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This review is about ChristianMingle, a dating site with a specific audience and aims. Here, Christian people create a profile to explore and search for their one and only partner who shares the same views and opinions. This review aims to show Christian people how easy it is to create a profile and to use this Christian platform.

ChristianMingle is undoubtedly the most famous dating site that exists today and helps the members of the religious community to find partners. The site started its work in 1997. Years ago, it had an aim to connect Christian singles and create a God-centric platform where one can discover relationship and understanding. Nowadays, this Christian dating site is a part of Spark Networks. The site unites lots of users that have different beliefs and denominations. Since the first year of service, ChristianMingle has created endless marriages and relationships. Surveys prove that almost 30 percent of all marriages among Christian people in the USA are a result of interaction through this Christian dating site. In this review, we will explain why. The site itself is relatively easy to use and effective. It has fair prices for its users and a free trial period to create a profile and check out the whole experience.

The site is oriented mostly on Christian singles who want to discover online dating. ChristianMingle is a quite popular site with more than 3 million users per month. Christian men and women are welcome irrespective of their orientation. Women are prevailing here and take 56 percent of the user base, with 44 percent of men among the whole audience. It is one of the most popular dating sites, especially among Christian people.

Data Breakdown

User Base

Christian Singles*

As you can undoubtedly tell from its name, ChristianMingle is a dating site intended to serve a primarily Christian audience. Men and women of all orientations can join.

Popularity (Visits/Mo)

3.5 Million*

ChristianMingle has made a tremendous impact on the single Christian community, connecting over 16 million people around the world.

Gender Ratio



ChristianMingle is a female-friendly site with women making up a slight majority of the user base.


Here are the basic features of ChristianMingle. In this review, we have gathered all of them together so you could understand more about that specific dating site for Christian people and creating a profile there. This Christian Mingle review will try to reflect every point that you need to know if you want to create a profile.

Match System

  • While using ChristianMingle, you can choose several Discovery Preferences that will narrow down the search of your potential perfect partner. The list includes relationship type, religion, location, age, and gender.
  • The site will also choose compatible users and suggest a daily match list with several profiles of single people.
  • If one does not have a subscription, he or she can look through the database, using filters to sort new members, percentage of match, users online, and location.
  • With the LookBook, Christian singles can check one account at a time and either put a "like" on it with a heart symbol or say "no" with a cross.
  • You may take a look at additional information: who has checked their profiles and liked them, mutual likes, the profiles they have seen.

If you have a paid subscription, you may check if others have opened their messages.

Other features

If a free member is interested in someone, he or she can wink on a liked ChristianMingle profile to connect.

  • There is a match percentage that will let users know if they can create a Christian couple together. The results depend on the details that every member has written in his or her profile.
  • Users of Christian Mingle with a standard profile can send texts and read them from paid accounts. If you are a premium account owner, you may send messages to any member of the community. Free users of Christian mingle have an opportunity to reply to them without any payments.

The Christian mingle site has the Believe blog page. In this section, users may find some success stories from Christian users that might inspire everyone.


Today's Special Offer:

Christian Mingle offers monthly memberships. The prices are as follows:

Join for 12 Months

Join for 6 Months

Join for 3 Months

At ChristianMingle, you will find several subscription offers for your profile. You may become a paid user for 12 months, and the site will charge $19.99 per month. If you get a subscription for 6 months at ChristianMingle, then your monthly fee will be $29.99. Finally, if you don't want to subscribe for 6 months, getting to Christian Mingle for three months will bring you to the rate of $39.99 for one month. Singles may apply an auto-renewal of their account. We hope that you will be able to find the one in just one month or less.

Ease of Use

This Christian dating site is one of the most straightforward dating sites with a clear layout that is uncomplicated. A simple search and straightforward tools that will lead to a match are understandable. The pages look very well-drawn, which allows Christian users to orient easily and get to know someone quickly. Match preferences are very convenient. They make you feel like you have a lot of opportunities.

ChristianMingle offers members easy ways to check their inbox and matches, ask for support, and get some customer service, or scroll through one's recent activity on the site. Registration on this site and using it will not be a problem, even if you feel a lack of technical knowledge. The design of pages here is very friendly for users.

If you are a new member, you can register on ChristianMingle not only via your email address but also with your Facebook account. Then you will fill your profile, put some details about yourself ( also as a Christian ), and upload a picture – at least one photo. It will later appear to other users when they browse Christian profiles. You also can choose a username that will introduce you to other members of ChristianMingle.

Because we are making a review on a Christian dating website, we have to say that users can disclose their personal information related to religion and describe their Christian habits. In your profile, you can give some details about your religion and church attendance.

Other fields are quite standard. You can choose your occupation, education, marital status, location, and more. To make it easier, users of Christian may opt for some things or activities they prefer on the first date. For example, at Christian Mingle, you can tell that you are willing to have a cup of coffee on the first meeting, or a dinner, or a surprise from a partner, or a walk in a park. Of course, it will make a matching process easier and help you find a Christian like-minded partner very quickly.

In this review, we have mentioned Discovery Preferences that will lead you to the profile of your dream Christian partner. Among those match parameters, you will find some profile filters by distance, gender, height, and others. You will also choose the preferable age range of your future Christian partner here.

If you have an aim to find yourself a partner of Christian faith through online dating on this site, consider upgrading your ChristianMingle account to Premium. Surfing here for free is fine, but the options are limited, and you are not able to send texts and interact with everyone, only with standard Christian members. If you become a paid account owner, more opportunities will be available. The members who got paid account can use privacy filters, see if someone checks their messages, and search anonymously.

ChristianMingle has a team that cares about members' safety while they are spending time and meeting Christian people on the site. Being safe is a priority at Christian mingle. No one would share his or her data without understanding that everything is legit and safe. ChristianMingle pays a lot of attention to keep everything safe and clean the site from fraud and fake accounts, as well as scammers of online dating and inappropriate behavior.

Team members at ChristianMingle are also moderators for the content uploaded to the account. They will approve every single photo before it gets to the site and search results. Usually, the approval may take from 24 to 48 hours. If the staff finds anything that is not appropriate, or fake, or misleading, team members put a special flag on the picture.

Pros and Cons

As well as other dating sites, ChristianMingle has its positive and negative sides. In this review, we are trying to reflect both of them so you could make a clear choice for yourself, whether this site fits your dating goals or not. Here is a list of positive and negative things that can help you decide if you need a Christian Mingle account or not.

Pros of Christian Mingle

  • With several options of signup, the entering process at Christian Mingle is very quick and easy. Do not forget that there is an option to sign up with your Facebook account.
  • The pricing at Christian Mingle is fair, and the quality of service corresponds with the money. The option of auto-renewal makes it even easier for your profile.
  • The site is well done, without any disorder. The profile layout at Christian Mingle is clear and complete. This dating website is quite simple, and the match preferences system looks good.
  • Christian Mingle has a lot of members. The number of active singles per month is bigger than 1 million people. You will surely be able to choose that exact profile. Christian Mingle is one of the most popular dating sites.
  • You can reach customer service any minute. It works 24 hours a day. People may contact the support team through chat on the site or email address.
  • ChristianMingle has an app.

Cons of Christian Mingle

  • Of course, in this Christian Mingle review, we can't skip some cons of that site. Those who use a free account may face limited options in communication.
  • People that use ChristianMingle would love to date a good Christian. However, some of the singles are not Christian at all.
  • This dating site provides people with only a few biography checks. The tools that are responsible for verification are quite essential.

The Bottom Line

As we previously mentioned in this review, ChristianMingle was founded years ago and is a part of Spark Networks, one of the biggest companies in the sphere of online dating and dating sites. We hope that this Christian Mingle review will help people make their choice and assist singles in finding their like-minded partners. This site is perfect for Christian singles who are seeking themselves a Christian partner. Don't hesitate to sign up for Christian Mingle if you are willing to find someone with the same attitude.

Members of ChristianMingle will get some privacy of their data by using a nickname. No one has to uncover his or her real name here. Everybody can stay anonymous and keep the Christian Mingle account in a secret if they like. Members are not allowed to insert their contacts. Every sensitive piece of information will be encrypted. That helps to protect community members and every ChristianMingle profile additionally.

This Christian dating website has tons of tips that will keep every mingle account safe. The team of ChristianMingle wants to ensure members have a fantastic time and go through an incredible experience on the platform. Online dating experts from the staff will help people not to be afraid of meeting in real life, start long term relationships, and listen to their hearts. In this review, we are kindly reminding you that sharing your data or financial info with one who you've never met is never a good idea.

Even though the priority here is Christian singles, you also may meet singles of other beliefs and concerns. The layout is so easy that every Christian Mingle profile owner will quickly get into the Christian dating process.


How Much does ChristianMingle Cost?

A Christian Mingle paid profile costs not less than $19.99 if you subscribe for 12 months. There are different options for those who may use the profile on the site for less than a year. In this review, we have provided readers with the pricing info.

Can I Use ChristianMingle for Free?

There is a free trial period on this site. You can try Christian Mingle without any payment and create a profile on this dating site. If you like the site and find it comfortable, updating of the profile to the premium version is recommendable.

Is ChristianMingle Legal?

ChristianMingle is legal. Don't be afraid of online dating via this Christian site and creating a profile here. Your profile will be reliably protected and observed by the support team, which provides people with excellent services and is available 24/7. In this Christian Mingle review, we have explained why this site is safe, and people prefer it to other dating sites.

Does ChristianMingle Have an App?

Yes, Christian Mingle has an app. It launched in 2016, and people use it actively. Try using your Christian Mingle account via the app, and you won't be disappointed.

How does ChristianMingle Work?

This Christian site offers a wide range of Christian people willing to meet others and explore some Christian dating. We hope that this Cristian mingle review was useful and will help you to find the right people. Consider creating a profile here and start Christian dating with comfort!

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