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If you are looking for Jewish singles, you have found the right place. Jdate welcomes you with an enormous base of Jewish community members. This Jewish dating site launched in 1997. Now Jdate is a part of Spark Networks that unites a lot of dating sites together. Here one will easily meet someone and find a perfect partner among the Jewish singles. Jdate is quite a niche dating site. After it has started to unite Jewish people, every month, it has been becoming more and more popular, thanks to the positive review and the Jdate users' rumors.

Though Jdate positions itself as a dating site for Jewish singles, not everyone here is Jewish, but singles come to this dating site to find a decent Jewish man or woman. Jdate will help in any case: whether you are willing to find a long term reliable partner, or a bunch of new friends, or a romantic adventure.

Among the members of Jdate, one will mostly see Jewish singles. Jdate has a significant number of visitors per month, which is two million. A lot of them – almost eight hundred thousand – are from the United States. Speaking of gender balance, a bit less male members here (46 percent), and 54 percent of female users.

Data Breakdown

User Base

Jewish Singles*

JDate has an active and loyal following among Jewish singles, particularly in the US where it has over 750,000 registered members.

Popularity (Visits/Mo)

2 Million*

JDate sees over 2 million monthly views and is hands down the most popular dating site and app for Jewish singles around the world.

Gender Ratio



Women have a slight edge over men on JDate, which has a gender ratio of 54% female and 46% male.


In this Jdate review, we will speak about some features, advantages, and disadvantages of Jdate, one of the most famous dating sites among Jewish singles and Jewish community members.

Match System of Jdate

  • Members can browse every profile and photos without any limits.
  • Jdate will create an impressive list for you, which will consist of new members, a profile that has an excellent match possibility, as well as members that are online and close to you location-wise.
  • The website will check your match preferences and give you some recommendations. In the special section of Matches on the site, you may see some profiles that are quite compatible with yours.
  • You can send and get text messages on Jdate only if you have a profile on Jdate and a subscriber.
  • Apart from the Matches section, there is a LookBook section. This one gives you an option to check one profile at a time and put a "like" on it or swipe it away.
  • If you are a premium member of Jdate, you may find out who had put a "like" or checked out your profile. Also, you will be able to get some notifications any time when someone reads a text from you.

Other features

  • You may upload up to six pictures to your profile.
  • A member can make his or her profile more detailed. Apart from the usual data, anyone can add info about hobbies and interests.
  • Jdate has an Activity section. Members may visit it if they need to know which profile they have seen or liked previously.
  • As well as some other dating sites, Jdate offers its members a blog which is called JLife. There you will find some stories that will inspire, as well as several tips that can help Jewish singles find partners.
  • Jdate has an app that makes it more convenient. It came to life in 2014, and nowadays, the platform is quite popular among Jewish singles.
  • Ценообразование

    Today's Special Offer:

    Jdate offers monthly memberships. The prices are as follows:

    Join for 6 Months

    Join for 3 Months

    Join for 1 Months

    Jdate has more or less adequate prices and a system of memberships per month. For example, you may join Jdate for six months and pay $29.99 per month. If you like to use Jdate for 3 months, there is a special package with a price of $44.99 for each month. Finally, to join Jdate for just a month, you need to pay $59.99.

    Sometimes there is a special offer that allows members to join Jdate for half a year and pay $19.99 per month. You can also use a free trial period to get to know Jdate and decide whether you like it and ready to explore online dating with it or not.

    For college students that use their student emails to sign up, membership upgrades automatically, and they get access to all the premium features for free.

    Ease of Use

    This dating website has made a life of lots of Jewish singles easier and better. Many members have found love and joy within Jdate and built happy families.

    To begin using Jdate, you have to sign up. It is relatively easy because Jdate allows you to register a profile not only with your email address but with a Facebook profile. Jdate cares about your privacy, so it will post nothing in your Facebook profile if you sign up with it.

    To create a Jdate profile and start Jdating, you will have to upload some information: your first and last name, your date of birth, your gender, and zip code. It will all be confidential and hidden. As you can see in this review, the Jdate login is straightforward. You also may choose your display name if you don't want to uncover your real name among Jdate members.

    After uploading some necessary data, you will need to add a photograph for your profile. Jdate has some strict requirements for all of the uploaded photos. Firstly, the principal picture has to be a headshot portrait of yourself. They mention the size in rules: a square with 375 pixels at each side. Finally, your photo can't break copyright, or offense other members, or be inappropriate.

    If you want to, your profile at Jdate will answer some usual questions, and other Jewish members will be able to see those answers. Of course, if you are practicing online dating for a while now, those questions will not be a surprise. So, if you like, you can answer about your job, your level of education, whether you already have children or not, and more. Some members submit the answers because it makes the whole online dating process much more comfortable. There is also a special section for an "essay": members can tell more about themselves, describe their personality, and explain what they are looking for.

    To make it even more comfortable, new members of Jdate will get a massive list of different activities, hobbies, and interests. There you will see a wide range with a lot of sports, travel options, food, leisure, music, and entertainment. You may choose something and point it out, so your potential partner will know more about you when he or she sees your profile on Jdate. Also, your Jdates will be more interesting, excellent, and exciting if someone already has a list of things you love and will invite you to do them together.

    Jdate will ask you to fill your match preferences so that the site can choose a perfect profile for you. You may need to select the partner's age you prefer, his or her approximate location, the type of relationship you are seeking, and religion. This data will help Jdate to create a list of compatible users and make sure that it offers some correct profiles.

    If you are a free member of Jdate, your abilities on the site are limited. For example, free members can't send and receive messages. If a profile seems to be interesting for them, the only thing they can do to attract a person is to wink.

    Being a premium Jdate member means that you can search, browse profiles, look around, and keep yourself anonymous. With a premium account, you also can see if other users have read your messages or not. Don't forget that Jdate offers auto-renewal for its paid accounts. To turn it off, you can go to your profile settings section.

    Pros and Cons

    While using this dating site, you will face both pros and cons, as well as while using any other dating website. In this Jdate review, we have created a list with detailed positive and negative things.

    Pros of Jdate

    • Even though we have described Jdate costs before, members can join this site for free. One may start looking for a partner and meet someone without paying anything and getting a subscription.
    • The base of users is vast. A lot of Jewish singles are waiting for a new friend, or romance, or a potential long term relationship. Jdate has no limits regarding age, or religion, or orientation of the members.
    • With the Jdate app, you can quickly start dating at any moment. It doesn't matter where you are: the app will make it for you.
    • Users may keep an eye on their matches with a tremendous messaging system.
    • The site has a support team that is ready to help every day.
    • According to some research results, more than half of the marriages of Jewish people online are the merit of Jdate.

    Cons of Jdate

    • When signing up and dreaming of a future Jewish partner, note that not every user is Jewish.
    • The subscription is not affordable for anyone. Using of Jdate costs a bit more than some other dating sites. The site has an auto-renewal subscription, so don't forget to check your settings or your credit card.
    • One may notice a lack of filters that help users browse correctly and find an appropriate profile at J date.

    The Bottom Line

    This is a perfect solution for those who always had a dream to meet friends and partners who are Jewish. In this Jdate review, we tried to provide you with every feature of this excellent website that connects thousands of people every month. The site belongs to Spark Networks and works for more than 20 years now. Tons of marriages happened because of this site, and people keep trusting it and choosing it to find the one.

    Jdate cares about your safety. The support team is trying to create a pleasant atmosphere. If something is wrong, the specialists at Jdate track any case of inappropriate behavior on the platform and get rid of it. Any profile that is appearing on Jdate meets the team before the approval and gets a review. The staff is conducting a screening process to avoid any offensive behavior for the Jewish community. Members also can participate, pointing some suspicious profiles with a unique mark, or blocking the accounts that keep disturbing them.

    An important thing to mention in this review: Jdate cares a lot about users' privacy. To make browsing and dating here safe and secure, the site will not let anyone show his or her email address or phone number. The links that get a user outside of Jdate are also prohibited. All financial data and contacts are encrypted here. As we mentioned in this review, you can even use an unreal name. If you are not a very experienced user, Jdate will help you with special tips about your privacy on the internet. The site will give you some basic recommendations like "keep personal data private" and slow down and get to know your partner without any rush to make sure there's no fraud.


    Is Jdate any Good?

    Jdate is fantastic if you have a goal to meet Jewish people. Whether you want to meet new friends, or a future partner, or become a part of a romantic story, this site is here to help. With a massive base of users, it will offer you so many profiles that you will choose someone to spend time with.

    What is a Flirt on Jdate?

    Jdate allows you to flirt with other users. For example, you may wink to some profiles. If you have a paid account, you can start texting with any user. Also, there is a select "Flirt" button that members use to start flirting with others.

    How do You Use Jdate?

    Using of Jdate is relatively easy and convenient. Creating an account is very fast, and the layout is clear. There is also a mobile app that works since 2014, so you can use both an app and a desktop version.

    How Much does Jdate Cost?

    There is a system of subscriptions, and users may choose from various periods: 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months. Jdate also has a free trial period for those who are not quite sure. In general, you can use it with a free account, but the options are limited, comparing to the paid account.

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