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    Nowadays, in our chaotic world, conscious dating is gaining popularity. Every spiritual single wants to find inner peace and meet someone who shares their point of view. But it isn’t easy to find such people in real life, so that’s when online conscious dating sites come to rescue.

    Spiritual and conscious dating sites encourage single people to find the right person, to start a relationship with someone who has similar beliefs and follows the same life path.

    The Pew Research Center Some conducted a survey and asked people whether they classify themselves as spiritual and whether they classify themselves as religious. Some people believe that the term “spiritual but not religious” is indecisive, while others tend to think that it is the right way to describe themselves. The incontestable fact is that this label can apply to a growing number of Americans. According to the survey, about two-thirds of Americans describe themselves as religious, and 37% of Americans now classify themselves as spiritual. If you, identifying yourself as spiritual, enter a room with 100 strangers in it, you will find that almost 50% of them also find themselves spiritual.

    eHarmony is one of the most reliable dating sites with tens of millions of users. This site is the best one among other dating sites. It serves over 50 countries in twelve languages. It is not only for spiritual singles. It is the place where every single person can find a serious relationship. 

    Apart from basics about yourself, the site will ask you to show your needs and wants. For instance, you can tell about your preferences in the section like My Interests, or introduce and describe yourself with 4,000 characters in My Summary (green singles can tell about what they advocate). The site also enables you to search for other profiles on your own with personalized search criteria. This dating site appeals to many people because it allows them to specify what you want in a partner, making the searching process quicker. You can rate the essential qualities that you want to see in your partner. You can join eHarmony for free within five minutes and browse for profiles that you find interesting. On eHarmony, you can see one profile at a time so that you can decide whether to match or keep browsing. It gives you a great deal of information about a person in their profiles. The security on the site is exceptional; all rights reserved. You will not fall victim to fraud.

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    Conscious Singles is a privately labeled site that belongs to Conscious Dating Network. It is among the best green dating and spiritual sites for users. Green dating on Conscious Singles means valuing personal growth, healthy lifestyle, non-GMO foods, yoga, etc. It ensures that you’ll find people that share similar interests. On Conscious Singles, like on Spiritual Singles, you can design a profile, upload photos, and videos, receive and reply to messages, send hellos to other members. Besides, you will not find a single person that is not spiritual.

    What is more, you can create a detailed profile and include information about all your preferences. Match questions include such categories as eco-consciousness, spirituality, ethics, diet, lifestyle. All members are conscious spiritual, mindful, and available, so it accelerates the process of searching for a partner. The site has two kinds of membership: free and upgraded. Free membership only allows you to receive and respond to messages from other members.

    MeetMindful is another unusual conscious dating site that will help its members meet someone to share their mindfulness. It is not different from other online dating sites on the market, but it has a unique user base. The first thing members need to do is choose the top things you are interested in: yoga, meditation, fitness, traveling, concentration, volunteering, developing your personality, conscious diet (or controlling your eating habits), creating arts, or green living. 

    Then you will see the extent (in percentage) to which you will get along with other members. Registration to MeetMindful is absolutely free and extremely easy. When creating a profile, you will have to answer some questions concerning mindfulness and give your interpretation of the word. You can leave your profile blank but giving extensive answers enhances your chances to meet other people and get to know them better. It shows that you are open and ready to listen here. Plus, it gives you some tips for creating a unique profile and dating with respect. Like on other dating websites, there are two versions for members: free and Premium. The free version only allows you to look through other profiles, while the Premium version enables you to send messages and filter your search. MeetMindful is available on mobile phones. All you need to do is to download it from the play store. Another advantage is the possibility to use a free trial for two days and see whether it caters to your need or not.

    Unlike other dating sites, DharmaMatch is not a traditional or mainstream dating site. It is purely spiritual. It takes inspiration from the Eastern spirituality terms of dharma and karma. Members of dharmaMatch classify themselves as Buddhist, Hindu, or Yogi. 

    Dharma has different interpretations in different religions and philosophies. In Buddhism, dharma is the cosmic law, the universal truth. In Hinduism, dharma is more of a moral principle. The members of dharmaMatch define dharma as “to be the best version of yourself every day,” and it empowers single people to lead a good life and help others. It encourages them to do good in the dating lives, too. The site helps its members to find a person who interprets the notion of dharma in the same way. This dating site welcomes people of all faiths and belief systems. The key features of the dharmaMatch site are a targeted user base, Hot Lists, access to private photos, virtual smiles, comprehensive search criteria, message replying. If you want to send a message to another user, you should become a premium member. Now you don’t need to go to Taiwan or India to meet people who identify themselves as Buddhists. You need to visit the online dating site.

    JustSpiritualDating has a significant number of open-minded singles ready for conscious dating. This site is suitable for those who want to build long-term relationships. If you want to start relationships with no strings attached, you’d better go to another dating website. The members’ main goal is to make a strong spiritual connection with other members of the web community. You can sing up for JustSpiritualDating for free. The registration requires selecting your gender, inputting your first name, date of birth, email, and making up a password. The free services of the site are receiving, sending, and responding to messages, and browsing profiles.

    The Spiritual Awakening dating site aims to help conscious spiritual people get an unusual psychic experience within the forum. It has a design for a spiritually aware community. On The Spiritual Awakening, you can not only look for a soul mate on a dating platform of the site but also make new friends, share your experience, events, and retreats, and have discussions on different topics. No matter if you are psychic or not, you will find something magical there. The registration procedure is quick and free. If you want to build a lasting spiritual relationship on a different vibration with other members, this online dating site is one of the best options for you.

    The Spiritual Dating site is a small but rapidly growing online conscious dating website with some 63,000 members. This number is growing fast every day. Also, the site is a 100% free platform, so you don’t need to spend money on registration. The profile includes essential characteristics such as age, career, race, and distinctive ones such as faith and spirituality. It enables you to provide more information about your quirks and specify the kind of person you prefer to date. According to Adam, a spokesperson for the site, the website allows you to connect among spiritual singles profoundly. If you consider yourself open-minded, lead a healthy life (mind, body, soul, and spirit), want to meet other spiritually conscious singles, and build a meaningful relationship. This site is what you are looking for. Create a captivating profile, stay active by sending additional members winks, likes, and messages, and you will surely gain dating success on the site!

    The creation of the SpiritualSingles site dates back to 2000. It was one of the first dating websites created for those who identify themselves to be spiritual. Spiritual Singles is a privately labeled site in the Conscious Dating Network, consisting of many spiritual and green dating sites, and has more than 91,000 members worldwide. The network comprises sites like Green Singles, where you can find your eco-conscious partner, so signing up for one gives you access to all of them. 

    You can join the dating website after accomplishing three stages. The first and the second stages require basic information about you: you should select your gender, input a member login, name, sexual orientation, birthday, location, etc. In the third stage, you should give your personal information, like questions about spirituality, etc. You can even add some questions if some information was left uncovered. The free version of the site is enough to gain success: members build profiles, attach photos and videos, give extensive answers, respond to messages, and browse other members’ profiles. However, premium membership provides more opportunities, like uploading more photos and videos. If you are a single spiritual person, go and try this one.

    Natural Awakenings Singles differ from other online dating sites that abound in selfies, bells, and whistles. Unlike many mainstream dating sites, Natural Awakenings Singles’ main principles are authenticity, honesty, and serious-minded and conscious dating. After free singing-up, you can start searching for a severe partner right away. 

    This site welcomes all regardless of views, sexual orientation, and country. Whether you are gay, lesbian, straight, pansexual, or asexual, you will find the right person to share your love with. This dating website empowers members to build deep romantic relationships and provides the ground for spiritual growth. It meets the needs of individuals who value-conscious dating, loving relationships, natural health, growing non-GMO food, creative expression, establishing peace in the world. It is the platform for green dating and for green singles who are involved in veganism, environmentalism, and other “green” activities.

    Have you found your ideal spiritual dating website yet?

    Signing up for online dating sites is a popular and efficient way of finding “the one”. You can communicate with those people who deeply interest you. You can read extensive essays to get more information about your partner and their system of belief and values. That is why more and more people turn to conscious spiritual dating websites.

    One of the crucial things for spiritual singles and green singles is being with a partner who esteems their views, beliefs, values, and personal choices. Whether you are fond of the healing crystals, keeping a vegetarian diet, or solving environmental issues, these best dating sites we have picked up for you will help you find the right person or a soul mate, and won’t require spending much money. Some of the sites are privately labeled and belong to the Conscious Dating Network.

    It isn’t easy to find a person who will meet our requirements and share the same views and philosophy. And it’s not always easy to tell about perspectives on spirituality. Different people define spirituality differently, but no matter how you define it and how you experience or practice it, the list above will not leave you unsatisfied. At least one of the options will cater to your needs. We have picked up the best privately labeled dating sites suitable for conscious and open-minded people, and you don’t need to pay a lot of money to create an account on any or all of them. These online dating sites will help you find a partner who follows the same path of love. You should bear in mind that you can choose from at least 37% of people. Being a member of any of the dating sites is a key to happiness and fulfillment. All the sites are safe, all rights reserved.


    What is the best spiritual dating site?

    As is seen from our comprehensive review, several dating sites are among the most reliable and convenient., for example, has the highest number of users - 10 million. Happy users believe it to be the best one.

    Are spiritual dating websites safe?

    The dating sites we have picked up are all safe. But you should remember that they are public, so the information you provide becomes accessible for all users on the site.

    Is there a spiritual site?

    There are so many sites that sometimes it seems impossible to choose one. You can look through reviews and sign up for the site that caters to your needs.

    How do I find a spiritual partner?

    One of the easiest ways to find a spiritual partner is to sign up for a spiritual dating site. It makes the searching process more convenient as you can introduce yourself, specify what kind of a romantic partner you want to meet, make sure that your potential shares similar views before you finally meet him or her.

    What is spiritual love?

    Conscious spiritual love is a deep connection between soul mates who usually have a common purpose in their lives. You feel respected and appreciated by your partner. Spiritual love presupposes learning from each other. Plus, this kind of love promotes personal growth.