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  • More than 2.3 million Americans are in custody; this includes a local prison, a state prison, or a federal prison. But this does not at all prevent the prisoners from continuing to lead their personal lives and dating. Therefore, we reviewed 12 sites designed to meet with prisoners or ex-prisoners. Of course, this does not mean that society justifies these people for what they have done, but everyone needs another chance to start from scratch and find someone who will not blame them for mistakes of the past.

    This site, frankly, is not focused on dating prisoners only. Moreover, according to statistics, this site is the most successful in forming relationships and inmate marriage. All you need to do is provide your name, age, location, gender, sexual orientation, valid email, and a few other details. After that, welcome to a platform with users in 25 countries to meet inmates worldwide.

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    This site is more suitable for those who want to find pen pals, rather than dating. Here male and female inmates can find educational materials, jobs, housing, scholarships, and even art. The site started working like this 20 years ago, in 2000. There are various forums and blogs of other prison system people where members can ask and answer questions and share knowledge.

    This dating site has one of the highest popularity among other dating sites —a 75% compatibility rating. Users can search for inmates, meet those selected by criteria such as gender, age group, ethnicity, prison location, and membership type. In addition to regular correspondence, pen pals can also send gifts to each other. Besides, this site is also convenient because it contains information and facts about the law for pen pal inmates and support service to contact inmates' fraud.

    It is an amicable site that aims to help inmates find friends outside the prison walls. After registration, you can pin or mark yourself in the Featured Profiles contribution on the main page to see someone faster. The site's policy is, "There is nothing better than encouraging prison pen pals who need it so badly."

    This site started back in 1998 so that prisoners could find pen pals. It's entirely free for people from the outside world to meet an inmate, while prisoners have to pay a small tax so that the superiors put them on the site list. The site's management says that they are very customer-oriented, and everyone who has dealt with this platform got satisfaction for sure. By the way, letters are sent using the US Postal Service, so you need to note your mailing address and other information.

    Most people across the US trust this particular site for inmate meet needs. 'Prison Inmates' is for people of any gender, orientation, and ethnicity. The only thing is, you must be over 18 years old to get access to create an account. A handy benefit is the additional criteria for finding prison pen pals, such as postcards and message service extensions.

    This site is for more personal connections — friendships, prison dates, and even serious relationships. Completely free service both for those who use a computer and for users of the mobile app. The easiest way to contact and get to know someone is to wish them a happy birthday and say a couple of nice words on their special day because, on this dating site, you can easily see the birthday updates on the homepage.

    Free membership is available on this site. Matchmaking criteria allow you to search for a person s based on your interests and preferences, so you can quickly get matches and start flirting. Like many other platforms, this one is available as a phone app to meet inmates and chat whether you are in New Jersey or South Dakota.

    Family members of prisoners, their friends, and acquaintances created Friends Beyond The Wall in 1999 and are still operating it. The idea of the site is that a prison is a too lonely place to make friends. So every week, editors publish pamphlets for inmates from 46 states for people to write, to comfort them, and become a pen pal for each other. There are already more than 2,500 advertisements on the site, and the address of a particular inmate is available d for free. is for people over 18 years of age. Here inmates from Great White North "rise from their knees" by communicating with empathic pen pals who can be a ray of hope for their pen pal inmates.

    The name of this dating site speaks for itself. Women Behind Bars is mainly for female inmates and those who would like to know each other. The free service provides you with information and photos of female inmates behind bars, among other things. The people who created the Women Behind Bars in 1997 did this to give female inmates hope for the future. They want to communicate with people from the outside world to bring diversity to their lives.

    The is entirely free and does not contain pop-up ads. It is not just a dating space, but a whole social network to find the perfect match. Conveniently, there are many communication options on the InmatePassions, in addition to the most common ones.

    Bottom Line

    These platforms exist to help prisoners find a caring friend, exciting dates, or even a serious relationship. But it's still important to remember that chatting with strangers online can be dangerous, so be careful.


    Are prison dating sites safe?

    Most likely, yes, because the entire history of correspondence is monitored by law enforcement agencies and moderators so that no unexpected situations occur.

    How do prisoners get on dating sites?

    Inmates pay a small tax, and prison staff list them on websites or create a profile/advertisement with information.

    How to write to a pen pal in prison?

    Most often, you can write to the prisoner's profile. But it is also possible to send a letter by mail if the platform provides such an opportunity.

    How to meet women in prison?

    There is a Women Behind Bars website that aims to get to know female prisoners, where there are questionnaires and detailed information on how to do it better.

    How to be a penpal to a prisoner?

    Most of all, prisoners need support and a kind word. Prison, you see, is not the most pleasant place on earth, so just be yourself and take a little care concerning your pen pals.