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  • We live in times of freedom and discovery when people are encouraged to express their ideas and speak their minds openly. And though cross-dressing is as old as the hills, many people are still confused by lack of knowledge. We are here to cast light on the matter and shift your expectations.

    Crossdresser dating built a cult over the past few years. This network grows by the minute, welcoming like-minded kinky people of particular interests. They obtain fair chances in finding someone to express their creative vision and cherish a mutual feeling of love and beauty. We have gathered the best crossdresser dating sites in one place to display how versatile and LGBTQ-welcoming the dating industry can be.

    While creating this dating list, we celebrate such relevant parameters as safety, free options, diversity, and effectiveness. We strongly believe that it is essential to find a secure cyberbullying-free place where people of various characters and likes can express their individuality, team up, and fall in love.

    If you have any unsettled issues, dive into the review, and find your inspiration. Read our review and choose the dating network that fits you best.

    eHarmony is a vast cyber environment where millions of kinky people are looking for love entertainments and hookups. You can enter the site for free and start browsing on the spot. The site is open to LGBTQ visitors and promises a secure but fruitful online dating. View sexy photos, hot video files, flirt, and be daring.

    You can create a profile or mingle at the website anonymously. Many crossdressers who have experienced bullying and harassment may find it convenient when real names and appearances remain a secret at the beginning. However, excellent prospects demand commitment. You have to purchase membership plans to enter private chats and get all benefits of a hookup portal.

    User Base
    All Singles*
    Gender Ratio
    48% *
    Popularity (Visits/Mo.)
    4.1 Million*
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    FriendFinder-X is a judgment-free dating platform that allows thousands of visitors to follow a free love cult. Here you will find partners who aim at sexual relations without restrictions. The FriendFinder-X motivates members to tag preferences and get into the game. Whether your interests extend to gay crossdresser dating, threesomes, or straight affairs with crossdresser singles, this dating site will be worth visiting.

    Free profiles do not require credit card details or private information. With FFX, it's easier than one might imagine. Just fill out username-password slots and enjoy benefits. Friend-Finder-X is famous for its forums. Make sure you check them to obtain dating advice and find local crossdressers.

    User Base
    All Singles*
    Gender Ratio
    80% *
    Popularity (Visits/Mo.)
    59.36 Million*
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    Get 3 Days FREE proves to be one of the securest online places for people of common, creative, and marginal interests. Being one of the most significant dating communities in the USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom, this portal creates a blooming space for crossdresser dating. ensures limitless communication as an entering bonus offer. Free membership plans allow chat, view other members' profiles, and discover potential matches. Specify appearance and location parameters and connect with local crossdressers. is a dating site that takes issues of security and psychological well-being seriously. Unfortunately, the cross-dressing dating community appears to be the least shielded from cyber-bullying and harassment. promises to restrict aggressive behavior and protect every community member. Therefore registered visitors get access to a stop list when they can block or report any suspicious virulent behavior.

    User Base
    All Singles*
    Gender Ratio
    70% *
    Popularity (Visits/Mo.)
    4.7 Million*
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    BeNaughty is an animated dating site for open-minded people who do not judge and do not like judgments. If you want to find unusual dating opportunities and team with crossdresser singles in your area, we welcome you to this amatory portal. On BeNaughty, local crossdressers can flirt, chat, meet, and express their individuality openly. BeNaughty creates perfect digital surroundings for everyone who fancies adult entertainment, favors no strings attached relations, and celebrates a free spirit of love.

    User Base
    All Singles*
    Gender Ratio
    Popularity (Visits/Mo.)
    28.9 Million*

    Date A Crossdresser reflects the real character of a kinky character who is upfront, free, and beautiful. The portal ranks itself as the number one crossdresser dating site and caters to sassy and eye-catching divas looking for fun, love, and friendships. You are inspired to specify email, generate username-password data, define age, gender, location, make a point about your lifestyle and favorites, and proceed to your bonus offer. Free membership profiles can send instant messages, upload images, and coquet.

    If you cannot wait to date a crossdresser club, crossdressing is at your service. It is a 100 percent free environment for men and women of all genders and age categories to find an online friendship or a darling just around the corner. Send digital flirts and receive messages for free, search and discover, reveal your personality, and celebrate freedom. All you need to do is provide a valid email and tag online tools to get accurate matches. CCD welcomes crossdressers, transvestites, transgender people, and admirers to enter this cyberbully-free territory and experience all benefits of a creatively different life. Upgrade the profile and get an allowance to blogs, private photos and videos, chatrooms, messengers, and the Gossip Zone.

    Crossdresser Dating Site is a definite opportunity for men and women to search for crossdresser dating. This phenomenal portal is a line of Infinite Connections, which means that once you create a profile here, all related sites feature your personals for no additional pricing. It expands the searching area and doubles your chances of successful dating.

    Crossdresser Dating Site gives you access to free browsing and flirting as an entering bonus offer. Free membership plans will require account updates if you desire to write an amorous message to somebody you find attractive. Full memberships also open video chats and chatrooms where you can interact live.

    The dating site makes the process engaging and usable. You are welcome to use or email address to generate a profile. Flexible searching tools rely on your interests and such parameters as location, age, gender, sexual preferences, and peculiarities.

    Crossdresses who don't like to beat around the bush will find this dating platform most useful. Crossdresser Hookup is open to people of all sexual preferences and picturesque characters. Being part of the Infinite Connections world, Crossdresser Hookup privileges its members with a global user database. Search by interests or by neighborhood and find local crossdressers who fancy no strings attached relations, exotic one-night stands, and sexual encounters with hot sassy divas.

    This crossdresser dating site celebrates sophisticated differences and adulthood. is the place where young and mature admirers and crossdresser singles meet and treat. Many local people join Senior Cross Dress to find friendships, amity, pen-pals, and true long-term relations. Rely on your gender and appearance preferences, region, and engagements to refine potential matches.

    Senior Cross Dress ensures secure and anonymous memberships. They promise that even bank reports won't show any related information if you use the credit card data to enhance to VIP.

    Being a blooming crossdresser dating site Meet A Crossdresser is the choice of many sassy singles looking for genuine commitment, amity, advice, and relations. This dating portal is open not only to members of the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada but is excited to accept crossdresser singles and admirers from every country.

    Create a profile at Meet A Crossdresser and enjoy your entering bonus offer. Free membership plans allow browsing, virtual flirting, and adjusting the account. But only premium memberships restrain limits and open all doors. You are welcome to write some lines about yourself to attract potential matches. Online mechanisms perform with mastery, and Meet A Crossdresser ensures you will run against someone who can make your most fearless dreams come true.

    Crossdresser Dating Apps

    We cannot make our review complete without writing about mobile apps that cater to crossdressers. The pace of modern life forces us to keep in touch at all times. That's when mobile apps speak volumes. Most revised dating sites have a mobile-friendly platform. Download it and miss no notifications! And below are two more apps that catch our eye.

    A daring cyber-space for daring people. This app invites you into the poly-world of adult pleasures and poly-sexual entertainment. If you are a crossdresser single looking for a threesome, Feeld whispers you how to meet and treat. Available both for iOS and Android users, Feeld caters to your imagination.

    Transdr welcomes admirers of transsexual dating. It ensures to design a safe place for open-minded people who explore their true nature and sexuality. This LGBTQ-oriented app promises to maintain a positive atmosphere and a secure environment for those who favor exploring exotic amatory relations.

    The Bottom Line

    We genuinely expect this review will help many sassy and daring people obtain more confidence and knowledge on the matter. In the end, the heart is all that matters. We wish you good vibes and hope every diva will find a soulmate with whom one can share pleasures and joyful moments.


    Are dating sites for crossdressers free?

    Many sites offer free memberships, and some dating portals don't even require a signup. You are welcome to watch but cannot touch! Browse profiles and enjoy free features. But you must have a purchased subscription to have limitless communicating.

    How to find women who like crossdressers?

    It's not that complicated as it might seem. There are a lot of specialized sites and mobile apps that cater to crossdresser singles and crossdressed admirers. In our review, we cover the most appreciated ones. Create a profile and tag your preferences to narrow down the search.

    Are crossdressers gay?

    Crossdressing is a lifestyle and not a sexual orientation. Luckily we live in times when people can express their interests openly. People are free to choose what to wear and with whom to build relations. Some crossdresser singles are gay, some are bisexual, and some are straight. In the end, clothes are just pieces of fabric.

    How to meet crossdressers?

    The easiest way to meet a crossdresser is by browsing through one of those dating sites we speak above. Of course, you can always mingle at a specialized venue, but online matching will only take you some minutes.

    How to find men who love crossdressers?

    That won't take you long if you visit one of the sites under discussion. We recommend portals that focus on crossdressing users and create an environment for safe, joyful communication. Enter for free, and if somebody catches your eye, don't waste time and start a conversation.