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  • For older women, dating is a delicate topic. It is not always easy to meet older women in our everyday lives. Generally speaking, they are not frequent clients of bars and night clubs. Some might be shy to re-enter the dating scene after divorce or to lose their husbands. Others might think dating is something for young people and might not believe it is possible to find your love after 50. However, most of us still long for love, no matter the age. And for many older women, dating is an integral part of life.

    Here are some tips on how and where to meet older women.

    Dating websites and applications

    Today, online dating apps and sites are probably among the most popular means of meeting people for folks of all generations. The number of online dating websites' users who are over 50 has been steadily growing in recent years. Online dating is perfect for shy people. Although senior persons are still in the minority there, you will likely meet someone you'd like to know better among millions of registered users.

    Check out our suggestion for the best online dating websites to meet older women.

    Look for: Friends, Dates, and Relationships.

    Search System: Browse by location, age, physical characteristics, and more.

    Gender ratio: 48% men, 52% women

    eHarmony is one of the oldest and biggest dating websites on the market. Launched in 1995, the site has managed to evolve with time and technology to satisfy their audience's changing demands. With almost 40 million registered users, there sure will be plenty of mature women that you can connect to. Registration is free with your e-mail address, and there are many cool features for you to enjoy the browsing experience.

    User Base
    All Singles*
    Gender Ratio
    48% *
    Popularity (Visits/Mo.)
    4.1 Million*
    Today's Deal

    Look for: Dates and Relationships

    Search System: Search by age range, location, and more

    Gender ratio: 48% men, 52% women

    Our Time is a specific site for men and women who are over 50. With 9 million registered users, it is the biggest dating site in the senior dating niche. So if you are a widower who is ready for a new relationship, has recently had a breakup or divorce, this is a great place to meet an older woman. Create a free profile with your email address, browse for women's profiles in your preferred age range, and start chatting!

    User Base
    All Singles*
    Gender Ratio
    46% *
    Popularity (Visits/Mo.)
    1.4 Million*
    Today's Deal

    Look for: hookups, short-term dates

    Search System: Search by encounter, zip code, and more

    Gender ratio: 48% men, 52% women

    Be Naughty is one of the best online dating websites for people who are not shy about their sexual desires and fantasies. Younger men, older men, older women, cougar dating, swingers, you can find anything and everything on Be Naughty. The only things you can't find on this site are judgment and prejudice, which is a good thing!

    User Base
    All Singles*
    Gender Ratio
    Popularity (Visits/Mo.)
    28.9 Million*

    Look for: relationship, dating cougar, short-term dates

    Search System: Search by location, age-range and more

    Gender ratio: 45% men, 55% women

    Are you one of those younger men looking to meet older women? Then this is the place to be. Older women dating younger guys is becoming more and more common, and Cougarlife knows it for a fact. Launched in 2008, today, it is among the biggest and most famous sites for cougars dating today. Around 8 million people are currently registered on the site, which gives younger men a great platform to look for and date cougars. The site claims its mission is to connect mature women with men who love them. And it must be pretty successful in that as its popularity has only been growing lately. The site is not free, but the cost is not high if you subscribe to an annual membership. And if you are specifically looking for a cougar date or a younger man, this will be a worthwhile investment.

    Join a Group (or Various) at

    Meetup is a great way to meet new people who share your interests. Whether it's learning French, reading and discussing books, playing chess, or dancing tango, Meetup groups, had changed the way we go about our social life. Register at the site and browse for fun meetups in your area where you can make new friends, learn new things, and maybe even start a relationship.

    Meetup is an excellent blend of the best online tools to find offline activities and get to know people in real life, as often virtual communication is not enough to have a full impression of a person. Another great thing is that your community members organize many meetups, so it can be an easy way to get involved locally. Besides, unlike with dating websites, most meetup groups are not specifically set up for dating, so you can get to know women there without any pressure. And if you think you like a woman enough to invite her on a date, you can always ask her out.

    Your Church or a Similar Religious Group

    Many people start going to church more often as they grow older. Maybe they didn't have the time before, busy at their jobs and bringing up children, and maybe as they age, they feel more need for spiritual nourishment and community. Whatever the reason is, Sunday (or maybe Friday and Saturday, depending on your religion) service is a great place to meet people. Religious communities usually base on shared values and interests. Besides religion, you will often have a chance to do charity work and positively participate in your community's life together with likeminded people. And for many older women, dating a man from their church would likely mean a serious relationship.

    Friends of Friends, Family, Former Colleagues, and Other Aquaintances

    Meeting through a mutual friend is always a great way. Don't be shy to ask your family or close friends if they know any single older women. If you are not into online dating or huge gatherings asking around might be the best means for you. If you have kids, check if any of their friends' mothers are single, reach out to your former classmates and colleagues. And who knows, maybe that pretty cheerleader girl you had a crush on in high school has recently divorced and is ready to go on a date with you.

    Almost two-thirds of older women and men said that they had met their dates through mutual friends or acquaintances in a recent survey. So do some brainstorming of who you can contact and go ahead!

    Bars and Cafes where Older Folks Hang Out

    Bars and restaurants might not be places you think older women frequent. However, it is not uncommon for single mothers, cougars, and groups of friends to meet hang out there. Whether it's grabbing a drink after work during happy hour, going out with a few women friends, or going to a bar to meet someone, next time you enjoy your beer (or coffee), take a look around. Maybe you see an older woman you'd like to approach and start a conversation.

    The chill and fun atmosphere of bars and cafes make conversations flow without the awkwardness of a formal date, so if you are not the shy type, go ahead and practice your compliment and flirting skills.

    Try Adult Classes Like Dancing or Cooking

    Are you up to trying a new hobby? Besides learning new skills, adult classes are an awesome place to meet older women. If you sign up for regular classes, you will have a chance to get your classmates better over the course and maybe meet older women who you'd like to continue talking to when the class is over. Single-day workshops might work out too if you have enough courage to approach an older woman you like right away. Dancing, cooking, painting, gardening, the options are countless.

    If you are into wine, an interesting option to consider is adult wine and painting classes where you let go, get creative, and enjoy a relaxing atmosphere in the company of likeminded people. You can use browse Google, Facebook, or Eventbrite to look for classes in your area.

    Facebook and Facebook Dating

    There are many ways to meet and interact with people on Facebook. You can try Facebook Dating, the social network's new feature facilitating romance. The great thing about it is that you won't have to go through a lengthy registration process as you can easily transfer your personal information and photos from your main Facebook account. Besides, your friends won't know you are using the Dating feature if they are not on it.

    You can also browse through your friends' list to see who has their relationship status as "single" and join conversations under things your friends or pages you follow post. Maybe you agree with an older woman's comment under a random Facebook post, and you hit it off?!


    Where can I meet older women?

    Older women dating guys their age or even younger is quite common these days. We've covered many ways to meet older women in this article. From adult classes to your local church, dating apps, and Facebook, there are plenty of places and ways to meet mature single ladies. No one can probably say which option is the best, as different things work for different people, and we encourage you to try the one that works best with your personality.

    Can I Meet Older Women Online?

    Yes, you can absolutely meet an older woman online. Dating sites and apps are among the most popular means to meet people of all generations, and their popularity is increasing among seniors. For many older women, dating online is a great way to meet guys for casual dates or serious relationships. If you are shy or don't have much time to go to bars, adult classes, and other social gatherings, but want to meet older women, sign up for a popular dating website like or a specific one older folks like Our Time. Most sites and apps allow you to browse by age, so you can easily browse just profiles of older women if that is what you are looking for.

    Are Paid Dating Websites and Apps Worth it?

    The short answer is, it depends on what you are looking for and how much time you have. There are plenty of online dating websites out there, both free and not. Most are free to join but have extra features that you have to pay for, like verification. The ones that have paid registration usually offer something very specific like cougar dates, for example.

    If you have free time to go through possibly fake profiles, matchmakers, get frivolous messages before finding a match, don't bother paying. No subscription has 100% asshole protection, but if you want to minimize your chances of meeting one of them online, then spending a couple of extra bucks on premium sites and features is a good solution. If you help a parent or a senior friend set up their dating profile, getting a premium might be good as older women and gentlemen can fall victim to Internet scams, especially easily.

    Is Tinder Good to Meet an Older Woman?

    Tinder is the biggest dating app globally, so sure you can meet an older woman there. You see a profile picture and age of Tinder matches right away, so you can always swipe right when you see older women. However, Tinder might not be the best option to meet older women. With millions of users, only 5% are older than 45, so you will likely see many millennials and zoomers. So if your goal is to meet older women, it might not be easily achievable among all the youngsters. But if you are willing to try, registration is free.