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  • Lots of lesbians around the world sometimes feel a lack of commitment and emotional or physical contact. They keep being alone for quite a while and seeking a partner who will suit their expectations and ideal image of a person who should be close to them.

    Unfortunately, this is not a rare case, and ladies often feel desperate and seek help to answer the question, “where can we find local lesbians?” if you’re looking for companionship, love, new friends, like-minded women to go out, or long term relationships.

    That is why we have prepared this guide, with five best methods and dating tips to meet lesbian or bisexual singles nearby, easy and quick, all rights reserved. They will fit everyone: it is unnecessary to search for ladies on the internet or in real life. You can do both!

    Go on a Date after Meeting Online

    Lots of lesbian and bisexual girls have chosen the online world as a significant way to get to know someone and establish new connections. Lesbian dating sites and apps can easily help you find a girl for casual dating, a friend for fascinating discussions while having a cup of coffee, or a woman who will become the love of your life.

    Usually, your name, a valid email address, a strong password, a couple of pictures, and a few details about your personality are enough to signup, begin exploring dating profiles online, and initiate a conversation. The matchmaking system has gone through lots of improvements: for example, questionnaires that the majority of the sites offer you to find compatible profiles easier and faster.

    According to research, more than half of bisexuals, lesbians, and gays practice online dating and spend time surfing dating sites and apps. That survey also has discovered that a bit more than 20 percent of the group has told about their success: they had found a match and created a couple after using the dating site or dating app. That's quite a number, and every day more and more lesbians, gays, and bisexuals meet online in every country.

    We have chosen the top three dating sites that welcome people of all genders and orientations. Nevertheless, lesbians, bisexuals, and other LGBTQ community representatives successfully match those dating platforms and leave positive reviews about their experience. Every site and app is compatible with both Android and iOS phones and tablets. Apart from the filters by standard parameters like age, all of them have special filters that narrow your search down to the members that are near you.

    eHarmony may boast a large user base. This dating site welcomes over 13 million members that browse profiles, mix, and mingle actively every month, so the chances to find a girl in your area are quite high. The numbers are impressive, making eHarmony one of the dating scene's market leaders on the internet.

    Besides a standard matching procedure that uses the info about the users, eHarmony offers members some advice about the events nearby that single women and men may attend to meet and flirt in real life. A perfect option for those who would love to combine dating online and an easy way to introduce themselves offline.

    User Base
    All Singles*
    Gender Ratio
    48% *
    Popularity (Visits/Mo.)
    4.1 Million*
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    Zoosk is one of the most effective dating apps that serve queer women in matching and dating. Signing up to a dating app has never been easier with an ability to log in through your social media account. You can use your Facebook or Google+ profile to start.

    The site and the app have dozens of millions of members, and every month more than 28 million users visit the dating app. Lesbians are also an active audience of the platform. Sign up, add your name, bio with basic details and some attractive pictures, get access to all of the profiles, and try your luck at Zoosk, one of the most progressive dating platforms.

    User Base
    All Singles*
    Gender Ratio
    Popularity (Visits/Mo.)
    28.9 Million*
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    OurTime is a niche dating site that will work if you are older than 50. This dating service has proven its efficiency, and lots of senior singles are thankful for the happy marriages that they could not imagine. Mature lesbians, gays, and bisexuals also will be surprised with plenty of partners waiting for them. Conclusion This is a wonderful place to meet proper people who already know what they want and have a similar lifestyle and values.

    OurTime counts almost nine million visits each month, and the user base keeps growing. The layout is friendly for users of any age, giving opportunities for daters in their 50s, 60s, and further. The chance to meet a decent and mature person here is high.

    User Base
    All Singles*
    Gender Ratio
    46% *
    Popularity (Visits/Mo.)
    1.4 Million*
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    Participate in the Events for LGBTQ+ Only

    For lesbians that are against various sites and apps, the reality still exists. The LGBTQ+ community has been holding events for like-minded people for years, and they are so different! You will choose something that coincides with your interests and hobbies.

    Sports, cultural events, movies, concerts, festivals, playing video games, other activities, and simple meetings for socializing and mingling… The list is endless, and Meetup is a special site that will help you select the perfect time and place where you can meet queer women in a friendly atmosphere. Doing something that you like, and your possible future partner may become a quick start of the happiest relationship ever.

    Volunteer for the LGBTQ+ Nonprofits and Organizations Nearby

    Another way to find women in your area if you keep avoiding lesbian dating apps and sites is volunteering. The organizations related to the LGBTQ+ community, and fighting for the rights usually require lots of volunteers. On the one hand, you are doing something positive and helpful. On the other hand, you are surrounded by women and men that share the same interests, opinions, and lifestyles.

    In such a positive atmosphere, finding new friends that can become something more is easy. Visit PFLAG to check out places in your area that need volunteers. Maybe one day you will come to help and meet your ideal lady!

    Visit LGBTQ+ Clubs and Bars

    If lesbian dating apps and sites still don't attract you, try a proven and traditional method to meet lesbian singles near your location. Go to a bar, a club, or a party where all women of the LGBTQ+ community normally gather! People make good friends there, and lesbian and bisexual women often match perfectly and create couples that grow into happy families.

    It doesn't matter if you’re looking for friends, candidates for casual dating, or love, those places are trusted, and a bit of alcohol might let you introduce yourself to women in a relaxed atmosphere. Open a new tab in your browser, type an inquiry for the best lesbian bars and clubs in your city, and the internet will make it for you. If you didn't manage to find a place that matches your expectations, you could always participate in several single activities like drag queens evenings, nights for ladies only, and similar things.

    Meet Women through Your Friends and Family

    Friends and family, your closest people, know you more than anyone else. So, asking them for help might be a good idea, especially if you already had a coming out in front of them and they reacted adequately and gave their approval, without stereotypes spreading and judging.

    You can either ask them directly to set you up with a lady that might suit you or give them a hint saying that you are in an active search of lesbian or bisexual women to make friends, start lesbian dating, or even settle down and marry someone. Life knows so many stories of a happy set up made by friends, brothers, sisters, and other family members, so maybe trusting your closest people might be much better than any other lesbian dating method. Most likely, the candidate from your friends or family members, and you will speak the same language, and she will turn out to be your soul mate.


    How to find local lesbians?

    Finding local lesbian singles in your town or neighborhood is much easier that may seem. It doesn't matter if you’re looking for new friends, for women that are willing to date, for a hookup, or the search of the love of your life, there are at least five ways that may lead you to the victory and the fulfillment of your goals. In our list, we have suggested the best lesbian dating sites and places and activities offline where lesbian singles and bisexual women meet and mingle.

    Every site that we offered will suggest you tons of lesbian dating profiles with short members' bio and pics. Don't be afraid to be the first who sends the message and starts a conversation. Also, looking for someone at a bar or a club, volunteering, an opportunity of meeting people through friends and family, and take part in special events for lesbian and gay people can be effective, too.

    Are lesbian dating sites safe?

    Of course, lesbian dating sites are safe. The industry of online dating develops and other spheres, so the support staff of every dating site cares a lot about the users and their experience. The teams that deal with members' inquiries are normally available around the clock, so you can turn to them, leave complaints, ask for help if something goes wrong, and make you uncomfortable while spending time on a site.

    Nowadays, the technologies assist in protecting online daters and their data from scammers and fraud. Usually, you can send messages to staff or reach them via the email address and get a quick response.

    How to find a lesbian hookup?

    Find yourself in a certain period when you don't feel like settling down or getting into a romantic story, and your goal is just physical contact, a spicy date, and sex. Lesbian dating sites will help out and offer some profiles willing to spend an evening the same way.

    Almost every site has certain filters and parameters that will limit your results and show only those lesbian and bisexual ladies craving a hot date or a one night stand. At some sites, you will search for couples that don't mind having a threesome. Anyway, as they say, nothing is impossible, and finding local lesbian "friends with benefits" in a century of technologies and the internet is simple and doesn't take long.

    Are there free dating apps for lesbians?

    Yes, lesbian dating websites and apps can be free! Almost every site for dating has free options and features. Normally, they are enough to match with lesbian singles and arrange a date. You will be able to upload some basic information about your age, gender, and orientation, a few words about your interests, hobbies, and values, and add a couple of photos to attract other members.

    If you feel a lack of options while using a free version, try a paid subscription with premium features that may guide you to the brilliant dates even quicker. We never insist on paying anyone but sometimes new strategies and a choice to pay brings fantastic results. The culture of online dates have developed enough, and maybe it's time to give some coins for the products.

    Which dating sites for lesbians are the best?

    Choosing the best dating website for lesbians is a thing that only a certain person can do. Everything is individual in this world, and the tastes of people may vary. One member has particular preferences, while another has different tastes and opinions. To decide which dating site is the best, try visiting all that you will find.

    Thankfully, most of them have a free membership, so you don't have to spend a dollar to move through the online dating path. We recommend you to start with the three dating sites and apps that we offered above: Match, Zoosk, and OurTime. If you don't see anyone that suits you among hundreds of profiles there, try focusing on the variety of the niche lesbian dating services.