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Among the dating sites available, Ashley Madison is the one to stand out. It has also stood on the market of the so-called hookup sites for about 20 years. The target audience of the Ashley Madison website is married people and people who already have a partner. The website aims to unite the people interested in intermarital relationships. 

The Ashley Madison site is a beautiful platform to engage in some affair and do it without anyone looking down on you or discouraging you. In this Ashley Madison review, we will walk you through the main features of this site, visited by millions of married people per annum. We will tell you what makes the Ashley Madison site stand out above an average dating site. We will answer how It unites like-minded people who use the dating service to meet someone special. We will break down the usability of the site, estimate prices, and reveal the features available for free.

For many people, the Ashley Madison website is a dating site is for cheating, which many people disapprove of. However, some so many people find it nothing so out-of-the-way to use a dating site to cheat on a spouse or an existing partner. The Ashley Madison website has been flexible throughout the years of existence, trying their best to fit the requirements of the modern generations of online dating lovers with specific preferences. The members of the site form a community in which people behave respectively and appreciate your views. The international audience of the website broadens and diversifies almost every day with thousands of new men and women looking for a companion to have an affair. The married men and women of a varying age range are looking for someone special and find these. Love to open and polygamous relationships among the users of Ashley Madison dating service is acceptable. In recent years the site has only increased in popularity. Back in 2019, the Ashley Madison online dating service hit the 60-million-member mark, which makes the site for a particular targeted group one of the most top-rated in the USA.

Data Breakdown

User Base

All Singles & Attached*

Attached and single people of all sexual orientations and races can sign up for Ashley Madison.

Popularity (Visits/Mo)

65 Million*

More than 65 million men and women have joined Ashley Madison's anonymous community.

Gender Ratio



Ashley Madison has a gender ratio of 71% males to 29% females, so it is a favorite among men. However, women have high chances of finding a match, too.


What does a Standard Member Get?

If you have a simple account on Ashley Madison, you still have the access o some beautiful features.

  • You are free to create your profile the way you like it; you can send winks to potential lovers on the site.
  • You can look through all the profiles of men and women on the site, and you don't need an upgraded subscription to use all these functions of Ashley Madison without paying a fee.
  • Females on the hunt for respectable married men who don't mind having a hot affair can do all they need with no charge.
  • Even a standard membership ensures the safety for users of the Ashley Madison site as it is the primary priority of the company. People who use Ashley Madison can rest assured that their secrets are safe from the unwanted public eye.
  • One lovely function that makes it possible to grant access to your photos to the chosen members of the AshleyMadison community only. This unique feature makes the platform stand out from the numbers of average dating sites.

Before you go for some paid features of the site, check search results for free, receive and send messages to over a million members, and try to meet someone special without paying money. Once you have paid, become a priority man on the site, which has passed a 60-million-members mark, which renders the odds to meet the One go up dramatically.

Premium Features of Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison offers fair pricing policy and unique premium features.

  • You can use credits bought on the website as a payment method and the 'Affair Guarantee Package' that promises a full refund should the website was not of any practical use. In other words, if Ashley Madison did not help you find someone to cheat for three months, they will give the money back.
  • There are some beautiful options for women from the owners of Ashley Madison. One of the nicest features is the ability of women of the dating site to have access to all options available without any upgrade required. If you purchase credits on the Ashley Madison site, you get the opportunity to send and receive messages on the site.
  • People who use Apple and Android-drawn gadgets will surely appreciate the free app provided by the authorities of the site. Madison. Ashley Madison. The app allows you to keep the secret affairs always with you on your private device. The app is convenient and includes all the options available with the desktop version. The AshleyMadison community is open people, exciting personalities looking for someone to have some fun time with them.

The next part of the Ashley Madison review aims to reveal the detail of the pricing policy of the Ashley Madison dating site. Read on and find out.


Today's Special Offer:

Ashley Madison offers monthly memberships. The prices are as follows:

Join for 1,000 Credits

Join for 500 Credits

Join for 100 Credits

There is a minimum amount of credits that you can buy on the site; it equals 100, at 49 cents each. So to start using the site successfully, one needs to pay around $49. The wholesale method of purchasing is more economical: 500 credits at $0.29. Should you go for 1000, the price goes down still to $0.24 for one credit. The truth is, to have a good affair on dating sites, one needs to become a customer on the dating sites and be ready to spend money.

Each message to married men and women is five credits worth. There can be fake profiles in search results, at times, despite the thorough monitoring. You can contact customer service if you feel something is wrong.

A live chat is available for 30 credits; 60 minutes will be 50. The virtual gifts feature is available for 20 to 50 credits.

Ease of Use

The countless users of Ashley Madison online dating site report that the site embraces the idea of user-friendliness and offers excellent usability to people of all ages, be they tech-savvy or new to online cheating.

The front-end features on the site are straightforward for people of all categories, from average users to tech-savvy persons. The usability and simplicity are fundamental features of the dating site. They have garnered the love and positive attitude of the numerous users of the site. The interface of the app Is no less straightforward. One can get the app on Apple or Google app markets. The app makes browsing even more simple and convenient.

The developers of the site embrace consistent and continuous improvement in terms of their features and usability standards to fit the requirements of the new public. The preferences of the users are in high regard for the company, so they try to do their best to provide the most straightforward way to use their platform and app, from the signup procedure to the moment when you need to cancel the subscription on the site. Everything is understandable.

The owners of AshleyMadison try to timely fix the problems rarely occurring on the site and the app so that the members of the community could not have any long-lasting issues concerning the experience on the platform.

It is fairly simple to purchase the credits on the site for a 20-year-old as well as a 50-year-old. You can use PayPal to perform all transactions to buy credits on AshleyMadison. Com Get them and send messages to men and women seeking affairs. Be the One to hit the tops and increase your chances.

  • You can keep your affairs online secret by not revealing the name of the site in your billing information when you pay online.
  • You can get your money back (with an upgraded account only)
  • You can save up on credits
  • Get advantage from using a variety of packages

These are the reasons why an upgraded version is better than the free One. However, the guests of Madison Ashley can try their luck for free with a limited but working set of features.

Among the critical features of Ashley Madison that make online dating more simple and convenient, there are the following:

  • The "Discreet Photos" feature enables you to load pictures of you to increase the uniqueness of the profile. A variety of popular masks that will give a special touch to your profile are also available. There is an opportunity to add some effects to the photos or make particular body parts less visible.
  • Engage in the communication with the lovers of dating sites, local to the areas where you are about to travel, with the "TravelingMan" feature. It will help you arrange the recreation program for your holiday or even a business trip. The feature is straightforward for people of all ages.
  • If you want the interest levels of your profile to go up significantly and increase the odds of a successful affair, the developers of Ashley Madison offer the 'Priority Man' feature.
  • There are special features on the Ashley Madison site that make it a fun dating site where millions of members can express their interest to each other online by sending ice-breaking messages with the 'Wink' feature. It will show your readiness to engage in a more special relationship with a prospective lover.
  • 'MessagePlus' feature keeps your memory of the previous affairs that came to life with the help of Ashley Madison and allowed you to stay in touch with them.

Pros and Cons

Of course, all of the dating sites have their own pros and cons, and SingleParentMeet is not an exception. In this review, we are trying to be honest and tell you everything that might be important while using this site. Here is a list of advantages and disadvantages that you may need to check before signing up and using the service.

Pros of Ashley Madison

As to the main pros of the site, highlighted in many Ashley Madison reviews on the Internet, there are the following:

  • You can find someone to have an affair with on the platform.
  • You can easily send messages and stay in touch with potential lovers.
  • Women get free access.
  • You don't need to fret about safety.
  • The fake profiles are a rare occasion with the site.
  • An encouraging community of like-minded people awaits for you at the Ashley Madison site.

Cons of Ashley Madison

There are some downsides found in reviews:

  • The search mechanism is not automatic.
  • A subscription per month is unavailable.

The Bottom Line

If you want to get away from a complicated environment of the cold relationship and embark on a new one with a person from a dating site, Ashley Madison is the right choice among the dating sites of such kind. The very idea of the site is to allow people to get distracted from the routine of their unhappy marriage and get a new adrenalin rush in life. Remember about your safety because the Internet is full of dangerous people. There can also be a chance that your spouse might find out that you are cheating. In this case, the company bears no responsibility.

Paul Keable, the chief strategy officer of Ashley Madison, expressed his excitement as to the fact that the interest of people to the site. He visions the site as a place to get distracted from the adverse developments in the world, give yourself some slack and let out some long-accumulated steam. Such websites as Ashley Madison are becoming more valuable at the times when people need to fall into an exciting affair, the onset of which starts on a safe and reliable online dating service. Ashley. Madison Ashley. All rights reserved. We hope that this review will help you decide to use Ashley Madison and help you understand its features more clearly if you are already a member of the Ashleymadison community. Paul Keable also underlined that especially when we cannot go out of our homes because of the quarantine, we cannot flirt offline and embark on some spicy relationship, we start valuing the advantages of online dating resources. He has recommended Ashley Madison as a relief and a soothing balm in times of hardship.

If you are ready to risk and full of energy to excite and get excited by newly-obtained relationships, get on board of the Ashley Madison community. You will love the design and functionality of the site. You can try it out for free or get unique features at a fair rate.



How does Ashley Madison work?

Like most of the dating sites, the success of your search depends on the likeability of your profile, as well as the investment you make to increase the odds of getting into an affair successfully. Operating on the website is simple and straightforward.

Can you message on Ashley Madison for free?

Without the need to pay money for a subscription, you can send and receive messages on the platform.

Is Ashley Madison Safe?

For the most part, yes. However, it would help if you were careful because you can never know the intentions of a person you meet at a site like this. Your data will be safe as it is the main priority of the company.

How do I Delete My Account on Ashley Madison?

You can find out the information about it from the customer service. But you can do cancel the subscription any time in your account. If for three months, you haven't found a partner to cheat on your spouse with, don't worry! The site will make a full refund. Should you have any issues with the cancellation, contact their customer service by writing them on the email address or on the phone.

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