online dating platform is not suitable for frivolous intentions.
  • Personality Test takes time and can be longer than expected.
  • The boundless connection is only for Premium elite singles.

The Bottom Line wins, among other online dating sites and apps, mainly because it aims at an adult and serious audience, whose main goal, aside from online dating, is a strong and long-lasting relationship and a wedding in the end. Elite singles find one other all over the world. It is also good that intercultural communication is developing. Interestingly, even if elite singles speak different languages, they can still find love.

While studying the top dating sites, elite singles get hung up on the number of profiles. And there is no need to worry, as visits to this site are 2 million each month.

Choose matches based on age, geography, and psychological factors. We highly recommend to behave honestly - do not register if you are married, and also do not subscribe to other elite singles' names. What also deserves attention - create only one profile since all of these little things affect the functionality of the online dating system and not only it but it also applies to other singles and their profiles. Frankness is the key to the correct search for a soul mate. Your future destiny and relationship depend on it.

Due to these parameters, as well as high technology, elite singles with education can find a match for themselves very quickly and easily.

The site offers support in any emergency, where certified specialists with many years of experience work. They answer any dating or relationship questions and provide valuable advice and help with anything you need to know. Like this, any site employee is interested in making you feel comfortable.

Chief executive officers Jeronimo Federico Folgueira Sanchez and Michael Schrezenmaier, as well as David Khalil, Founder of Affinitas (the parent company of EliteSingles site) - all say that this dating site is precisely what elite singles needed: the quintessential matchmaking service and accurate matches.

To see if this platform is right for you, you can start for free and look for a partner around the world, because the site is available in more than 25 countries so that you can find your love both in the neighborhood and on the other side of the globe.


Which is better, EliteSingles or Match?

In terms of the relationship, you need both platforms are good. But when you register yourself on Match, it takes you way less time. But on the other hand, EliteSingles has a proper Personality Test, which allows you to know more about other elite singles there.

What age Group is EliteSingles for? is mainly for educated elite singles over the age of 30, which makes up 90% of users. Elite singles belonging to the other 10% can find partners, friends, and pen pals too.

Is EliteSingles Good for People Over 50?

As written above in the review, most singles are elite singles over 30 years old. Therefore, those who are 50+ also have the opportunity to get to know each other.

How Much is EliteSingles the US?

At the current rate, the pricing on the site is $39.95 per month for a six-month membership ($239.70 in total). And $52.95 per month for a 3-month membership, which makes it $158.85 in total. The prices are quite reasonable for the dating site of this level.

Overall Rating: