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  • Lonely nerds, geeks, and bookworms worldwide are having trouble finding someone who will listen to them. However, in our time, this search has ceased to be a difficulty. All you need to do is connect to the Internet, find the right dating site for you, and be afraid to be active in communication! In turn, we have created for you an exciting selection of the best dating sites and apps for nerds. Don't let love pass you by!

    Here we will look at the most top-rated dating platforms where geeks and nerds can feel at home. The atmosphere on such sites is amiable and unbiased, which is an excellent advantage over other dating sites. Read along and find out what is up in the world of nerd dating.

    30 million geeks and nerds worldwide use the eHarmony app, and this number is growing every year. Here the number of nerds without a soul geek is off the scale, and you will 100% find someone who you'll fall in love with. How do I use this app? It's effortless in use! 

    You register with your email address, fill out a questionnaire, write about all the hobbies that you have, and also express your wishes about what kind of nerd you would like to see around you, and voila!

    Crowds of nerds and geeks are already running to meet you for dating! Did you like someone and think that it's your soul geek? Then you can safely send this one emoticon and add their profile to the "favorites" column. The app is easy to use; it is popular among nerds and geeks and - entirely free for three days!

    User Base
    All Singles*
    Gender Ratio
    48% *
    Popularity (Visits/Mo.)
    4.1 Million*
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    No less popular is the Zoosk app. Geek lovers and nerds use this dating site for nerd dating, so here a person can find one's partner, even though someone has very high requests. Also, the advantages of this app are ultra-fast registration (you can log in from your Facebook or Google account), and there are a lot of non-paid features, such as communicating in various ways and getting a random match.

    User Base
    All Singles*
    Gender Ratio
    Popularity (Visits/Mo.)
    28.9 Million*

    Speaking of Geek, it's worth noting that this dating site brings maximum benefits to those geeks and nerds who are still single. Here you can find someone to your taste, creating your profile in the minimum amount of time. 

    By providing the app with information about your date of birth, your email address, and gender, you will have no choice but to fall in love with your nerd Prince or nerd Queen! The app also contains many free cool things, such as the opportunity to flirt virtually or engage in nerd dating.


    No matter how much someone wants to live in the last century or the future, no one can help but be happy that they finally came up with a dating website for all "crazy" singles! The Geek app has an incredible number of positive aspects. Firstly, it satisfies our desire to save money on everything and is free.

    Yes, you read right, the dating site and all the features in it are free, you can put your credit card in your pocket back! Secondly, it is convenient for one to sit in the app from your mobile phone, and wherever you are, you can continue to communicate with nerds and geeks and look for new acquaintances by merely clicking on the app icon on your smartphone!

    What if you suddenly decide to meet a nerd or a geek? This dating website satisfies this request. Thanks to the location detection. Functioning, Geeky Friends Date creates matches of two geeks who are close to each other.


    When talking about SoulGeek, you can't help but stop and talk about its creator, Dino Andrade. Unfortunately, he lost his wife, the impetus for creating a nerd dating site that would allow all nerds to find their soulmate.

    The app's features are the ability to quickly register (for example, by using your email address), to create a user-friendly profile, and all the features inherent in modern dating sites. However, speaking of its differences from all other nerd dating sites, it is worth paying attention to the presence of a dating blog. It gives good advice on the topic and various lists of events taking place throughout the country (comic con, sci-fi lovers, and so on). One can find like-minded people there.



    The nerd dating app name speaks for itself. Star Trek is a film that has captured the hearts of many millions of people on our planet. What is the main character's last name? What race was the opponent? What is the name of the main character's ship? 

    If you can answer these questions, this nerd dating site is definitely for you! Since attachment or dislike for this film can become a stumbling block in developing a relationship between geeks, this should be clear before getting married and making other severe decisions in the connection.

    The creators of the Star app understood this correctly and created an excellent dating app for those who are fans of the Star Trek movie.

    Here you can find a lot of like-minded geeks and attend various events on this topic, a list available on the geek nerd dating website (for example, comic con or video games' lovers).

    URL: htts://

    If you are a nerd, you'll love this dating site. The Doctor Who TV series is known all over the world and has tens of thousands of fans. With the app, single, like-minded people will find a nerd, who also decides to postpone sleep for an hour to watch another episode.

    You can forget about your credit card because the registration in the app is entirely free! Someone is already waiting for you there, go ahead!


    Books about the boy wizard Harry Potter have become one of the best-selling books in the world. It's not surprising that many fans would like to see around them the same zealous fan as themselves.

    Users have the opportunity to change their profile for free and search for their "wizard" and beginners - free registration! Your 'Harry Potter' or your 'Hermione' can't beat all the evil without one's 'magic stick'!


    It is no secret that many adults remain partial to cartoons even after they have already left the period of childhood. The dating site caters for all those who love the animated series My Little Pony. There are all the possibilities to find your ideal nerd, as well as to create a profile to your taste!

    The word match, in this case, contains a double meaning. First of all, it reflects its essence- to help you create a match geek2geek. To create a profile, you must specify necessary information about yourself, i.e., age, gender, etc. However, you don't need to enter your credit card number here.

    Secondly, the app combines the main features of the dating sites and the social networks, so it is likely that by registration in this dating for nerds and geeks site, you doom yourself to several hours a day of exciting pastime in it.


    Fans of Star Track have come up with another cool app. It is straightforward to use and completely free of charge, it has all the functions of dating sites, and there is a global discussion of topics related to this cult film. 

    If you adore the game based on this film, someone is already waiting for you to go on a gamer dating. There is also a cool function in this nerd dating site - "online dating, "which helps you stay in touch with a nerd.


    This nerd dating site is insanely popular among users (6.5 million) and does not stop gaining momentum. By registering via Facebook, a nerd gets access to all functions, including communication and searching for one's nerd. For a fee, you can get premium services on this nerd dating site. 

    You can upgrade your profile and find out why there are so many geeks here than other nerd dating apps.


    Are you a single nerd who understands some highly specialized field? Then you should be here! Nerd Passions has won the love and trust of many thousands of geeks. Here any nerd can tell about all their hobbies and find a person with whom one's hobbies are similar.

    The advantages of the dating app include quick registration, easy viewing of accounts, and utterly free use. For those who do not understand how to use this nerd dating site, the creators have placed a video instruction on the main page of the nerd dating site. Forward to finding your perfect soulmate! Your nerd soulmate is already waiting for you on this nerd dating site.


    Four million nerds have already rated this nerd dating site highly for its quality and safety.

    Here, a nerd can easily create video profiles and can also see who and when was online in this dating site. 

    Communication on various topics is provided for a nerd here. If for some reason, you don't want or can't meet someone, you can use the "online dating" function and communicate in text or video format. If you imagine that you are uranium 235, then the inseparable isotope uranium 238 is already rushing to you!



    Is there a dating site for nerds?

    Read our review, and you will find a straightforward answer to this question. There plenty of nerd dating sites, some of them free. Others provide fantastic features.

    What is the best nerd dating app?

    Here we've told you about all the most famous nerd dating apps for geeks and nerds. Each has its characteristics. For example, some help you find someone close to you at a particular moment. Some dating sites have a considerable chat room where specific topics are on air. There are nerd dating sites highly specialized (for example, it's easier to make a so desirable gamer dating via a special nerd dating site), while others are not. In general, do not remain passive and choose the most convenient nerd dating site for you.

    Are nerd dating sites legit?

    All of these dating sites are entirely legal. If you're going to pay for a service on the site, you will pay only for this service. If there is a write-off, you should contact the support service, and professionals will solve the problem.

    Are nerd dating sites safe?

    Every day, a team of experts reviews thousands of fraud questionnaires and eliminates all possible illegal actions. For you to verify the legality of some nerd dating site, you can use the verification sites. Anyway, one should be careful communicating with strangers like they do in a brick-and-mortar world.

    Where can I find a nerdy girlfriend?

    One can find a nerdy girlfriend or boyfriend offline. However, most of them are not quite sociable and prefer to spend time browsing the net. So it is more likely for you to meet them online on the dating sites, the best of which we reviewed in this article.