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  • The loss of a person you love who gave you support for many a year is among the challenges hard to underestimate both for men and women: it brings along pain and sadness to the grieving family, and loneliness occupies their hearts. The fact is that such an experience has long-lasting consequences in terms of the state of mind, emotions, health, and the way of thinking of the person who struggles. It becomes a grief journey for sensitive people.

    After the death of a husband or a wife, another challenge can be to find inspiration and take up the position of a strong person, no matter what. Our society, with the abundance of stress and the lack of happiness it copes with, still, can be a source of understanding, compassion, insights of information that can bring light again to the lives of mourning spouses, show the direction back to the normal state, making the process of getting rid of frustrations simpler.

    Some people who lost their husband or wife after long-term relationships turn to the Internet resources to join a community of like-minded people with sad life stories, who are on the same page with them: it grants them strength, enlightens their thoughts, brings joy and empathy back to their lives, and upbeats the spirit after a tragedy.

    The Internet provides various online spaces where spouses in grief can share encouragement and confidence in a friendly atmosphere where everyone is ready with a kind word to say to cheer each other up and share insight into the ways of overcoming widowhood problems.

    We have compiled the best blogs for widows and widowers with thousands of followers looking for renewal in their lives. These blogs' mission is to bring kindness and the words of comfort and give guides to the solutions of the common widowhood issues, and they really work. The blogs attempt to change a grieving person's outlook, force them to change, give tips self-care on widow dating, and share stories of bloggers who have overcome the situation with resilience and voice their positive experiences. Read our comprehensive guide to the cheerful blogs for widows and find the most suitable for you.

    The blog's motto, "We grieve and Heal Together," appeals to many widows in the United States who lost their loved ones. The blog itself is part of a greater website named Mary Francis, and it aims at people seeking recuperation and revitalization of life after the death of a spouse. The blog assists in adapting your frame of mind to the new reality of young widowhood.

    The blog helps give away the things belonging to the dead spouse and other applicable pieces of advice to widows to make the experience of loss and grief more bearable.

    Social score: 339+ followers, 238+ likes

    URL: http://sisterhoodofwidows.com/

    The blog shares a touching story of Sue Larisson, a young widowed woman from the United States who suffered the loss of her husband on her birthday about nine years ago.

    The blog is the symbol of hope and a powerful rupor for the women if grief. It contains an honest look at the problems entailed by widowhood. The blog is open for anonymous entries from other people who have experienced loss Thesegblogs' mission to share the ups and downs they have faced since.

    Written by seven widows, the blog walks the readers through the pros, cons, and terrible parts of widowhood. It is a guide to start a new life after a spouse's death, with practical advice on improving the state of widows, finding the love to themselves, and moving forward no matter how hard the loss hits.

    In every blog post, you can find insightful information by widows for widows, full of support and empathy, all rights reserved.

    URL: http://widowsvoice-sslf.blogspot.com/

    Started by a young widow from the United States, 38, whose husband died, leaving her alone with two little kids in an empty house, the blog is a guide to all young widowers. It contains an ample amount of encouragement and tells the story of the life of Nicole Campbell, living no one indifferent. Her blog contains a powerful spirit of revival and new life that widows can find appealing and helpful.

    Nicole tells us how she coped with her husband's loss, the self-doubt she had, being widowed young. She gives uplifting speeches as a reminder for all widows that they can be strong and responsible and make things better again. Her husband's death has given much pain to her, but it did not break her down. She says she keeps her spouse's good memory, but now, she won't let grief hurt her heart affect her new life.

    Socia score: 1,926+ likes

    URL: https://widowsdontwearblack.wordpress.com/

    The blog provides its readers with the Bible's ways to overcome their grief and depression ente=ailed by losing a beloved one. The place is safe and secure for those lonely hearts seeking comfort and support in the like-minded people's community.

    One of the distinctive features of the blog is a memorial wall that features the deceased ones. The blog's main goal is to help young widows find the desire to live and love again, and it provides poems and music pieces to cheer them up and bring joy to their gloomy days of sorrow.

    URL: http://www.widowschristianplace.com/

    Humor can be one great solution for those who experience grief in life due to the loss of a loved person. It promotes thinking positively and increases the results in the fight with grief and misery of widowhood. The blog's author is Catherine Tidd, a loving mother of three children and a boxed wine gourmet. 

    The blog is a blend of earnest emotions and hilarious jokes that serve to upbeat the people in grief and show them the way out of their depressive thoughts. Things get better with a pinch of humor, as the followers of the blog can prove.

    URL: http://widowchick.blogspot.com/

    The blog contains words spoken from the heart of hearts of a woman in grief, who presses on struggling to give her children a better chance of life after losing her true love. The woman's angry voice finds reflection in the hearts of the followers of the blog: they learn how to overcome depression, let out long-accumulated steam, and find the powers to become socially active again. The "Great Expectations" section features stories about the relation between personal grieving and social issues.

    The blog is capable of upbeating and giving a sense of comfort due to its author's honesty. Rather than sitting alone in her living room and crying over the loss of her love, Noel engaged in writing a blog about her experience, aimed at showing the way to recuperate her aching heart. She speaks about the challenges she has faced concerning her health and a state of mind.

     She speaks so openly that the followers find it comforting, and they use the example of the author to reinvent their lives again and bring back the joy and love to themselves and the world again. The blog is one of the most famous of its kind, favored by young widows whose love has died but not quite completely.

    URL: http://goodgriefayoungwidowsjourney.blogspot.com/

    This exciting blog is a hangout for women overcoming the misery of losing their spouses. The blog tells a fascinating story of its writer and aims to help all other women improve their lives and forget the loss's terrible experience.

      It has been around for only a few years, but it has garnered widows' attention with its comprehensive guide to month-to-month steps on the way to the recovered life after becoming a widow.

    URL: http://misadventuresofwidowhood.blogspot.com/

    The Bottom Line

    Living after the death of a beloved husband is full of sorrow and challenges. However, this is not the end of life. On the contrary, it can be the very beginning of a new exciting journey full of joy and happiness, if you treat yourself the right way and don't let self-doubts overcome your mind. In our review of the best comforting blogs for the widowed women, we have accumulated the most promising blogs one can find really helpful and upbeating. The writers of the blogs reviewed have had the bad time of their lives but have combated with resilience to become stronger, happier, and helpful for others. Widowed women, writers of these blogs aim to make the world happier by giving the widowed persons a chance to find hope and start living in a new way, forgetting the past's grief. The authors' insightful and cheerful stories will inspire widows to make a move forward towards a joyful and fruitful life.


    What is the best dating app for widows?

    The internet is full of various adds offering online dating sites and mobile apps for widows and widowers. While they all have a lot in common, like the idea of making people in grief happier by giving meaningful advice, they have distinctive features, too. Some of the sites offer their services for free, others provide premium features at a monthly rate, and their mobile versions include all the same features in a more modern and user-friendly way. One of the best ways to find the best dating app for widows is to read reviews on the internet, great the customers' testimonials, or try some free features first before paying for a subscription. It will help you choose the best one that will suit your needs and provide the required comfort and joy.

    Are there dating sites for widows?

    There is a wide spectrum of dating sites for widows. One is completely free, another one is more reliable, and the third one will make you its huge fan in split seconds. Most dating sites for widows work under the same principles as other online dating sites do. They also have mobile versions that embrace usability and make online dating a positive experience. We recommend reading full reviews and guides to the best widow dating sites to pick the right one according to your needs.

    How to be a widow at 70?

    Being a widow at any age is a challenge hard to cope with. While such misfortunes are quite common for the people over the age of 70, it is still crucial for them to keep their minds clear and not surrender to grief and depressions after the loss of the loved one. Fortunately, today, there is a variety of sites, blogs, and other resources that can help out senior widows in coping with their loss. They can find comfort and inspiration in the stories of their soul-mate widows, find companions to chat online, and even go on a date due to the variety of senior dating sites on the web.

    How to be a widow at 50?

    Here are some tips to the widowed women aged 50+. One should treat her age as it is, with honesty and respect. Another advice is to try dating a like-minded person, a widower who can relate to the grief and be a good companion. We also recommend trying new things in life more often: it brings along joy and satisfaction. Some recommend widows over 50 to go on dates with younger persons and try to talk less about the late spouse.

    How to be a widow at 30?

    The best recommendation is not to give up hope. The age is comparatively young, so the chances to meet the right person to love and respect are high. You can read stories of other widows to find out new ways to overcome your grief and make yet another step toward your happiness, no matter what terrible experiences you had in the past. Keep the deceased loved ones' good memory, but do not forget about your own life and make yourself happy again.