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Launched in 1995, dating site is currently the oldest dating platform in the United States. For more than 25 years of existence, the Site and mobile app Match has earned worldwide fame and the trust of its users. Today it is one of the largest sites for online dating, where single and free people are looking for new acquaintances, short-term relationships, and their true only love. 

In today's world, online dating is an integral part of the lives of young people, primarily due to COVID-19 pandemic. People have less opportunity to leave their homes and meet new people, but the need for an active social life remains. This is the reason why dating apps and dating sites are breaking all records for downloads and registrations in 2020. Register on the website or install a mobile application and send likes, winks, and messages with confidence, and the Match will always help you with this.

Data Breakdown

User Base

All Singles*

Match has over 7 million paid members and caters its services to heterosexual and LGBTQ singles of all ages.

Popularity (Visits/Mo)

39.7 Million*

Match, with over 15 million active users, is one of the most popular dating sites and apps in the world

Gender Ratio



Unlike most dating sites, Match's gender ratio is pretty even with 49% of users being men and 51% being women.


Matching Features

  • It takes 30 minutes to complete the survey to complete your profile with information. Such a thorough approach to this issue allows you to make your profile detailed
  • Registration through your Facebook profile significantly reduces the time required to complete your profile and makes it easier to complete your profile
  • Profiles have several sections, for example, a section about your interests and a section "In my own words," in which you can tell about yourself in general terms
  • Users receive seven potential matches daily, based on previous search results
  • Subscribed users can view their likes, winks, and messages
  • Reverse Match shows the user a list of people who are looking for someone of their type
  • Mutal Match shows profiles that match each other's search criteria

Other features

  • The Discovery section selects for you the most suitable profiles of people based on their location, age, interests, and image
  • An optional paid feature, One-hour Boost Sessions, will increase your visibility in search results, allowing you to get more potential matches. For 12 sessions, you will need to pay $ 2.49
  • Match events are an excellent opportunity for single users to meet and get to know other users in real life, attending events such as wine tasting, happy hours, or bowling in the evening
  • If after 6 months, the user does not find someone special for himself, then his subscription for the Match com for the next 6 months becomes free
  • Match Phone is an additional option from Match and using it, you get a personal number, with which you can call and correspond with one another
  • Missed Connection is a unique Match feature. With the help of information about your location, the Matchcom system offers you user accounts if your paths crossed in daily life.
  • Pricing

    Today's Special Offer:

    Match offers monthly memberships. The prices are as follows:

    Join for 12 Months

    Join for 6 Months

    Join for 3 Months

    As with all dating sites, you can subscribe to Match, which unlocks many premium features for profile and makes it easier for you to find short-term or long-term relationships.

    There are three subscription options for the, the most profitable of which is a 12-month subscription for $ 20.99 per month. You can subscribe for 60 months for $ 23,99 per month or a 3,000-month subscription for $ 27,99 per month. All subscriptions you can pay by credit card.

    Ease of Use

    It may seem to you that it is difficult to understand the extensive functionality of this online dating site, but it is not. The convenient and intuitive design of the Site and mobile app makes online dating an enjoyable and uncomplicated process. Also, you can always familiarize yourself with the free functionality of the dating site and application to understand precisely whether this format of online dating suits you and whether you are ready to subscribe to the Match and have your profile.

    When registering for a Match through your social media profiles or email address and zip code, you need to fill out a detailed profile for the Match. The main information in your profile is your hobbies, interests, and lifestyle. Each profile has three main sections:

    • My Details - this section contains information about the relationship status, your ethnicity, religion, and body type
    • In my own words - in this section, you can tell about yourself in a free form, as well as indicate what type of online dating you are interested in, whether you are looking for a long-term or short-term relationship.
    • My interests - here you can tell in more detail about your hobbies, be it cooking, literature, board games, watching a movie, music, active sports, charity, or volunteering.

    As you fill out these sections, try to highlight your most important and attractive character and personality traits to find someone who will be truly interested in you. The dating site takes into account the information on your profile to suggest the most suitable people for you.

    All users, even if they do not have a subscription, can edit their profiles, add photos, use Match com search, send winks, and download the Match mobile app without time limits. If, for example, you want to be able to start a chat with other users, you need to subscribe to one of the possible options for subscribing to the All users with a subscription can send messages, set up privacy, and have priority access to Match Events. In search results, subscribed users profiles rank higher.

    The search engine Match is pretty self-explanatory, as is the entire dating site. The search tools allow you to customize your search results so that you only see profiles of Poland and hotels that match your distance, age range, interests, looks, and lifestyle. Also, using the access settings, you can search exclusively for user profiles that are online or profiles with photos. The keyword search function is available both on the website and in the mobile application. In addition to the standard search tabletop, you can also take advantage of the unique Reverse March and Mutal Match filters. The search results with these filters will show you the grafted users who are looking for someone like you.

    Dating site Match has an international audience of users from 28 countries, and the Match site is available in 38 languages. On the Site, you can find users of any age group, physique, religion, and background. As to age groups distributed on the Site: 32% of users identify themselves as Millennials, 39% of users are Gen X, and 27% identify themselves as Baby Boomers. More than 84% of users have higher education and went to college.

    The Match is perfect for you if you want to experience safe and quality online dating. The Match website and app have a vast number of features to help you find the perfect dates just for you and find one love for life if that's your goal.

    One of the key tasks of the Match is to ensure the safety of its users. To do this, there is a profile verification system on the site and in the application, which filters out fake profiles, and all users can block other users if they violate the Match rules, all rights reserved. Customer service is available 24/7 for everyone who wants to report a problem. Moreover, Match advises users to flag all users that they suspect to protect themselves and other Match users. Posting false information, posting offensive content, extorting money, and engaging in online trading is prohibited on the Match.

    All profiles for the Match, for which a complaint has been received, undergo a thorough investigation and can be blocked or completely removed from the Site if the client service finds evidence of a violation of the rules by the user.

    One of the newest features of the Match is the confirmation of your profile through profiles in other social networks, profiles that have passed this procedure cause more trust and interest from other users. If the user passes the confirmation through the profiles on social networks, the Match assigns the corresponding icon to the user, confirming the passage of the profile verification. Although this is an optional condition for registering for a Match, this extra step will make you more likely to find matches.

    Pros and Cons

    Pros of Match

    • Receive daily matches tailored to your tastes and search queries at
    • A powerful search engine helps single people find their date.
    • Widely free functionality. You can like the profile, send winks, and show interest in the profile.
    • In its 25 years of existence, the Site has collected more successful dating stories than any other dating site. You can read the reviews to see this.
    • If the user prefers communication in real life, they can visit the Match Events, where there is always the opportunity to meet someone new and understand that there is plenty of fish in the ocean.

    Cons of Match

    • As with many other dating services, only subscribed users can read and send messages.
    • It is impossible to determine if other users have subscribed to or not, so there is a possibility that you will send messages to someone who cannot read them.
    • Some users would prefer to have a Match group-chat.

    The Bottom Line

    Online dating site has in its arsenal many functions for finding partners. Over the 25 years of its existence and successful work, the Match has improved and continues to improve its technologies for finding and selecting matches. Lots of positive reviews from people who have used the Match demonstrate this beautifully. The Match blog, which features successful, engaging, and captivating stories about how Match users found love. And those people who have not yet found the perfect Match are convinced that there is still plenty of fish.

    An internal poll for the Match revealed that through the use of dating sites, many people managed to start long-term relationships that lasted more than four months. Match claims that over 10 million people in the US have started relationships through their website, and over one million children have been born through the use of the website. At the moment, the site has already left an incredible legacy. You can provide a review and see for yourself. Moreover, the is not going to slow down, and the team from Texas is continually coming up with new ways to provide people with new and exciting ways to meet online and offline.

    Register for the or read the review and see for yourself that this is a site with a user-friendly interface, various functionality, and pleasant design. Starting in 1995, the Match became a pioneer in the internet dating industry. Over its 25 years of existence, the Site has developed the most convenient system for finding daily matches, and forever changed the attitude of single people to find partners online. Already millions of people have started profile at and found themselves a date or one love for life and left positive feedback about using the Match. You can become one of these people.


    At the end of our review, we give you the answers to the most asked questions from current and potential users of Match.

    Is it Worth Paying for Match?

    Of course, you can only use the free functionality of the Site. You can read one of the many reviews that the free feature is enough for limited use of the Subscribing to a gives you access to many additional features, one of which is sending messages to other users.

    Is Match a Reliable Dating Site?

    25 years of experience in online dating gives an incomparable advantage. Moreover, the Site has a user-friendly interface and a well-designed search system, which allows users to get daily matches. More than 10 million stories from the Match blog confirm the fact that is one of the best services in its field.

    Does Work?

    A search engine owned by Match creates a matched group based on your past searches and shows the profile of those people who match you. No one can promise that you will find the love of your life here, but many people have already done it using the

    What is the Success Rate of

    Today, more than 7 million people have a registered profile on the Site, including heterosexual and LGBTQ singles of all ages. With over 15 million users with a profile, Match is one of the most popular sites in its industry. One of the main advantages of a match is that gender is evenly distributed.

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