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Most dating sites are not for sexual minorities, and most often, when registering, there is no “transgender” option in the gender indication. Almost all people who have changed their sex have encountered this. In such a system, it is also challenging to find supportive and understanding people who accept all the subtleties and difficulties of transition and behavior in relationships with a transgender person. Therefore, trans people very often face problems in finding a soul mate.

Understanding all the nuances and preferences of trans women and men in dating, we have compiled a list of the 14 safest and most visited transgender dating sites. It does not matter at all whether you are transgender or you do not mind to Date a ts. These sites will help you on your way to choosing a partner, long-term relationships, or just dating.

This dating site is for people of all genders, orientations, and personal preferences. Along with the usual questions, it also includes questions about belonging to certain sex groups and tastes in choosing a partner.

Visits to this dating site are the highest — about 39 million per month. The matches are incredibly accurate, the notifications of which come every day directly to your account. If you are looking for a secure online dating site trusted by millions of people and members every day, you should try registering here.


This dating site is top-rated among busy transgender singles who have tried different trans dating sites and almost no free time. So you can edit your profile, send likes to other members, flirt with a trans, and chat on the go. The platform has been around for about 13 years, and it also can connect Facebook and Google + accounts, which is very convenient because you don’t have to fill out simple questions yourself. Whoever you are looking for — transgender or cisgender singles, they all are welcomed on this dating site.

Adult Friend Finder

Not the whole transgender community has an attraction to a serious trans relationship, so this ts dating site specializes in finding a partner only for sexual needs. One-time meetings or long term ones — it doesn’t matter. It is convenient to see the status of trans profiles on the site — whether they are online or not. It is great because you can contact a transgender person in a matter of seconds without waiting for a long response. What is also important — none of the members try to hide their trans identity. Whether they are transgender people, transsexual, or transvestite, so you can always check profiles for this information. It has 100% free basic membership. Thus you can use the system’s functions anytime, anywhere.


Dating for trans people is not what they are constantly looking for. Besides, women and men need something to diversify their everyday lives. Online dating for those transgender singles is not enough. Being open to experimentation sexually can sometimes be difficult to find the right match to take on your crazy ideas. is a 100% free site where you can find a partner for one night. This site is used by many people, regardless of gender, orientation, and age. That is why this dating site is the most popular among the transgender people to find new experiences and enjoyable relations.


What makes this ts dating site different from other similar online dating sites is that it is only for adults who know what they need and know what they want. One of the safest dating sites, because profiles can be banned for the slightest offenses, as this platform maintains a friendly and understanding atmosphere and supports the transgender community, where all rights reserved. That makes FriendFinder-X one of the best transgender dating sites on the Internet. You can also select TS/TG/TV options to make sure that the members you have matched with know about your preferences and your sexual identity. You can also use the function ‘Seeking’ to learn more about other profiles too.


This dating site is one of the best transgender sites for trans and cisgender singles who would like to have long term dates. When registering, the profile indicates all the necessary primary information and the tastes and preferences of community members, to facilitate and speed up the search for a dating experience. It is also convenient to use the site’s functions right from home or on the go.

This trans dating site is suitable for people of any orientation and sexuality looking for just meeting or finding love. Sites for ts dating may be tricky for trans women and men, but not this one. Make sure you read about the pros and cons spoken by members right there.

Well, this trans dating site is a great find. Along with many other similar transgender dating sites, this one has tons of other nice bonuses. For example, in addition to chatting, you can use a webcam in your profile, make videos, and watch other members’ materials. If you want to speak out or you like to write about your hobbies or experiences, you can feel free to start a transgender blog and discuss with other transgender members on different topics. It is a kind of full-fledged trans social network, only it is aimed, by and large, at dating, of course. You can make new trans friends or look for true love and any other kind of a ts date.

It is noteworthy that this dating site exists in many major languages, so it is even more curious to search for trans women and men around the globe, which dramatically increases the chances of finding an interesting transgender person faster.


It is probably the most members-friendly dating site where transgender women and men feel safe and comfortable. This trans dating site will not cost you a penny, but it will bring many pleasant impressions and communication with other contrasting transgender members. Moreover, every profile on the site is certified and tested by the team, so you can rest assured that all the trans people here are for the same as you.

Transgender Date has been around online dating space for over ten years, which is important since many trans members-only trust the sites they have heard of. New convenient design, lots of cool features, and most importantly, all profiles are safe. All rights reserved. Experts say that this is by far one of the safest trans dating sites on the entire Internet, so you should try it.


This trans dating site is top-rated among other transgender dating sites for its message to the world. Its story is very touching and understandable. A man and his transgender wife created it. With this project, they wanted to say that the transition and dating with such people is not something bad, but quite the opposite. Every trans wants to feel him/herself, and also wants to find true love.

MyTranssexualDate is a goldmine for transgender women who identify themselves as heterosexual after the transition. Everything here is simple and easy because this online dating site works specifically so that these special transgender women could find themselves a worthy trans-oriented man. The platform has, just like other sites, many opportunities — communication, flirting, love, and relationships. The peculiarity is that it aims at a special group of transgender people, namely transgender women.

iDate Transsexual

It is also an exciting example of a dating site targeted at a specific group of people. On this trans dating site, a trans woman can find a cisgender person regardless of sex, race, or faith. This trans dating space helps transgender women find love without trying to drive themselves into the frames and stereotypes of our society.

Both the dating app and site are completely free and are also available on smartphones so that transgender women can meet and match people wherever they are. The main advantage of this trans dating platform, in addition to safe search and contact, is the round-the-clock support service. If you have any questions, you can always write to the team of people at any day or night. And also, check any profile for the previous dating experience purpose of being on the sites and its authenticity to be sure of their intentions.

TG Personals

An easy and general dating platform to use, where people from 18 and older meet. To find the perfect trans match, you don’t need to surf the pages and look through all the profiles for a long time. When searching, there are many criteria that you can fill in in your way to find a perfect match. Also, you should indicate more information about yourself in the profile, so this makes it possible to recognize trans people not by long correspondence, but almost immediately as soon as you get to their profile.

This site is also free for all trans members in terms of all services and functions. It allows transgender people of all ages and in any financial situation to find someone special for themselves.

TS Mingle

This site is suitable both for one-off meetings and for finding a partner for a long-term relationship. The developers assure that the site has no pitfalls or hidden paid services. This site is for any transgender members and for those who admire them. When registering, you must indicate your gender and data of operations (if you had any). The site is candid and open to all of the trans people, and it exists to add some spice to the dating life of all the single members of TS Mingle. After all, any change in trans’ body is an indispensable feature that attracts others so much.


Chatting and searching for a trans couple, meeting new friends, dating, and long-term dating is free on this one of the best transgender dating sites. Convenient service since there are a website and an app for phones. It is also excellent to link an existing social network account to your profile or register using an email address. When filling out the transgender questionnaire, the function “Gender” will have 11 possible options. It is helpful, provided that you can accurately describe your type of trans appearance and make a description, which many other sites do not provide. Trans 4 Date was created for all possible trans categories and for those members who wish to find such a partner and true love in general.

I Love TAT

Dating isn’t the only way to get to know someone from sites. This particular site is about getting transgender information and self-discovery. It is an online bar where you can meet a straight man, a trans woman, and other transgender representatives who can be dating each other and learn what it is like to be with a unique person. The free membership gives you ten flirts a day, but if you need complete access, get one-year Premium membership for a year for less than $2 a month.


How to date a transgender person?

Almost all trans women and men choose to let others know that they are transgender sooner or later. Most of them face difficulties while interacting with other people, especially while dating them. There are many support groups on the way. Still, what is more wonderful — there are many transgender dating sites where trans women and other transgender members contact each other without any misunderstandings and find love.

Where to meet a trans woman online?

Trans women embrace the idea of comfort trans dating sites, such as MyTranssexualDate or iDate Transsexual. Online dating on those dating sites makes trans women feel safe, as they slowly get to know new people in their social circle.

What is the best site for transgender people?

In my opinion, is the best, as it allows singles of any age to connect and maybe get a dating, has a lot of cool features, is widespread throughout the world, and is free. More than that, it is popular and can be used from any device.

Are transgender dating sites safe?

Not all of them can guarantee total security. But most of them can, which is great. There are more and more dating platforms each year, so be sure to read the reviews first before register.

Are transgender sites legit?

I would say yes. There is nothing wrong with being who you truly are. Trans women, for example, deserve to be happy the same way regular women are. Dating can be risky anyway, so a plus with online dating is that you can first understand who the person you’re talking to is and whether it’s worth waiting for a meeting at all.