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  • Unfortunately, sometimes people that once loved each other can no longer be together, even when there are children involved. Being a single parent is a difficult task by itself, and maintaining a love life while caring for a child can sometimes seem impossible. When most single parents are always busy with providing and caring for their children, how do they even get to meet new people? Thankfully, in the modern age of high tech, there are hundreds of online dating sites available to help find love. Here, we have collected a list of the most trustworthy free dating sites to meet single parents. Finding a potential partner has never been more comfortable with this list of best dating sites for meeting single parents!

    eHarmony is one of the best dating sites for single parents. One of the main advantages of eHarmony is that it gives you free access to a pool of users who are interested in the long term, committed relationships.

    eHarmony has a bunch of instruments that can aid the matching process, such as a personality test you can take to improve partner suggestions, or you could specify that you are a single mom or dad looking for a parent single on eHarmony.

    To create a dating profile on eHarmony, you will only need a valid email address. eHarmony also allows you to sign in using your Facebook account.

    User Base
    All Singles*
    Gender Ratio
    48% *
    Popularity (Visits/Mo.)
    4.1 Million*
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    EliteSingles is a free dating site that focuses on bringing together educated individuals interested in serious long term relationships. It makes it one of the best dating sites for single parents.

    The majority of the dating site users have at least a bachelor's degree, so the probability of being interested in one-night stands is highly unlikely. If you are a single parent interested in single moms or dads, this dating site is for you.

    Free of charge, the dating site allows you to create a dating profile using only your email address. It will give you access to fill in your profile and check out and message other single users. Besides, EliteSingles provides excellent dating advice from professionals to ensure that you find one of the best relationships in your life.

    User Base
    All Singles*
    Gender Ratio
    Popularity (Visits/Mo.)
    2 Million*

    If you are a mature single mom or dad aged 50 or more, interested in other parent singles, then this dating site might be one of the best dating sites for you.

    OurTime allows mature people to find love for free. Setting up a profile here will allow you to search for other single moms and dads, check out and react to their profiles. It will tremendously increase your chances of meeting someone in your area.

    This online dating site is very user-friendly and will allow you to quickly get a potential match and jump straight into potential relationships without wasting time and effort on learning any fancy tech stuff. The only thing you would need to set up an account is a valid email address.

    User Base
    All Singles*
    Gender Ratio
    46% *
    Popularity (Visits/Mo.)
    1.4 Million*
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    AdultFriendFinder is one of the best online dating sites for single parents, as more than three-quarters of its users are aged at least 30. It means that these people are more likely to search for committed relationships and a long term potential partner.

    This free online dating site offers a diverse dating pool with more than 25 million users worldwide. The algorithm that the site uses will match you with the most suitable profiles. Moreover, the search feature allows you to narrow your search down by specific parameters, such as indicating that you are interested in single parent dating, so you can raise the chances of finding the one free of charge.

    One of the advantages of this dating site is that it is easy to create a profile - you only need a valid email address and be interested in finding a potential partner.

    User Base
    All Singles*
    Gender Ratio
    80% *
    Popularity (Visits/Mo.)
    59.36 Million*
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    This online dating site is one of the non-numerous sites for single parents. If you are a single parent searching for other single moms and dads, you should consider setting up a profile on this dating site.

    To make an account, you will only need an email address. After you fill in your profile page, you are all set to search, browse, and communicate with other users from around the globe. You get all this for free!

    This free online dating site is one of the most straightforward dating sites out there. It is meant specifically for single moms and dads searching for romantic relationships with other single parents who have found themselves in a similar situation. If you are a single parent who has no time or energy to spend on normal dating approaches, try getting a match on this dating site.

    It is a British free online dating site meant specifically for single moms and dads out there. There is a membership upgrade available, but why pay when you already have the most necessary features such as searching, matching, and messaging other users completely free of charge! You also do not need to worry about how your match will react to you being a single parent, as users here specifically search for parent dating. Single parent dating has never been this fun and easy!

    Local Single Moms is one of the most interesting free online dating sites where you can meet single parents. Apart from basic features, such as searching, matching, and messaging, setting up a profile here will give you access to additional perks, such as chat rooms with video and voice support, and forums. There you can find lots of useful dating advice and also sign up for receiving notifications with new matches that the algorithm creates for you.

    This online dating site will satisfy whatever needs you have regarding relationships. whether you are searching for a long term committed connection or just interested in having a no-strings-attached approach, Local Single Moms is there to support you.

    You also do not need to worry about security and safety - the site runs background checks. It only allows verified users to interact, so you can jump straight into the single parent dating pool without thinking about unrelated issues. All you need to create a dating profile is an email address!

    Another one of the best free dating sites out there that we would recommend is Single Parent Meet. This online dating site belongs to People Media, so finding single users with similar interests on this platform is guaranteed. It aims to help single parents find love, so rest assured that the word 'parent' will not spook anybody here. You can also become a part of a wonderful community and make new friends here.

    The free membership gives users access to standard dating features, such as advanced search, matching, and messaging.

    Single Parent Match is one of the oldest free online dating sites for single parents. For over 15 years, this dating site has helped single parents regain trust in relationships and match like-minded people. Whether you are interested in simple, friendly conversations with other users, light dating, or serious, committed relationships, this online dating site is the perfect place to be if you feel the need to socialize.

    This dating site provides a bunch of features necessary for online parent dating, such as an advanced search where you can filter users by age and geographic position, matching algorithms that give you a list of people you are compatible with, and instant messaging. Besides, you can also find relevant, useful information and advice on single parent dating to raise your chances of returning to a bright life.

    If you are not sure if you are ready for a romantic relationship, but you would like to socialize with like-minded people, check out Single Parent Passions. It is one of the few dating sites similar to a social network where you can share your experience. Communicate with other users, openly state your expectations and desires on your page, access a newsfeed to check out other people's activity, and exchange messages.

    If you are actively searching for a romantic partner, you can update your profile to let others know that you are open to that absolutely for free! Besides, all that aims at single parents, so here you will most likely find a caring person interested in making a serious lifetime commitment.

    First Met is easily one of the best dating sites out there. If you are interested in single parent dating, but tired of all the immature matches that are not ready to make commitments, try setting up a profile at First Met. You can quickly and easily do this by signing up with a valid email address or your Facebook account and uploading a profile photo to gain access to the site's search engine and matching algorithms.

    The perks of this dating site are that if you are looking for single parents specifically, you can narrow your search by setting up the advanced filters. Moreover, it is easy to use anywhere and anytime with its rights reserved, a user-friendly app available at AppStore and Google Play.

    Most of the users on this site (and there are over 30 million registered members!) are mature people searching for serious adult relationships, so with such a large pool, you will be able to find what you are looking for.


    What is the best dating site for single parents?

    Most single parents are interested in serious, long-lasting relationships, as they typically have no time for games and drama. If you are one such parent, then you should check out eHarmony.

    eHarmony has been the leading dating platform for long-term commitments for over 20 years now. When eHarmony was in the making, the main goal was to create a system that would be so good at matching compatible people that they would eventually marry. So far, eHarmony has been successful - it is responsible for more than 2 million marriages in the States, which is around 4 percent of the total amount of marriages in the country.

    eHarmony was created by a team of relationship experts and psychologists, so it is no surprise that it has lots of eHarmony Compatibility Quizzes, personality tests, icebreakers, ratings, and many other features that make matching close to perfect. eHarmony often holds special events that facilitate the process of searching for a match or just having a fun time communicating.

    eHarmony has its rights reserved app available for iPhone and Android platforms. This way, you can always have access to the eHarmony search engine, matching tools, and chats.

    Because eHarmony aims at mature people searching for a commitment, it is the perfect place for single parents. The eHarmony search engine allows you to narrow your search by choosing advanced search parameters. You can specify that you are searching for other users with children on eHarmony.

    eHarmony also verifies its user profiles, so you can be sure that you are chatting with someone who is exactly what his or her profile claims.

    Thus, we consider eHarmony to be the best dating site for single parents to use.

    How do single moms start dating?

    It depends on whether the mother is ready to jump back into the dating game, of course. Time and energy may be an issue, and it also depends on how young her child is. This is a decision that should not be forced or taken lightly, so each mother has to decide for herself if she is ready to make a new commitment, and then take action.

    Why is it hard for single mothers to date?

    Not many single men are ready to take responsibility for a child, let alone somebody else's child. However, there are enough mature men or single fathers that would welcome addition to the family.

    How to find single moms?

    You can find single moms by checking out the sites mentioned above and setting your advanced search parameters to single parents or 'has children.'

    Where do single moms meet guys?

    Single moms would have the best chances of meeting guys at the sites mentioned above.