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  • In the modern world, people are looking for new acquaintances for a variety of reasons. You may have just broken up with your partner and are looking for someone new to help ease your loneliness. Or you are just looking for a company to spend time together and do a hobby. Or maybe you are one of those who constantly need new acquaintances to maintain a good mood.

    Indeed, there can be many reasons for meeting someone new, but often people are faced with the fact that they do not know how to approach such a seemingly difficult task. Don't worry. There are even more ways to meet new people than there are reasons to do it. In this review, we'll show you some proven ways to make sure you find someone new and unique.

    Dating sites and apps

    Dating services have long gained popularity among people looking for new dates, partners, find love, or one nightstand. If you are one of them, we recommend you try online dating. It is safe, comfortable, and also a lot of fun. Today, you can find more than 8000 online dating services, but today we will tell you about the three most proven ones.

    The eHarmony is one of the most popular online dating services in the United States, thanks to the fact that it has existed since 1995, which allowed it to become a true legend in his field. The statistics are impressive. Every day thousands of new users and tens of thousands of new matches appear on the site. This site has a wide range of features and many free features, which is ideal for beginners. 

    You can customize your match search and create a detailed profile in just a few minutes on this dating site. To do this, you need to verify your profile via your email address or one of your social media accounts. Absolutely all profiles are verified to ensure the safety of individuals. For free, you can send likes and winks to all the users you like so that the correspondence starts faster, and you find someone new and exciting for this. Members with a paid subscription also have access to special eHarmony Events, which take place in the best restaurants in the city. Most often, they are wine tastings or new dishes. It is an excellent way to meet with people in real life, communicate in a relaxed atmosphere, and get to know them better.

    User Base
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    Gender Ratio
    48% *
    Popularity (Visits/Mo.)
    4.1 Million*
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    Zoosk is no stranger to online dating either. It is a proven and safe dating site for finding short and long-term relationships around the world. The statistics are impressive. More than 3 million messages fly on the site; more than 38 million users are registered. Agree, such indicators indicate that meeting people here will be a trifle. 

    Plus, Zoosk has a convenient mobile app, an essential detail for users with an active lifestyle. The mobile application gives you access to the dating service from anywhere. Creating a dating profile becomes a matter of minutes, considering that you can do it via Facebook or Google +. The search engine makes searching for matches easy and fun because the more you use Zoosk, the better the search will be adjusted.

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    Elite Singles is a site for a more mature audience of users, especially those concerned about their partner's education. The statistics show that 82% of this site's users have a bachelor's degree or higher. Moreover, this site is one of the most convenient search engines where you can specify age, gender, education, place of residence, body type, and much more. This is done so that you meet exactly those users who can satisfy all your needs. All rights reserved, so you have nothing to worry about.

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    All Singles*
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    Family and Friends

    The challenge of getting to know someone new is difficult to deal with alone, so we recommend that you turn to your friends and acquaintances for help. Not necessarily asking each friend or family to match you, just let them know that you are open to new friends and dates. Among the friends of friends and family friends. You can meet someone new, perhaps ideal for you. Moreover, you will more often be called to family events and friendly parties. This is a great way to meet someone new in a comfortable environment for both of you. What can we say that our close friends and family often know better than us what exactly we need, so we can safely trust them in this matter.


    Even today, in the modern world, many singles consider themselves to be one of the many religions. Churches are found in all cities of the world, and they form strong social bonds between parishioners. When you use the church as a way to meet someone new, you combine business with pleasure. First, regular church attendance is a good way to build up your faith, and second, it's a great way to meet someone new. Moreover, you can immediately be sure that if a person goes to the same church with you, he shares your religion, views, values , and lifestyle. Agree. This is so important when looking for a partner for a long-term relationship. In addition to church services, you can attend events that churches regularly hold for their parishioners. It can be a joint hike, a trip somewhere, a gala dinner, or sports. When attending such events, you can get to know the people around you much better because you will all be in a comfortable environment.


    You probably already have many hobbies that you do every day. Try this with different people and in different places. First of all, hobbies can tell a lot about a person, and joint activities actively create an indescribable connection between people and good relationships. It doesn't matter which hobby you choose. The main thing is to do something that you like. This will ensure that you meet someone with a similar mindset. Sign up for classes, clubs, and events where you can enjoy your favorite hobbies with a group of new people. Even if you don’t come across someone of your liking, you will improve your skills in both hobbies and communication, which is already a huge achievement.

    School and Classes

    You certainly know that you should never stop studying, even if you have already graduated from college. First of all, it helps you develop and acquire new information and skills. It's also a great way to meet tons of new singles. For example, start learning a new language, usually in such classes, people talk a lot and manage to get to know each other better. If languages are not yours, then start doing some sport, be it golf or dancing.

    Bars and Clubs

    Bars and clubs may seem like a place where you can only find one night's sex, but this is not entirely true. This is partly true because open and free men and women often visit such establishments. But clubs and bars often host themed events, from quizzes to pet days. Of course, you can go to the club, meet someone at the bar, buy a drink, and start a conversation. This is also quite a working way to find someone new. Nevertheless, events in bars are completely different because the atmosphere is conducive to communicating with singles around. If you like a person, walk up to him, start a casual conversation about what is happening in the bar and how you feel about it, and tell the person something nice and do not forget about eye contact.


    Volunteering is a useful inspiration for action in every sense of the word. First, you help people, animals, or nature. Secondly, you are always surrounded by people like you. And you are also united by the same goal and joint activity. It is not important what kind of volunteering you choose. It can be something related to the environment, human rights, or animals' help. In any case, the main thing is to fight with something right for you to find love.

    Festivals and Events

    Perhaps you didn't know, but festivals are not only musical. For example, large cities regularly host vegetarian festivals, geek festivals, and thousands of other types of festivals. Even if you decide to go to a music festival, it's still a great way to meet a new person. At the very least, you are already united by your musical taste. Events of all kinds are also a great way to find the right person. This can be a wine tasting, a theme party, an exhibition opening, and more. Most often, after such events, it is customary to communicate and share your opinion, helping to strike up a conversation with the person you like.


    Meetups are a special kind of event that brings strangers together. It may seem that finding a suitable meetup in your city is quite tricky, but all you need to do is register on Meetup.com. After registration, indicate your city and the direction of the meetup you are interested in. It can be food and drink, sports, culture, art, or technology. Go to the event page to read the detailed description and plan of the meetup. This will help you get to the event that will be of interest to you.

    Dog park

    A dog is, in principle, an excellent way to make new acquaintances, because even passers-by want to pet your dog. What can we say about dog parks, people come there to walk their pets and communicate with each other. You will feel more confident when you are with your dog, plus you will have something to discuss with the person you like. If you don’t want to go to the park alone, you can always invite other dog owners with you because most often, individuals walk their dogs around the same time.

    Bottom Line

    We all sometimes wonder how to meet new people. It turns out there are many ways. You can do this online and in real life, using dating sites or attending events. Be socially active and always around people. And of course, do not hesitate to start a conversation. The person will be pleased to know that you are interested in him. The main thing is to be yourself and do something that you enjoy to find the right person.


    How to meet people?

    You can use any of the methods that suit you. For example, you can sign up for a dating site, start attending new classes, events, and bars. Most importantly, start doing activities that will please you anyway, even if you don't manage to meet a new partner.

    What is the best place to meet someone?

    Try to visit not just crowded places, but places where the atmosphere is conducive to communication. For example, if you go to the cinema to watch a movie, you cannot talk to anyone there. But if you go to a premiere screening followed by a discussion, that's an entirely different matter.

    What do you say when you meet someone new?

    Say some nice things to the person you like and ask more questions to have different things to talk about. But don't make your conversation sound like an interview or interrogation. Tell some interesting about yourself, but not too personal. And refrain from talking about your ex-partner. Few people are interested in hearing about such things.

    What do you do when you meet someone new?

    The main thing is to be yourself to feel comfortable. Unfortunately, or fortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all plan of action to please. Be relaxed and at ease. We understand that this may sound complicated, but it works. People are happy to see someone comfortable with themselves.

    How to find dates?

    We recommend using dating services to find dates. This is the funniest and easiest way to find the person you want. Set up the search engine to come across people nearby and ready for real dates, send likes, and start a dialogue. This kind of dating can save you both time and effort. It's also fun. Even if you don't find a partner, you can find friends.