Terms of Use

To access and use the DatingAuditor site, you need to affirm your agreement with the site’s requirements. If you find a term or condition of the website use unacceptable, you can stop using our services anytime or contact us directly to get updated on the most recent terms of use and their essence.

Note that our website is for 18+ users only. If you are under 18, you are prohibited from using our resources. 

Read about other mandatory conditions related to the legitimate use of datingauditor.com.


If you want to access the services of the DatingAuditor website, you need to confirm your acknowledgment of the responsibilities the site bears and agree that they are clear and acceptable. By doing so, you get full access to the materials and services on the site. If you skip the agreement part, you will not be able to browse our website. 

Intellectual Property 

Datingauditor.com is the only owner of the intellectual property presented on the site. All rights are reserved. You are free to print out, view, and copy the content from the site for your personal utilization only.

The following is a list of things that disagree with our intellectual property rights. Regarding the currently active terms, the following is prohibited:

  • selling any information from the website
  • republishing our website’s info on other online sources or printed media 
  • affecting the policy of the site
  • displaying any materials from our website publicly
  • sharing the info from our website. You can do it only if it is stated that the piece of information can be shared.
  • distribution of any content owned by datingauditor.com via screenshots

Acceptable Behavior 

  • Visitors’ actions towards other users of the website are to be safe and sane. You are not allowed to: commit illegal and harmful actions; openly incite hatred; share inappropriate content; perform any fraudulent activity. 
  • Our visitors are not allowed to share or use any spy programs, spread computer viruses, and any other harmful software on the website. 
  • Automatic collection of any data on datingauditor.com is prohibited.
  • The website cannot be utilized for commercial performance and/or marketing scheme without special official permission issued by the DatingAuditor officials.

Personal Content 

  • Here, your "personal content" is every piece of information that you post on our website via text, video, or audio. 
  • The DatingAuditor website has the right to the unbarred distribution, translation, and publishing of your personal content on any media resource. 
  • Your personal content must not include any illegal, potentially harmful, or fraudulent content. You should avoid any actions against DatingAuditor or a third party person on the site. 
  • DatingAuditor.com is allowed to edit or delete any of your content uploaded on the site if it is found inappropriate. 
  • DatingAuditor website does take responsibility for the personal content posted on the site. 


There are cases in which access to certain parts of the website is restricted. Our site has the right to change these areas or restrict access to the entire website without any notifications. The website’s officials are in power to change the policy.

To get access to the materials uploaded, you need to set a login and a robust password. The DatingAuditor website is not responsible for the safety of users’ details. We consider it the duty of every particular user themselves. The website can grant and withdraw the users’ access to the details and the general website information. No user notification is concerned.


The DatingAuditor website bears full responsibility in the following cases:

  • fraud performance from the site itself or its employees, 
  • death or injury resulted from actions of the DatingAuditor website.


The site can not guarantee that the information on this website is one hundred percent true and complete. DatingAuditor does not state that any piece of information on this website can replace professional advice in terms of medical issues, psychology, legal, financial, or personal. 

The website also can not guarantee to be always accessible, free, and open for all users out there. 

Unenforceable Provision

If any terms of the website use are judged unenforceable under the relevant law, the fact will not impact the applicability of the other conditions reviewed in the disclaimer.


The website has the right to make corrections to these current Terms and Conditions anytime; if you want to be updated on the matter, do review this page more thoroughly and ensure you are familiar with the newest version of the requirements and conditions.


The website may assign or otherwise deal with DatingAuditor rights and/or commitments, following these present terms and conditions without notifying you or requesting your permission.

You may not assign or deal with your rights and/or commitments following these terms and conditions.


If you violate any restrictions included in these terms and conditions, and it leads DatingAuditor to the court proceeding with you or a third party, you will have to cover all the expenditure aimed to settle the conflict with the third party and all the court procedures concerned. 

Entire Agreement

These terms and conditions, as well as the DatingAuditor website Privacy Policy, are both parts of the entire agreement between you and DatingAuditor. The agreement concerns the use of the datingauditor.com and is as legitimate as all the agreements previously made between you and the website.