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In this Blackpeoplemeet review, we are going to look at some basic and paid features of the site for online dating, developed for Black people. We will delve into the pros and cons of the site, discuss what advantages paid members have over free members. We will talk about how to meet black people using the site safely, how to subscribe for 6 months or get a 3-month subscription.

 Also, in the review, we will find out the most common payment options regarding one-time and long term use. Overall, we will tell you about the site which most African American singles know and use to find someone special using the search results and other features on the site. Read the review on, and you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. By the end of the review, you will know one more place on the net where black people meet. Dating sites often lump together people coming from very different backgrounds in the hope that they will find 'the one' in the never-ending pool of people who don't seem to have much in common. BlackPeopleMeet adopts a less usual approach and facilitates dating between men and women who are looking for someone from the same racial background. Statistics show that Americans often marry within their race, and African Americans, being a large minority population in the US (at around 40 million, the second-largest after Hispanic Americans, who have just surpassed 60 million), would benefit from dating sites that allow looking for someone inside their community. Black married people in America even celebrate Black Marriage Day, an acknowledgment of the benefits of successful marriages between black people bring to the black community. So, where are the Black meeting people online?

Data Breakdown

User Base

Black Singles*

BlackPeopleMeet is the largest dating network for black and biracial singles in the US. It includes a diverse blend of races and ethnic groups.

Popularity (Visits/Mo)

5.7 Million*

As one of the most popular niche dating sites around, BlackPeopleMeet sees over 5.7 unique visits each month and has over 5 million members in its network.

Gender Ratio



The BlackPeopleMeet user base is slightly more female than male, but the gender split is relatively even overall.


Matchmaking features

  • You can browse through the millions of members' profiles and filter them by different parameters. Find African American singles, look through their profiles, learn personal information of the members easily even if you are a first-time user.
  • You can focus on a specific region, ethnicity, religion, or age range in your search for the right profile.
  • Once you have got an account on the site, send flirts without charge. You can meet the Black people community members offline then.
  • Send messages and use the live chat to communicate with potential matches and meet black people from your region with the help of this online dating site.
  • Use same-sex matching to search for members with the same gender as yours.
  • Make use of additional options, such as sending virtual gifts by purchasing tokens.
  • Increase your chances of being noticed by using the PromoteMe feature.
  • Set up personal photo albums and share your interests on your profile page. It makes profiles more noticeable.
  • Monitor daily matches and increase the chances to meet 'blackpeople'.

Other features

  • Use the pre-written greetings to facilitate the conversations.
  • Get notified when somebody you are interested in logs in.
  • You can upgrade your account and use premium features, such as seeing whether they have read your message.
  • Download the BlackPeopleMeet app in the Apple Store or Google Play.


Today's Special Offer:

BlackPeopleMeet offers monthly memberships. The prices are as follows:

Join for 6 Months

Join for 3 Months

Join for 1 Month

The dating site provides paid membership options with a fixed length of at least one month. Different fixed periods of subscription are available: you can either pay $11.95/mo for 6 months, or $13.95/mo for 3 months, or $16.75/mo for just 1 month.

Ease of Use

This part of the review will update you on the simplicity of using the site. Signing up to BlackPeopleMeet is a trouble-free process. All you need to do it to choose a username, provide your email address, your birth date, and ZIP code. The fact that the requested information is limited to these only is especially attractive for people who value their privacy. After signing up, new users can go straight to looking for potential matches or proceed to fill in their profile details to take full advantage of what the service has to offer. We advise you to upload at least one picture of yourself straight after you sign up for the BlackPeopleMeet site. Otherwise, your chances of finding someone to match with may decrease. Members with uploaded profile pictures receive significantly more online attention — some websites say it's ten times more! — then people without a profile photo, so there is an obvious benefit to spending several seconds on browsing through the profile pictures on your computer or your phone. Having a profile picture from the start can also distinguish you from fake profiles. It may help you to meet someone quicker, and you will be able to arrange your first coffee date on your first day on the website. So, enter your zip code and other information to register on the site, become a member of the 'black people meet' online community, and enjoy meeting black singles and other black people. Chose between a free account and a paid one, monitor daily matches, and meet the singles in real life. Many black people meet on the site.

When you have found a suitable profile picture, you can move onto answering the questions about yourself that the dating website has already generated for you. The website does not require you to fill out this section at all, though if you wish to leave it blank, and you do not have to use the ready-made questions that BlackPeopleMeet came up with. Feel free to make this section your own. Remember that most people on dating sites usually want to see what you are looking for early on. The BlackPeopleMeet website allows you to share your interests to make sure the right person has a chance to see your personality through the information provided on your profile, so use this feature wisely.

After you have gone through the setup stages and ready to communicate with potential matches, you may want to set up one of the features that BlackPeopleMeet offers — their pre-scripted greetings. The BlackPeopleMeet dating site offers you a variety of ready-made greetings to choose from. Choose a greeting that you think reflects your personality more accurately, and your potential matches will be able to initiate a conversation without having to come up with a question themselves. You can update your greeting text if you wish when you are in a different mood. Having a greeting is a great ice-breaker and makes it much easier to get the chat started, so do not ignore this option.

To start sending messages on the BlackPeopleMeet website, you have to sign up to the website and become a member by subscribing to the paid membership. Only people with active accounts and paid memberships (ranging from a 1-month membership to a 6-month membership) can send messages. You also cannot read messages that other members have sent you if you have not paid. Being a subscribed member unlocks other features too, such as being able to see the likes and flirts coming your way, or spending tokens on sending virtual gifts to other people. In general, BlackPeopleMeet provides a lot of features that are fun and entertaining to use, but a lot of them come with the paid subscription, and some with a premium upgrade.

One of the main priorities of BlackPeopleMeet is to provide a secure online experience for like-minded black men and women. The service discourages you from sharing your personal information (email address or a phone number )with the people you met recently on the website. In case of an emergency, the site will direct you to suitable services or helplines.

You will see from the search results that many members don't use their real names and go under a username instead. Pay attention to potential red flags and be safe.

The registration process is free and extremely straightforward and should not take more than a couple of minutes. The concept and the setup of the site have secured a high success rate of establishing new black and biracial couples and friendships. If you are a black person looking for love or communication with like-minded people, this site can be a perfect fit for what you are looking for. To find out more, read the following BlackPeopleMeet review of the features that the BlackPeopleMeet site offers. We hope your questions will find answers, and our review will help you choose if BlackPeopleMeet is the right black dating site for you. 'Meetblackpeople' is the overall motto of the review. Decide and join the BlackPeopleMeet community.

Remember, to remain safe on the site, do not expose your phone number. Safety first!

Pros and Cons

This part of the BlackPeopleMeet review is about the advantages and disadvantages that members of the site report.

Pros of BlackPeopleMeet

  • BlackPeopleMeet is the largest out of dating sites for black persons in the US.
  • Although the target population is black, people of different ethnic backgrounds, ages, and orientations are welcome.
  • A lot of search filters and detailed profiles make looking for a match easier.
  • You can take advantage of additional features the website offers, such as using one of their pre-scripted greetings.
  • It is a safe space for online dating with black singles. The site provides tips on how to stay safe and links to services with hotlines.
  • You can specify your search metrics to find black singles in particular.
  • Credit card payment is available.
  • Creating an account is straightforward. The owner of a free account has some basic features, while a paid account can broaden your options. Whatever account you choose, you have a chance to meet the right person.

Cons of BlackPeopleMeet

  • The available matching features can be too much for someone who is not that familiar with online dating sites.
  • The dating service provides subscriptions for several months at once (1, 3, or 6), and you should pay the whole sum at once.
  • Without a paid membership, you can't interact with others. For example, you can't send messages without paying first.
  • The majority of the users of the site seems to be in the 30s to 50s age bracket, so you may not find a match that easily is you are looking for a 20-year-old.
  • Is it also not one of the hookup sites, nor does it cater to married people, so you may want to look for a different site if that is what you are seeking?
  • It is easy to get a profile on the site. Upgrade the profile to gain more matches with the members.

American black people meet on many websites, but this one is among the top-rated. Create your profile and set the profile picture. It will make your profile more attractive and visible. You can delete the account anytime in the setting section f your profile.

The Bottom Line

To conclude the BlackPeopleMeet review, let's look again at the basics. Dating sites for members of specific ethnicities are rare. Since it started its work in 2002, BlackPeopleMeet has achieved impressive results in bringing African-Americans together and establishing relationships in the black community. Now it has over a million members who enjoy socializing with members of their community. Anyone with a black or biracial heritage can join and enjoy the variety of features that the dating site offers for Black people who are looking for a match. Every day millions of African-Americans interact on the dating site, and it has made online dating for specific ethnic groups much more comfortable. The painless signing up procedure and the quick options for setting up a profile allow people to send messages to the engaging members appearing in the search results as quickly as possible. Black people meet on the website and report about their positive experiences.

The BlackpeopleMeet dating site is the perfect place for different people who appreciate the black culture and black people, in general, to meet, socialize, and date with a sense of safety. Although the majority of its users are black, there is a proportion of the users who are not black but are interested in finding a black partner. It expands the possibilities for black people who can filter the possible matches by their race if they wish so.

The paid subscriptions allow the users to interact with each other by sending messages while signing up for free will enable you to look around before deciding on paying. You make the payment in one-time lump payments. We have described the payment options earlier in the review.

The BlackPeopleMeet site offers a variety of ways to interact once you have paid for your subscription. You can send messages and ask questions straight away, or send "flirts" and "like" photos if you want to express your interest in a less straightforward way. In this sense, the dating site caters to users with different approaches to flirting and online dating.

BlackPeopleMeet is on the list of dating sites that target black men and women specifically, and other people who want to find a black date, partner, or friend. Considering the fight black people continue for the respect of their rights reserved by the law, it is crucial to also focus on other aspects of the life of a black person in America, and creating safe online dating spaces is one of them. Since the site started its work in 2002, it has become one of the leading online networks for single African Americans to date inside their community or finds a partner who is not necessarily black but appreciates and values the black culture. Currently, BlackPeopleMeet has the highest number of black and biracial members out of all websites with a similar agenda. The website's users come from different ends of the United States. The site has a regionally and ethnically diverse user base — hundreds and hundreds of people from different backgrounds join the site every day. Having over a million members of different ages, ethnic groups, and regions, and with millions of unique visitors a month, it offers almost unlimited choices when it comes to finding a match, as anyone can sign up for it for free.


Is BlackPeopleMeet Free?

Signing up is free, as well as setting up the profile on this dating service. BlackPeopleMeet offers some features for free, but if you want to send messages to someone on the website, you will have to pay for a subscription. You can choose a subscription plan that works for you. Paid members, of course, have more upgraded profiles and vaster options. You can pay by credit card, for one.

Do you Have to Pay for BlackPeopleMeet?

If you are a first-time user and have not decided on the site to meet black singles without any processing fee, create a free profile on the site. If you want to use the features available only to the paid membership of the BlackPeopleMeet dating site, then yes, you will be asked to pay for the subscription. Setting up your profile is free, but to start interacting with other users in a comfortable, fun, and interactive way, you will need to pay. To learn the info beyond this review, address their customer service. The customer support on the site is just incredible.

Does BlackPeopleMeet Use Bots?

There could be some fake profiles created on the site, as BlackPeopleMeet does not use identity verification, but you can always report someone who you find suspicious. However, overall, the black women and men who have profiles on the site are real. Send virtual gifts to see their reaction. If something seems to be wrong, contact their customer service. Create an account, tweak your profile, look at other members' profiles, and find the right companion.

How does BlackPeopleMeet Work?

BlackPeopleMeet is a generally user-friendly dating site for African Americans from all over the country. They have an extensive database of members, and you can start browsing it as soon as you sign up. Setting up a profile on theBlackPeopleMeet site is easy and quick, so you can start your online dating journey straight away after you have registered. Go to this website where black people meet, create your account, boost your profile with paid options on the site, tweak your account settings to make it more visible.

Is BlackPeopleMeet Worth the Money?

BlackPeopleMeet is an obvious choice for single African Americans from the United States who wish to change their relationship status and want to use a dating site for it, or for someone who is searching for a black partner online. It stands out from the list of other available dating websites because it makes it easier for black people to find romance with a person from a similar background, which a lot of people would appreciate. Meet different black women, men, black singles with the features of the site. People meet each other online, and then, maybe, their relationship might grow into something more significant. The site is safe, and you can keep your phone number and another info secret.

We hope that the review will be helpful and simplify your search for the right members' profiles on the site. Start by creating your profile, specify the account settings, monitor matches, and have fun on the site with the chance to meet your love.

How to Use Additional Features on BlackPeopleMeet?

Additional features, such as promoting yourself, can be used by spending tokens or upgrading to a premium account. Tokens are sold in packages and can be useful for increasing the number of potential matches.

Let's conclude the information in the review. Create an account by putting in essential info, like a zip code, for example, find the right profile among the numerous profiles on the site, specify the category, monitor matches, get to know the members better, find singles, upgrade your profile to achieve more, and enjoy browsing the site. If you are black, meet people safely and enjoyably. Use the BlackPeopleMeet review to learn more. If you still have some questions, go to the customer service.

How do I Cancel My Subscription on BlackPeopleMeet?

You can do it easily in the settings section in your profile. Should you face some difficulty, contact their customer service. If you have any questions that you cannot resolve through reading the FAQ section of the BlackPeopleMeet website, you can contact their customer services.

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