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  • To find single people, you should get out of your comfort zone and go to places you do not normally go to. But even at the usual place that you visit every day (whether it is work, a local gym, or a coffee shop), you can find someone special. Just keep your eyes open or go to the best places from our review!

    We have presented a list of the best places where any person can find a soul mate and even love. In our review, we hope you will find many insights and tips on how to make the searching process quicker and easier.

    Dating Sites and Apps

    There are far more singles looking for serious relationships on dating sites and apps (e.g., DC dating websites/app) than anywhere else. Nowadays, the Internet is sometimes the only place where a modern man or woman having to spend most of their time at work can meet their true love. Psychologists advise singles to talk about themselves as honestly as possible on dating sites. Sometimes people who are not very confident in real life turn to online dating. Instead of developing their personality, they introduce an unreal image to their partner. At the end, when the two people meet, it turns out that they do not meet each other's expectations at all.

    Psychologists also advise not to devote too much time to online chats to not turn into a virtual relationship. If, after talking for a while, you realize that the person caters to your needs and desires, you can exchange phone numbers and arrange a real meeting. People make the most common mistake in dating sites and apps because they do not go beyond their online conversations. And instead of starting a real relationship, they begin to build online relationships that can last for weeks or even months.

    There are plenty of dating websites and mobile apps on which you can sign up withing a minute and start browsing profiles that have been recommended by the dating site/app. We have picked up the most popular dating websites with a significant number of positive reviews — and EliteSingles.

    The website eHarmony is one of the first sites that introduced dating via the Internet worldwide. Since 1995 it has been aiming to help single people get to know each other, communicate, meet in real life, and even find a life partner. The site is a leader in the online dating industry. To become a member of eHarmony is free. However, free members get a limited set of actions that you can perform on the site. After signing up for free on eHarmony, your profile with all your personal information will appear on the platform, and you will even receive messages from other users. Still, you will not respond to these messages until you become a paid member of the site. You need to pay a considerable amount of money by credit card to subscribe to the site's services for a certain period of time.

    The site is trustworthy (all rights reserved). The site ensures your personal information's high-quality security, so you can be sure that it will not be revealed to anyone else. If you decide to unsubscribe from eHarmony's services, cancel your subscription before your Premium membership expires in the Change/Cancel Membership section. In this case, there will be no withdrawal from your credit card.

    User base: all singles

    Gender ratio: forty-eight percent of members are men; fifty-two percent of members are women

    Popularity: some forty million 

    User Base
    All Singles*
    Gender Ratio
    48% *
    Popularity (Visits/Mo.)
    4.1 Million*
    Today's Deal

    As the name of the dating site might suggest, EliteSingles specializes in bringing together professionals. This is not a site for those who want to have a casual date: the vast majority of the platform users are over 30 years old, well-educated, and have succeeded in life. The site has almost 400,000 new users every month, which is a considerable number of middle-aged people! A well-educated member of the platform has a college degree, whether it is a bachelor's or master's degree. More than eighty percent of members have gotten higher education.

    Nobody wants to be deceived on the Internet — especially when dating and finding a soul mate. EliteSingles requires verification of email address and other information and claims that the team checks every profile created on their site and performs a daily profile check to ensure everything is OK. The dating site is relatively expensive, but it caters to those who care about the security and safety of their personal data (all rights reserved).

    User base: all singles

    Gender ratio: forty-four percent of members are men, fifty-six percent of users are women

    Popularity: over two million people visit the site every month

    User Base
    All Singles*
    Gender Ratio
    Popularity (Visits/Mo.)
    2 Million*

    Meetups and Local Events

    Due to the Internet, meeting a soul mate or a date has never been much more accessible. Just google such phrases like "meetups near me," and you will find plenty of websites on which you can find a list of local events that cater to your interests. Imagine what opportunities will open up for you when you find people who share similar interests. All you need to do is input your location (e.g., Washington DC) and join the group you find interesting. For instance, classifies all the events into several categories: technology, family, health, education, music, LGBTQ+, films, faith, beauty, hobby, business, art, etc. Meetup is a platform for finding and creating local communities. It allows you to find friends, learn something new, get support, get out of your comfort zone, and do what you love together with like-minded people.

    The coronavirus breakup has deprived us of the possibility to meet a potential date outside of our homes. But thanks to online platforms, we can participate in group activities from music festivals to photography classes without stepping outside. offers a list of the best virtual events you can join as long as there is a Wi-Fi connection.

    Volunteering Communities

    If you are interested in volunteering, charity, or any other similar activity, you can kill two birds with one stone by joining a volunteering community. The most popular sites are VolunteerMatch and GreenNonprofit. Having more volunteers and offering more opportunities for volunteers than any other site, VolunteerMatch is a place where good people meet and make a difference together. You need to specify what country and city you want to find an event or community (e.g., Washington DC) and then press the GET STARTED button. You can also click a button with one of the categories provided: human rights, animals, art and culture, children, education, technology, health, seniors, etc. Finding someone who shares the same values is the best way to build a successful relationship.

    Adult Classes and Educational Programs

    We should stop developing ourselves, and even after graduating from school or college, we need to expand our horizons and become more attractive and well-rounded. Plus, by doing something new, you can open up. People are attracted to open, vulnerable people. Suppose you sign up for an educational class in the local area. In that case, you can enrich your knowledge and develop or acquire new practical skills and meet singles with whom you will have a lot in common. Most cities offer a wide range of educational classes: from baking to computer programming classes. Many people attend amateur acting classes or improv groups. This is a perfect way of meeting new people, as you are often paired with someone and forced to become friends when you act out a scene together quickly.

    Co-Ed Sports Leagues and Sport Events

    Almost every community college, university, and other similar organizations have various co-ed and sports teams that play basketball, swimming, football, hockey, etc. You can join the team and find people with shared interests. Just watching a sports game can bring single people together. Buy a ticket to any baseball, hockey, or soccer game of the local team, and you will get a chance to find a lot of singles. Some single people visit local matches pretty frequently, so you will have more opportunities to get to know each other. If you both support the same team, you already have common ground to start a conversation. If you both support the same team, you already have common ground to start a conversation. Even if you are rooting for opposing teams, you can joke with each other about it. In other words, you can flirt with each other. Sports clubs are also a great way to find a date because most teams are co-ed. Each league has a sponsored bar that will offer special drinks to encourage teams to hang out together after games, which is always a great chance to find a potential date.

    Parties, Clubs, Bars, and Other Public Areas

    Going to parties and bars is an as-old-as-a-hill way to find real love. Bars, clubs, or parties are places where people are guaranteed to be eager to communicate, even if their first intention is not to meet someone. Google always comes in handy here. Just enter such phrases like "bars for singles near me" or "singles bar near me" you will see a map with many options for meeting real love.

    Many people who come to a party or bar make the same mistake — they spend the whole night standing in a corner with their friends, and they are too shy to approach anyone. If you want someone to notice you at a party, you have to stand in a high-traffic area where most people gather together. Stand by the refrigerator where all the beer is or by the bar counter where someone can offer you a drink. You can also check if there are any cute singles with empty glasses and say, "I'm going to get myself a beer/shot/cocktail. Do you want one?"

    If you are a shy person, always go to parties with outgoing friends because, if nothing else helps, they can act out as wingmen and say to the person you like, "Hi, have you met my friend?" A wingman should know unique (not trite) pick-up lines and facilitate your communication with a potential date.

    Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Etc

    If you are tired of the bar scene, there are plenty of other quieter places to meet singles. Coffee shops and restaurants are a fabulous dating scene for those who are looking for successful partners. Many entrepreneurial men and pretty women work day and night in a café. Sometimes only specific tables have an outlet for charging your laptop, which is a good excuse to ask to share the table. When you share a table with a person you like, you can start a conversation by asking them what they are working on. A coffee shop brings together many people during a happy hour so that you can share a drink with somebody.

    For women, a grocery store is an excellent way to find a single man. They need to look at the products lying in a man's basket. If you see a woman or man shopping on their own, it is a great excuse to start a conversation with them. You can come up to them and say, "Excuse me, where did you find this?" Usually, there are lines at every check-out at grocery stores during peak hours, so choose a bar with a single man or woman and ask them to save a spot in line. Keep your eyes open at any public place!

    Social Media

    Dating via social media has become very popular over recent years. On Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, like on a dating website or app, you access someone's personal information, photos, and videos. Some users share their stories of finding true love via social media.

    They all undergo four stages:

    1. start following each other;
    2. like each other's photos or posts;
    3. create a private conversation;
    4. arrange a meeting.

    Many people find this way of meeting someone more exciting and even risky as you always have to find the rights words to win someone's attention. If you study at high school or college or a member of any other organization, try to find your group via social media (on Facebook or Instagram) to meet a person with shared interests and values.


    How to meet men?

    There are plenty of ways to meet single men. The most popular are signing up for a dating website/app or creating a social media network profile. There is a section 'relationship status' on any social network where you can see whether a man is single or not. Plus, uploaded photos can come in handy, too.

    Where to meet single women?

    Single women can be just a few clicks away from you. Visit or EliteSingles to meet a woman for a long-term relationship. If you disapprove of online dating, go to a local coffee shop, bar, or other public places. But remember that to start a conversation and win her attention, you need to have excellent communicative skills.

    How to meet someone without online dating?

    If you are sick and tired of online dating, there many other options for you to meet a potential date. If you are an outgoing person, it will not be a problem for you to hook up with someone in a club, bar, or party. Just google up any variation of the phrases "bar for singles near me" and "singles bars near me." You can also find out if there any interesting local events in your city where you can meet people with shared values. Input your city ( e.g., Washington DC) and create a list of events you want to visit.

    Things to do for singles?

    Thanks to the Internet, it has become much easier to know what is going on in your city. So, there are plenty of things that singles can do — from volunteering to speed dating. In our review, you can find plenty of activities a single person can take up.

    How to meet local singles?

    When you spend a lot of time at work, finding a local single can be challenging. But you can always turn to online dating. If you are tired of dealing with fake accounts, you can talk to your friends, co-workers, or family members who recommend somebody to you. Visit local sports events and public places at weekends. Just keep your eyes open — and you are sure to find someone special.