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  • Nothing can perk your love life like dating a Scorpio man. Yes, this zodiac sign is quite complicated, but that is what makes Scorpios so exciting and attractive. There is no mystery that men who were born between October 23 — November 21 have an extremely hot sexual temperament, which makes them super passionate, lovers. This sign is ruled by Mars, named after the god of war. And Mars is the planet of outward activity and animal passion. But it is all very clear with Scorpios even without sun moon and rising combinations.

    But also there is so much more about the personality of a Scorpio sign. Their loyalty and strong will to help their loved ones. Their creativity and sense of beauty. Everything about this sign is exciting! By the way, some famous Scorpio men representatives are Matthew McConaughey, Ryan Gosling, and (of course) Leonardo DiCaprio. Gets more and more interesting with every second, huh? So let's dive into this enigmatic world of Scorpio men and find out what are the Dos and Don'ts of dating them.

    Seven things you should do dating a Scorpio man

    Patience everyone!

    Yes, being patient with your partner is necessary for every love relationship with any zodiac sign, but it is exceedingly vital for Scorpios. Scorpio men are pretty emotional, and during an argument, it is a hard thing to handle. So try to keep it in mind and wait until the pressure would go down. Sometimes we all say stuff we don't mean, and it is essential to be patient and talk it through when you both are calm and ready to communicate, do not start a war straightaway!

    No rush into sex

    Sex with a Scorpio can be everything you ever wanted. Seriously, it is no secret that a Scorpio man does love sex may be able to make you feel like you never felt before. But be careful with it, don't sleep with a Scorpio too soon. You will only understand and feel this magic when you will be sure about your relationship and where exactly things are going. But it is definitely worth the wait!

    Communication is everything!

    Communication with a Scorpio can be tricky. You may be able to talk for straight half an hour and get no feedback at all, and that is something you should get used to, but not in a negative way! Scorpios want to keep a lot of their things to themselves until they can trust you one hundred percent, and you should keep that in mind. Scorpios are usually excellent listeners. They love hearing new information and see you opening up for them. So if you talk and he does not respond to you, do not treat it in a bad way straightaway, keep communicating with your partner, and soon he will start to be more open too. That is a complicated strategy, but who said that dating a man of Scorpio sign is easy?

    The Dark Side of the Moon

    When a Scorpio man opens up, you eventually get to know his dark sides. And we are not talking about crazy kinks and sex fetishes that are quite typical for almost every Scorpio person. We are talking about little cynism or laziness. So try to listen to him attentively when he whines because of high guitar prices or complaining about bad urbanistic decisions in the city. Saying it out loud means a lot to him.

    Control freaks

    Scorpio men love being in control. The moment when they have to organize something makes them very excited and proud. So let your man take the lead (at least sometimes). Scorpio can be pretty focused on what they are doing or planning, so you won't be disappointed. Anyway, if your man wants to do something nice for you, isn't it a good sign?

    Watch yourself

    Yes, this might sound a little bit strange, but even Sherlock Holmes couldn't beat Scorpio men in observation and intuition. Your new Scorpio lover will probably notice every little thing you do, so you must be ready for it. If you used to blink a lot when you're lying, he is going to understand that.

    Check your horoscope!

    Make sure that your relationship compatibility based on the zodiac signs is okay. But don't be too sad if it is not. Remember that there is always an exception and do not treat it so seriously.

    3 Worst Zodiac Matches For Scorpio Men

    1. Libra (doesn't care for personal limits or envy)
    2. Leo (happy, doesn't care for possessiveness, solid willed as well)
    3. Gemini (longs for connection with others, flirts a lot, likes to argue)

    3 Best Zodiac Matches For Scorpio Men

    1. Cancer (mild-mannered, wants to feel ensured, ready to please)
    2. Capricorn (tolerant, persevering, great sexual chemistry with Scorpios)
    3. Pisces (marvelous, needy, ambivalent, ready to assume a lower priority)

    Seven things you shouldn't do dating a Scorpio man

    Jealousy is never an option.

    Making your Scorpio man feel jealous on purpose is a slippery slope. Play no games. Otherwise, you will see your Scorpio in rage, and this is not the most pleasant experience. They care a lot for people they love and also want to protect them.

    Don't expect Scorpio rushing into a relationship.

    You need to know that your Scorpio man hates being forced and rushed into anything. This is a hard pill to swallow when you are in love, but it is true. No one likes to feel pressure at the beginning of a relationship. Try to take things slow, give a Scorpio his private space. When he starts to feel confident, he will come around. Embrace it.

    Privacy Matters

    Scorpios are truly mysterious creatures at some point, and it is a part of their charm. Sometimes you can look at your Scorpio man and have no idea what is going on in his head. But asking too many questions is s big no-no in a relationship with a Scorpio man. He may be able to treat your natural interest as a violation of his privacy. Do not force him to tell you everything. This is not an interrogation. If he doesn't want to talk, it means that he needs more time, respect that.

    Don't make fun of a Scorpio.

    Scorpios don't like being criticized even if it is all in a good and kind way. There is a considerable chance that your Scorpio won't understand your jokes and will feel pretty offended, which is not good. So be careful with that if you don't want to start a fight from anything accidentally.

    Winning an argument is not always the goal.

    Scorpio is not the best partner in any arguments, since he will stick to his opinions and will protect them at all costs. This type of man is pretty annoying, but you will eventually learn how to coexist with this one thing. Of course, it doesn't mean that now you have no right to disagree with your Scorpio, just watch his reaction and let him stay with his opinions sometimes. But if he doesn't want to listen to you at all, that's a bad sign.

    Liar, liar, pants on fire

    There is absolutely nothing good about lies in general, but Scorpio man's ability to recognize even little lie is essential for this sign. No matter how powerful your feelings are for each other, it would be almost impossible for him to forgive you or forget if you lie to a Scorpio. Loyalty and honesty are best mates for Scorpio.

    Don't forget to show him he's special.

    We all need attention in a romantic relationship, but this is one of the most important things for a Scorpio. Scorpio needs to feel special for you. Don't be greedy with compliments! You can compliment him on every fanny joke he makes or thank him for opening a door for you. This little feedback will be a sign of your love for him.


    What does a Scorpio man want in a relationship?

    Like any other man, Scorpio expects a relationship to be the place where he can be himself and feel safe. He wants acceptance, honesty, trust, respect, and pleasure. He doesn't want to go into complicated stuff and drama. The nature of Scorpions values all those elements of the relationship from the above and his choice of a partner depends on that criteria.

    What is the Scorpio man's personality?

    Scorpio's mindset can seem like complete darkness from the first sight. You have to get to know a man of Scorpio sign to figure that out. Most Scorpios are very loyal, honest, a little bit cynical, and very passionate and kinky lovers. Also, they are very artistic and creative. They all have a special aesthetic and excellent sense of beauty.

    How do you know if a Scorpio man likes you?

    He will try to care about you as much as he can using his love language. If he continually asks about how your day was or anything like, that's already a good sign. Scorpios often tend to offer their help and show interest in every story you tell them. Sometimes, it takes a lot of time for a Scorpio to become confident about his romantic feelings and start to show them to people openly.

    What are Scorpios' bad traits?

    There are not many of them, depends on what you are expecting from your partner. For example, Scorpios can be pretty demanding, and it is hard to argue with them. They like being in control all the time. Most of the Scorpios are substantial attention seekers. Sometimes men of Scorpio sign can act pretty infantile and do not take responsibility. And it all depends on their mood, which can change in a second of time.

    How to attract a Scorpio man?

    You need to be open and honest. Have to love sex and to be passionate. You also need to be a good listener and supporter; Scorpios like that trait in women and their close friends and family. Also, do not forget to compliment your Scorpio and to make him feel special. This is the best way to catch his attention and to attract him. Also, don't be pushy or obsessive. This can easily scare a Scorpio since men of this sign are very careful with their personal space and personal boundaries.