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  • Of course, we all know about the stereotypes surrounding the topic of dating an older man. However, it is not that easy. Some single women are just tired of the exhausting relationships with men of the same age who sometimes are not understanding and careful enough.

    So, younger women start thinking of mature relations and a commitment to older men from time to time. And it makes sense: normally, they know what they want and treat women more seriously than most younger guys. Those are often careless and need to entertain themselves, have fun, and party with many girls instead of something serious with one woman.

    Some older men, for instance, 20 years older, dream of women in their 20s or 30s. This kind of relationship often gives stability and assurance that so many ladies seek in men. But where to find these men who may give such happiness? Here is the list of six options you have as a woman looking for a strong commitment to older men. Those methods most likely will grow your success rate and lead you to a relationship of your dreams.

    Register at Dating Sites or Apps for Older Men and Women

    Online dating today offers many chances to find your potential partner that will once become your family. Older men are not an exception! Some dating platforms work specifically for finding mature partners. Others' filters offer opportunities to sort your search results by age.

    Many people still consider online dating a thing that’s popular only in youngsters’ community. Not anymore! Nowadays, older men and women who are tired of looking for love and dates in real life usually turn to date services, where they successfully find exciting people and fulfill their dating desires.

    Statistics say that almost 30 percent of mature people have encountered a person on a dating site and have gone out with him or her. Sometimes the age of the partner was not the same. Many men older than 55 years tend to consider that the potential partner’s age is not a vital thing to agree on a date.

    In this article, we recommend three dating platforms where seniors meet people. There you may check out mature partners and arrange dates with older men.

    With eHarmony, you can be sure that your love life problem will vanish. This dating site gives you a great chance to meet an older man and start something serious with him. eHarmony started to help singles finding love in 1995. Since then, a lot of couples are thankful and live happily ever after.

    Single women enjoy the matching system that helps encounter a nice guy who might also be an older man. With your valid email address and password, you can sign up and begin browsing dozens of profiles. Filters will narrow down your search: you can sort the results by various parameters, including age, which is essential while looking for an older man.

    The super bonus is that you can use eHarmony without paying a dollar or even a cent. Not only profile browsing is available but also some instruments to interact with other users.

    User Base
    All Singles*
    Gender Ratio
    48% *
    Popularity (Visits/Mo.)
    4.1 Million*
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    This dating service exists on the market specifically for dating for older women and men seeking love and relationships with a need to be sure of their future partners. OurTime is popular among users in their 50s, 60s, and further. As you may guess, the chance to find an older man here is excellent.

    The layout of OurTime is comfortable for the members of any age. Also, meetings and dates have become more comfortable after this site has released an app available for both iPhones and Android-based devices. OurTime boasts many stories full of happiness when members have matched successfully and stay together ever since. Highly recommended for those ladies who are craving to date older men!

    User Base
    All Singles*
    Gender Ratio
    46% *
    Popularity (Visits/Mo.)
    1.4 Million*
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    A special place in the dating world, BeNaughty helps users to arrange a hookup or a spicy date. Here everybody has the same goals and knows what he or she wants. Of course, mature men are also the guests at BeNaughty and searching for sex partners on a par with younger guys and girls.

    No one will judge you here, so BeNaughty might be a wonderful place to come clean and find like-minded people ready for experiments. To find older men and fulfill your fantasies, you may use several filters. You can narrow down the search to singles of a certain age in your area and choose other essential details about your future sex partner. Members may easily exchange likes and match to set a spicy adventure quickly.

    User Base
    All Singles*
    Gender Ratio
    Popularity (Visits/Mo.)
    28.9 Million*

    Visit Meetup Events for Mature Singles

    If you are still unsure that dating online is a good idea, you can always encounter someone new offline. With Meetup, you can find many places where visitors discuss or do things together that might be your hobby or something that attracts you.

    For example, if you are a wine fan, why don’t you join a club to participate in wine tastings? Or maybe you always wanted to learn how to dance? A dance class will be a perfect opportunity to do something you like and meet like-minded men and women and make connections?

    At Meetups, you often may see seniors that have already retired and decided not to be time-wasters after their work-life is done, including older men. Normally, attending those meetings is free of charge. The advantage is no limits in the number of meetings you visit, so you can try everything that seems interesting. Trust us. Many mature singles also choose this option to seek a partner!

    Finding a group nearby is easy. With some filters and keywords, you can choose the topic and the place of the meeting at Meetup. Another option is Eventbrite, where you will get access to a massive calendar with events in your area: from jazz concerts to parties in various clubs. Yes, older men sometimes prefer this kind of leisure.

    Ask Your Family and Friends to Help

    Another way of establishing a connection with older men is simple: you can hint at your family members and friends. Sometimes their views might distinguish, and they may have a prejudice about this dating idea. But if you persuade them that an older man will make you happy, maybe they will help with pleasure.

    It happens that a marvelous surprise awaits you after asking such a question. Who knows, maybe an old friend of your parents or an older brother of your older friend is the one? You will never know until you ask, and they keep your desire in mind. Blind dates can also be romantic, with a special atmosphere and miracles afterward. The golden rule is to be self-assured and natural.

    Explore Social Media with Facebook and Other Sites

    More than two billion users are a part of the Facebook community. More than a billion and a half members visit either the web page or the app every day. And some of them are trying to date with Facebook and connect with other men and women.

    The hint is to look through your friends’ friends and see who attracts you. If someone catches your eye, you can send a text saying hello and even exchange messages. If you feel uncomfy, try asking your friend to introduce you naturally. Another option is to browse profiles that are in your area with specific filters.

    Other networks also work. Twitter, Instagram… Choose the one you like the most and try meeting older men there! Some of them are also active on social media. Younger women can easily find a man 10 or 20 years older there.

    Look for a Partner Religion-wise

    Some may say this is a bit weird. But we think that any opportunity is good, so why not consider an acquaintance in a church, synagogue, or mosque that you visit? For many men and women, religion is a vital factor that may help build a strong connection and relationship between lovers.

    According to a survey, almost half of Americans consider faith essential for long-term relations leading to marriage. The values of believers usually make them trustworthy partners. So, younger women may try looking for older men in a particular place, depending on your religion.

    Join a Sports Team or a Class for Adults

    Education shouldn’t finish at the moment you leave high school or university. Many men and women sometimes feel a lack of knowledge or a desire to learn something new. Every group class usually means meeting many students who share similar interests with you – the age doesn’t matter here. Younger women and older men can meet while listening to a lecture or learning a new foreign language together.

    Another option is to join a sports team. If you are a fan of a certain sport, Google will help you search for a team that regularly plays in your area. It’s usually an event for amateurs. Most likely, you will get into a mixed team of men and women of different ages.


    Where to meet single men?

    If you want to meet a single man, we suggest several ways above. Starting with dating via the internet, continuing with a meeting in person through your friend, family, adult classes, or other events, finishing with a religion and temple attendance. Dating an older man is easier that may seem, and many methods can provide you with an older man: either online or offline.

    How to date an older man?

    They say that a man keeps being a little boy until his 50s or 60s. So, dating an older man can be a mature relationship with a person who finally understands what he wants and will not harm his partner's feelings. That is the main reason younger women enjoy dating an older man and crave something serious in their connection. So, our piece of advice for any lady would be simple: to care about your partner, pay attention to his desires, and keep romance in your relationship.

    Where to meet men over 50?

    Younger women can meet an older man easily. All you have to do is choose your approach and don't listen to others' opinions about an older man dating a young girl. Times change, and what used to be weird becomes the norm. You may try various experiences to meet an old man: from visiting a dating website to starting a random conversation in bars or restaurants. If your lifestyle connects with certain faith, go to a temple. Communication with a man at the adult class or interactions during a sports game can turn into a date. As reality shows, love may find you everywhere.

    How to find a good guy?

    Finding a good guy is simple, with all the information above. We think that any option can fulfill your expectations and needs, and thousands of boys and girls have met the love of their lives, got married, and had children after following those ways of connecting. In our opinion, you may encounter a good man and create a couple everywhere.

    How to meet singles in my area?

    Looking for a single man in your city or even on a neighboring street can be easy with the internet. The dating services online can offer you matches in your area with the help of the location filters. Attending the events and activities for singles at Meetup is also an excellent method.