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  • First impressions are most lasting wise men say, and they are 100 percent right. In real life, we spend some time to smarten up because we get only one chance to draw attention to our personality and interest someone genuinely. Often people even say that they have fallen in love at first sight. Why should it be different from online communication when two souls are getting to know each other?

    In our humble opinion, online dating makes it both easier and tougher for single men and women. On the one hand, you get a diverse environment to search for prospects. On the other hand, it becomes uber-challenging to shine through the crowds and make a statement without the help of voice, movement, and presence. All you have is your online dating profile to catch someone's eye and trace a connection.

    A beautifully designed online dating profile will attract men. It is a showstopper and an invitation to break the ice and write the first hello. And here comes the first obstacle, as many single people don't know what exactly to write. There's so much advice on the internet nowadays that anyone can be lost in this ocean of content. Therefore, we decided to feature online dating profile examples to guarantee a successful experience for people who accept it as advice and inspiration.

    Creating an account shouldn't be tiring or stress-provoking. We are here to enhance your life for the better and provide online dating profile examples, therefore you could have references to update your design. When organizing your online dating profile, make sure to focus on the metrics below, if you want to succeed and attract men.

    Study Another Dating Profile to Find Inspiration

    We don’t want to copy and paste personality descriptions that other people point out in their profiles. There's no fun being a copycat, but inspiration can give us essential guidelines. Many online dating websites offer free memberships, and new visitors get chances to navigate through the site and watch profiles to discover matches. If you’re looking for new ideas, it's a perfect time and place to start your little investigation. If you sign in with such huge dating portals like Match.com, for example, you get access to browse through the members' profiles and create your own account.

    View competitive online dating profile examples to come across potential concepts. You may find an interesting phase that flawlessly correlates with your personality. Some women upload short videos instead of only pictures — good videos are more engaging and comprehensive. Others record short messages — if you feel like a voice portrait can be a delightful accompaniment, use the option. Go straight to your account settings and change gender for a brief period and partner preferences to see more profiles of the same sex. Study accounts that appeal to you most as these profile examples notably attract men.

    Top-notch Photo Examples

    As we continue studying successful online dating profile examples to attract men we move to photo analysis. It is not enough to specify preferences, lifestyle, type of relationship you aim, interests, beliefs, hobbies, and whatever characteristics if your dating profile doesn't contain a proper photo. According to scientific and psychological research data, most men won't even fasten eyes on accounts without a photo. If you’re looking for deep commitment and long-term bonds, there are some important things to keep in mind.

    • Creating a trustworthy and appealing profile requires uploading a recently made photo. Most of us want to look young and beautiful in the picture, and sometimes women go too far in chase of a relationship and use dated and over-retouched photos. We don't approve such decisions as men will feel deceived. Of course, it all depends on your goals. If it is a virtual flirting only, we see no catch to proclaim yourself new-age Cleopatra. However, if you want to meet a real person, it is important to have mutual respect and avoid photo fakes. Ask your friend for assistance or arrange a professional photo session.
    • Avoid vague pictures. Low-quality shots, unflattering posing, explicit or unfriendly photos won't attract decent matches but can send the evil message. Lax is not new relaxed. Poky looks can hardly make a nice impression and inspire men to shower your inbox with messages of delight. It is preferable to keep it clean, simple, and friendly. If you’re looking for commitment and response, don't hide your face and let your soul speak through your eyes and smile.
    • Avoid group shots and favor solo pictures if you don’t want to confuse a potential future husband. It is always nice to remember that your online partners in conversation are yet strangers and it could be hard for them to find you in a crowd of other girls.
    • No matter what, do not crown your online dating profile with bathroom selfies. This approach may be acceptable for some social media purposes, but it won't boost magic to dating profile examples.

    Proper photos reflect the nature of your beauty and confidence. Be creative and brave to make a statement visualizing your profile, preserve the authenticity, and remember that a good dating profile example favors vivid photos where nothing distracts the eye from your personality.

    Engaging Profile Headlines

    We continue our online dating profile examples to attract men survey and launch a sequent feature. While an appealing photo is a number one step on the way toward victory, then a catchy engaging headline is a formula to nail down a success. It differs from the bio section, where you have some space to introduce your personality and relate a story.

    Aa a rule a profile headline consists of one sentence and describes key characteristics of your personality and life interests. Think of it as a motto or a welcoming invitation to your page. Be creative but keep it real not to overcarry with effort. It would be great if you manage to express who you are, your passion, lifestyle, and interests. Uncertain headlines won't draw attention to your profile.

    Dating experts from Wired have researched some popular dating websites to unravel the most favorable words that boost online dating profiles' views. You are welcome to use the responding options to refine your accounts. Notably, women evoke men's interest with such concepts as yoga, creativity, passion, fashion, foodies, while "karaoke" and "my cats" just don't work positively. Don't lose your heart if nothing comes to your head. You can always ask friends to help you or find inspiration in other users' profiles. We empower you to put heart and energy to flatter your account because if one wants to gain something valuable, she or he needs to reveal patience and engagement.


    About Me Profile Text

    Finally, the time has come to fill out the About Me section. Let's consider the essential aspects that will help you write an attractive text.

    A catchy introduction will allow potential partners to enlarge upon the idea you describe. Use personality test questions as guidelines and practice your wit. Yes, it is sometimes challenging to express thoughts and feelings creatively, but give yourself a fair shot.

    • Describe things you can offer being in a relationship, whether it is a good sense of humor or passion for sky-diving. It is essential to stick to the truth and be oneself.
    • Sketch in essential information about your lifestyle, beliefs, values, hobbies, or avocations. On the one hand, it will help men decide whether you have much in common, and on the other hand, you'll receive feedback from a compatible match.
    • Be confident and amiable and avoid expressing doubts about online dating. You come here to win and find relations, let this idea empower you to be honest, determined but humble. The last thing you want to evoke is a toxic attitude — you are welcome to keep it edgy but avoid writing something negative and unkind if you want to appeal to plenty of prospects.
    • Mind your spelling and grammar issues. Writing like a 14-year-old tinder user won't complement your profile. Correct bad grammar and avoid netspeak. Luckily many free online tools can help you exclude mistakes.

    The Bottom Line

    Creating an online dating profile should be something pleasant and engaging therefore the energy you contribute will produce success. We hope that this comprehensive step-by-step guide will help you create a phenomenal account that will attract many new matches among which will be someone special. We wish you a creative burst and good vibes!


    What should I write in my dating profile?

    Be creative, positive, and authentic. Describe your character, lifestyle, passions, and background. Don't be afraid to show commitment, set your goals, and let your personality shine. We invite you to read our survey to comprehend examples of dating profiles, which you can use as a reference and inspiration.

    How do I make a good online dating profile for guys?

    In our review, we provide a comprehensive step-by-step guide to create a good online dating profile example. You are welcome to read the survey again and follow each chapter to fill out your personal account creatively. Briefly, pay attention to the quality of your photo, work on the engaging headline, and share your story to encourage conversation.

    How do I make my online dating profile stand out?

    Be creative and keep to high standards. Many women fill out their online dating profiles correctly and within rules but they pay little attention to creativity and accounts lack a sense of life. Head to our guidelines and discover thorough instructions for creating stellar dating profiles. Examples will give you an understanding of how to choose a remarkable photo, write an appealing headline text, and share a positive story about yourself.

    What am I looking for in men's examples?

    Though men and women profile patterns differ, you may find a lot of essential information on how to fill out the account. Besides a lot of men share their expectations and preferences — study the most popular criteria and use them as inspiration to describe yourself.

    How to write an online dating profile for a woman?

    Don't give up hope if you find writing challenging. In our review, you will find a complete guide concerning ideas, recommendations, motivation, and main points to share about yourself. We cover the whole process starting with the choice of photo, contemplating on profile headlines, and achieving with a personal story reference.